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Compassion, Satisfaction & Thanks Living!

You don’t make it happen, you make it welcome. ~ Derek Rydell

Namaste Remember In November Wholly Happy Ones!

I greet you in the names of compassion, satisfaction, and Thanks Living!

In the long few weeks since the last, Scare Share post, I have thought about our creepy visitor, like every load of laundry and even a few times crawling into bed …. after all, we live next to a field and just where did that visitor come from?! And why? What was your message that my creeped out brain could not receive?! I know. Get over it. Except that all things great and small are a gift if we let them be. It was a Jeresulum Cricket aka a potato bug steeped with interesting history here in CA as I read in Wiki.

The little 3 inch giant insect seemed to open a floodgate in me of emotions and feelings I don’t want to experience. Indeed, ones I thought I had risen above. Maybe it was the public proclamation here that I was being compassion in action. Enter … more elder issues and failing computers, increased stress & hormones with restless sleep and my first (and hopefully last!) full blown migraine headache. And grumpy me being increasingly uglier that I care to account. The thread of truth in all of it is the ultimate awareness that has been surfacing is the age old dance of resistance. Resistance shows up in so many ways; avoidance, procrastination, and compassion/Love killing judgment to name a few.

Love’s only option is to reach for the light and GROW!

Yes, what we resists persists, but more to the point if we embrace ALL of it with as much acceptance & gratitude as possible ~ compassion, forgiveness & Love are great too ~ then with that grateful yes or even  ‘o.k.’, we are far happier, as are those around us!

As I am embracing what is with my computer situation (including this awkward laptop moment!), I am reminded that if I stay in the awe filled appreciation of Thanks Living, that attitude of gratitude is a natural companion to compassion and leaves me full of satisfaction.

As I go back and forth between computers (it’s complicated!) to update my beloved daily Play & Pray Calendar pages of Thanks Living, I am in an open place of allowing & questioning … Do I stay or do I go now? To stay seemingly means new systems and computers. Is this the time to pour on the renewed faith in our online offerings ~ something I was acting on I thought! ~If so, the stakes are being raised in what that will take. Clearly, time to GROW or GO! I vow to keep growing in grateful happiness, no matter what ways I am called to go.

As I took a peek back 2 years ago at the last of the November Thanks Living posts, I found the following, amazing video gem reminder of sacred celebration amid my life & web questionings of that time! That was on the  brink of launching the 2013 Dream Team. My current dream includes the family creativity forum which is still a bit of a ghost site sitting in a big vision. Time to co-create & dream it true? Or re-create out of the blue?!
CrFamBranchHere is this oh so gorgeous reminder and invitation of sacred awareness gratitude from Moving art:

I am ever so grateful for this amazing beauty ~ let’s forever remember! I am also so appreciative for this communication and for you who are reading these words and sharing the celebration and tribulation! I am ever committed to showing up for LOVE! And I continue to commit to my Laurie StorEBooks; upgrading & (re)publishing more titles each week. Check out some as part of November’s Book Banquet Reading Feast!

And I remain quite sure that the beauty that is you is shining through … even if you resist, Love always persists. So we may as well embrace tender surrender and allow the Love in, right, my friend?! Happy Thanks Living in this grateful acceptance. Namaste Beauty!
You don’t make it happen, you make it welcome. ~ Derek Rydell



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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