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Scare Share: Reaction = Failed Compassion

Namaste Love! Fleeting October Greetings!

As I continue to put the pieces together on and offline, I am (hormonally!) up and down with the many swings of life these days. How about you? Are you experiencing bliss and peace? Or craze and daze? Or, like me, some interesting combo of all of it??!!

More Shellfish
More Shellfish! Peace in the pieces …

As the season changes, so does my teenager and the elders in our lives. I am doing relatively well in staying unconditionally loving and fairly non-reactive for the most part. We are enJOYing a 3rd world series run for our beloved baseball team, the SF Giants. Now for anyone who knows me, THAT’S a change! I never would have believed I would ever be a baseball fan but thanks to my son’s love of the game and some mysterious force I can’t begin to understand, I have developed a love, appreciation and even a slight addiction (at least to these series games). Even so, I remain what could be termed weirdly compassionate when it comes to (this) sport … I actually feel bad for the opposing players even in the midst of the joy of winning. The us vs. them thing has never worked well for me … I truly marvel at some of the talent ~ on both sides ~ while really getting excited and delighted for our winning Giants.

When I look at myself in the above situation or how I am handling things ~ especially with my 89 year old dad these days, I think I really am living compassion in action. Good for me!

Then! As life would have it … Enter … the visitor …
I pull the laundry out of the washer and start to sort it onto hangers … when what happens to surface … totally out of context …. and me, reacting with a blood curdling scream!
Visitor1Ok … what the heck?! This beautiful beast of nature has survived the washing machine and I am completely creeped out. I call for Jeremiah, my teenage man cub to come to the rescue. He wants no part of it. We stand surveying what we think must be a dead ‘beast’ when it starts to twitch and shake off the effects of the washing machine experience. Whaaaaaaaaaat?!
Visitor2Jeremiah sees it move and I assure him it is his imagination. The moments tic on as we negotiate how to scoop the thing outside and I grow increasingly agitated and even angry that my young prince is clearly not going to come to my rescue. Then I see it move eliciting more shrieks from me. Clearly, it is alive and it is up to me to get it away from the laundry and *somewhere* else where it can get on with it’s life ~ or death ~ or whatever.

So where’s the compassion in action? Only a mere, fuzzy “You should …” thought in the back of my reactive, reptilian brain. Jeremiah is saved by a phone call which takes him into the house and away from the situation. I too leave the garage for a power walk around the block where I pray and center and come to as much of my compassionate senses as I can muster.

I re-center on a brilliant teaching I took in earlier in the week from Neal Donald Walsch’s Conversations With God. Neal summed up the formula for living a conscious spiritual life as this: 1. Be The Source 2. Everything is perfect 3. You are not alone

So I breathe in these remembrances knowing that I must be the Source as much as possible in this situation. And as creeped out as I am, it is perfect ~ after all, I don’t use a dryer ~! And, of course I am not alone. I always call on my angels so why was I calling on Jeremiah and then mad when he couldn’t show up and be in charge?! I returned to the poor ‘beast’ with my angels in tow … or rather, them towing me.
Visitor3An amazing creature, really. It seemed ‘mostly dead” as I scooped it outside. Gone this morning, it is living on some level, somewhere. And in this children’s book writer’s mind, it is certainly living on …. with admonitions like …”Do you know how much bigger you are than me?! I had just survived the washing machine and YOU are screaming?! REALLY?” Oh, forgive me my creepy visitor and thank you for being my teacher in schooling me how to be more compassion in action!

Our New Thought Families daily Play & Pray Calendar is sprinkled with Everyday SoulPlay giveaways amidst our October Compassion in Action theme changing over to November’s daily Thanks Living by week’s end. Play & pray with us! And last night’s visitor reminds me of the sweet “If I Were A Bug” song embedded below ~ I was singing this morning, “If I were a bug in the washing machine, would you scoop me out and loudly scream?!”

I also invite you to the slightly creepy but mostly very silly and playful Book Boos Laurie StorEBooks all packaged up and ready for instant downloads ~ they are in our Family Creativity Branch StorE Store! For anyone, who wants some playful rhyme for Halloween time, here you go:

Book Boos: 10 Fun, Frolicking Laurie StorEBooks!
Book Boos: 10 Fun, Frolicking Laurie StorEBooks!

Thank you so much for being here! Wherever this week of All Hallow’s eve finds you, may you be Love blessed and caressed. Namaste, Love!



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