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Happy Thanksgiving ~ Love Filled ThanksLiving!

Namaste Blessed Givers & Receivers Of Gratitude, Life & Love!

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy ThanksLiving! In this time of family, feasting, and hideous store sales, may we continue to come home to the heart of Love … The interfaith holiday of Thanksgiving here in the U.S. is an opportunity to count our blessings and gratefully embrace all of our abundance. It also serves as the gateway for many (Christians) into the Christmas holiday season ~ Advent begins this Sunday, November 30th! And yes, long before the onset of Black Friday ushering in the Christmas (shopping) season, there was simple thanks given with an eye and heart turned to Christmas … At least that’s how I remember it!

Peaceful Light: Merry & Bright!
Peaceful Light: Merry & Bright!

We are indeed feasting with family this Thanksgiving; tomorrow, we will each light a candle and speak our gratitude before we eat. And as part of my ThanksLiving, I refuse to go into a store the next few days. Retailers have enjoyed ‘being in the black’ so much on the day after Thanksgiving, that ‘Black Friday’ has now moved into Thanksgiving Day. I object!  My sister said that last night she saw people camped out in front of a store … hunkered in for several days to be 1 of the first 5 in the door and get a 50″ TV … what dreams are they missing out on in their warm, cozy beds? How many interactions with loved ones will they miss?! Yet I know when I judge, it takes me out of Love so I am trying to stay compassionate … there’s a lot of crying for Love going on here!

As I metaphysically muse on all of this, I see that consumerism provides a wonderful spiritual lesson for us about gratitude, life, and ThanksLiving. We have a choice in how we spend our time, money, energy … the shiny objects we think we want very often have a fleeting satisfaction. When we flow in ThanksLiving, we are still blessed with the ability to purchase from the plethora most of us are provided, yet the deep appreciation & joy from the graceful state of awakened gratitude fills us at a sustainable soul level.

Las Pasadas, Sutter Creek
Las Pasadas, Sutter Creek

Thank you God for choice! And for each of us being a powerful co-creator of Love ~ woo hoo! As such, I am embracing old and new ~ Jeremiah and I are Las Posadas musicians again next weekend as our little town re-enacts the journey of Mary & Joseph looking for lodging for baby Jesus to be born. I am re-vamping & loading up our December daily calendar including a special Advent calendar of surprises at New Thought Families. There are more new Laurie StorEBook illustrations, and web renovations (still!) underway … our Membership Library is being newly hosted and looking to re-open, at least in part,  as all things line up on 12-13-14!
I am embracing the gift of life in the fullness of ThanksLiving and I hope the same for you for life is so much sweeter when we do! I brought this into a ceremony & ritual last week for my birthday … I took myself to the beach … and there … I took my own hand in marriage! In case any of you are interested, the video below shares part of the ceremony and the reasons why I did it. The short version is that I was exercising my co-creative powers to dream and be Love expressed. I opened with Rumi:
If you want to hold the beautiful one,
Hold yourself to yourself.
When you kiss the Beloved, touch your own lips with your own fingers.
The beauty of every woman and every man is your own beauty.

So, welcome to my wedding!

A very merry, blessed, beautiful Thanksgiving Day of ThanksLiving to you and yours … no matter if or how you are celebrating life this moment, this day, I see us all in one breath of Love flowing in life’s goodness, oneness, blessedness. I am so grateful for you. Namaste, Love!



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