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Love Expressed: Brokenness = Oneness

My continued celebration of the pieces ~ shell fish!
My continued celebration of the pieces ~ shell fish!
No matter how broken your fragments seem, it is all a part of beautiful YOU!
No matter how broken your fragments seem, it is all a part of beautiful YOU!

Namaste Beautiful Broken Ones ~ Whole Expressions of LOVE & Life!

I meet you with a fleeting greeting as we surrender September into October’s waiting arms this transformational Tuesday. As I shared in the last post, I have been experiencing a certain amount of brokenness this month as I stepped back to breathe through what seemed a very long summer of intensity punctuated by shifting sands and dreams unrealized.

In the place of detached curiosity and unwavering appreciation for the sacredness of creation, the pieces or fragments of our lives that can leave us feeling broken are really nothing more than the circle of life unfolding …  like a tree whose leaves change vibrant colors and then drop away … falling, falling to decay and to make way for new life underneath and in the new leaves which will emerge behind them in their own right, perfect, divine timing. How can we help but be in appreciative awe of this circle of life?!

We get to choose our perspective!
We get to choose our perspective!

And so it is with us … our trials and triumphs, our heartthrobs and heartaches, our grieving and un-leaving, achieving, believing, conceiving … new dreams, new visions, new branches!

In the wake of the fall Equinox beckoning to all the earth for balance, we necessarily let go of some things while we harvest others. What are you releasing and what are you embracing? How are you feasting and what are you facing?!

I am still in the messy middle of all my co-creations on and offline while still holding as much unconditional Love as I can for mothering a teenager and daughtering aging parents. This very post was put on hold while I went for dad’s medical appointment ~ the story of which could launch a whole other post ~ patience ponderings!


Every stage of life ~ All One!
Every stage of life ~ All One!

Suffice it to say that all aspects of our selves and our lives are multi-layered mosaics of voices & choices that we allow to shape our hours, days, years, lifetimes. Necessarily, we all experience what seem or feels like brokenness in the process but no matter what that may seem like or feel like, we are always whole. Always one with all that is.

Some of the world’s biggest religions celebrate his time of year ~ Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish ‘head of the year’ … whereby followers ask forgiveness of themselves and others in a time of reckoning with their lives and then, of course the celebration of beginning again ~ Happy New Year! The 9 day Hindu festival,  Navaratri Dusserha is celebrated twice a year around Equinox times according to the lunar calendar (9/25-10/3 2014). This Mother Goddess festival celebrates the divine mother in all of her manifestations culminating with good triumphing over evil.


Ah yes … good prevails … always. Deep OM breath!

So in celebration of endings, beginnings, and balance, sweet balance, I offer you the mindful moment invitation here and now to breathe into your wholeness … including and especially embracing all of your perceived brokenness. Know that the Love that created you never forsakes you and your pieces are definitely part of your grand design and infinite beauty!
Everyday SoulPlay!
As I continue to integrate New Thought Families with Creative Spirit Families, Laurie’s Stories & the Leaping Literacy Online Library, I am holding steadfast to the faith that has built these co-creations thus far! I am implementing new Membership software that *should* rectify some of the challenges that undermined this summer’s SoulPlay TeleSummer Camp and the future ease and grace access of Membership offerings. SoulPlay is weaving it’s web with Everyday SoulPlay currently being woven into our New Thought Families Daily Play & Pray Calendar. We have a new cloudscape design emerging that will hopefully make all our offerings much less nebulous! And I have resumed loving and revising many of my old Laurie StorEBooks with some of the picture illustration that has so devotionally developed over the years of doing New Thought Families and the daily Calendars. Change is a blessed thing!
BraveDave 05


SeeABee 02


Whether you are celebrating the (Rosh Hashanah) sweetness of life or simply looking for peace in the pieces, I offer you the blessing of sweet peace now … in this or any moment we choose to change … perspective. We are not broken. Ever. We are blessed to be Love Expressed. Always. I love you. Thank you so much for being the change with me. Namaste, Love!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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