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Eyes On Beautiful Lies

Eyes On Beautiful Lies: Blessons Of SoulPlay!

Namaste Beloveds!
The summer of SoulPlay ended a few weeks ago but it has taken me until this September moment to bring the blessons back here … whew! Besides a very full schedule of traveling, video taping, producing, and (trying to!) promote and process SoulPlay, this was also a summer of big relationship changes with my teenage son and elder parents & landlady ~ the 4 elders here all experiencing big blows to their body temples with me called into caretaking ~ all, in all, I suppose I was heading for the September breakdown I am now emerging from!
BirdAlone1 03. MichelleWhile I was so calling for a business breakthrough with SoulPlay, I definitely got breakdown instead! And to break the silence of my SoulPlay turned darkness of the Soul, I went up the mountain last Sunday and did a VLOG ~ seemed in keeping with all the videos made for the SoulPlay Camp! It gave me a chance to really talk to you ~ laugh and cry too! But since it turned out to be a hideously long 30 minute epic sharing, I have been on the fence whether to bring you the vlog or not and how to break it down … It is still nearly 20 minutes which is a serious chunk of clock & calendar real estate I know, so I leave it up to your soul to know if your Spirit will be served in sharing mountain heart renewal, compassion time with me:

Completely understandable, truly if you are not up for the vlog ~ I promise if I do them in the future, I will script and keep them short! And if you do choose to share with me, THANK YOU! ~ And let me know what’s on your heart too!

Vlog aside, I will simply list some of the many blessons from this SoulPlay co-creation in the hopes that they may speak to some of you who are manifesting your own visions ~ and maybe save you some pain?! As with all of life, each of these blessons are multi-layered blessings and lessons.

1. Don’t do it alone!
Even though I have an awesome angel team, there is nothing like other humans to help you in human ventures! Yes, many hands make light work and also many voices can bring perspective, encouragement and dare I say, reason! It can also bring needed skills ~ like when I had so many technology snafus and no techie gurus!
2. Scale back! Less really IS more!
For any who know me, you feel me on this. As an infinite co-creator, the idea of scaling back is always so repulsive to me! In 20/20 hind sight, the project and the folks involved would have been better served if it were cut in half!
3. Choice Points ~ You CAN change the plans!
In keeping with #2, there was a huge amount of footage to produce as the camp was rolling along. And when I looked at the naked truth mid-way through the 21 day Camp to see that the videos were not really being viewed, it was a choice point to step back and re-run the first half … instead I stayed in my craze of making MORE videos!
4. Serve Yourself First ~ Know Your Worth
You know, like on the airplane when you put on your own oxygen mask 1st?! Somewhere in the process of birthing this dream, I got things way out of balance and had far too many nights in a row with only 4 hours sleep … I can do a few of these with relative ease and grace but weeks on end tipped me right over the edge! And in us (me) knowing our own worth, others are far more likely to value us too!
5. Communicate Clearly!
Like the rest of my work & co-creations, SoulPlay had so much to it (do #2!), it was not easy for folks to take in. Even the invitation to potential Camp Counselors was not readily understood. Again, there are an array of layers here but simply put, from a marketing perspective and otherwise ~ the confused mind says no!
6. Ask for Help ~ Don’t expect others to read your mind!
This is a combination of 1 & 5 … where I coulda woulda shoulda clearly asked for more help and not expected those involved to read my mind and act accordingly. I know, duh. The 4 Agreements calls this ‘Assumptions’!
7. Everyone ~ no matter what age ~ has an inner child who is happy to come out & play!
This truth came up for me in powerful ways with each of my SoulPlay Counselors! The experiences have left me wondering what it would take to get humankind to live from this wisdom … and re-rooting in me that this is pivotal to my life’s work.
8. Play is a wisdom with the same vibration of pray!
I’ve been trying to find which wise one said this back in the day but the summer of SoulPlay vibrations convinced me that this is indeed the beautiful truth ~ no lie!
9. Creation is unconditional Love expressed!
No matter what we get done or don’t get done … achieve or fail at ~ by whatever human scale we use to judge ~ our co-creator, THE Creator, loves us no matter what! We are here to be Love expressed and when we live our Love & joy, we are co-creating more of the same. Thereby, it truly is all good, all Love, all the time, no matter what!

Speaking of time, I’ve now managed to write a long blog to go with the lengthy vlog! I can only hope that they can serve … the Spirit of faith, hope, co-creation, and the manifestation of your heart’s longings, callings, belongings and fallings. May you be yes blessed in whatever ways you’re called to be Love expressed. Namaste, Beautiful Love!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

4 thoughts on “Eyes On Beautiful Lies

  1. Hi gorgeous, thank you for your blog post and vlog ( yes I watched it). I hear your words, Soulplay was amazing. You made such an impact, you are so inspiring and Soulplay really helped me in so many ways. It gave me the opportunity to actually put videos out there. I loved the videos from all the beautiful people, yourself included. And so many helped with my own healing. I truly believe that Soulplay has only just begun, and would be very happy to help in anyway I can in the future, look forward to playing again soon, Ruth xxx

    1. Oh Ruth ~ thank you! Thank you for beautiful you and for sharing heart time with me now and all your sharing and support throughout SoulPlay! Your storytelling was truly delightful and I KNOW we have more SoulPlay to come! I also SO love that you truly are inspired in many of the same ways I am with children, story, song, books … the colorful yesness of life. Hugs to you magical one!

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