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The Working Truth Of SoulPlay

Namaste SoulPlay Campers & Mindful Beings of Love everywhere!

Well … ok … Mindful beings of Love who are landed here! Here now. In any mindful moment. And yet! SoulPlay IS everywhere and in everyone whether or not those Love expressed souls ever find this page, or our little online camp … or … me. The working Truth of SoulPlay and all things Creative Spirit Families & New Thought Families et al is that it is all about me and has nothing at all to do with me ~ when I am able to flow pure essence.

Today is Camp SoulPlay Day 11 filled with Earthly Sprinkles of Heaven. I wasn’t going to use the rhyme heaven … It was “Where Ya Headin’ for Day 7” … But as I stay present to the gifts that are being offered up here in this amazing grace unfolding, I realize that SoulPlay Love expressed is exactly like sprinkles of heaven … it is the passion of hearts sprinkling this little patch of humanity’s garden … breathe in a moment with us now … even if you don’t go to one session of the hundreds of expressions at the 21 Day  SoulPlay TeleSummer Camp!

1A. ChanceNakedNaked Truths
From behind the scenes of this adventure … I have been swept up in an intense divine energy and zealous passion to keep saying yes and while my Spirit has stayed mostly happy, I have come into new places and faces of awareness of my human limitations. Angel grace has certainly been flowing through all aspects of the physical … making problematic footage taken this summer work, keeping my computer & programs happily humming through long, intense hours, having all the technology gratefully working for the most part ~ sans the Camp log in that has confounded some folks ~ sorry! So many naked truths …

And grace for me and this body temple to be sure. I have not slept more than 4 hours a night since Camp began. There have been a few naps here and there but most days, not. While Spirit fuel ~ and coffee! ~ are amazing, I have noticed some breakdown the last few days as exhaustion in the scope of this task surfaces. I have done a great job mostly but have missed many marks on posting times et al!  And I definitely had a breakdown in my business bank account over this summer of work without pay.
Naked Truths.

~ This picture is from today’s ‘Naked Truth’ message in our ongoing daily Pray & Play Calendar at New Thought Families ~ linked as part of Camp’s early morning reverent reverie! Fab Photo Thanks: Chance Arguella at Free Range Stock

Oh gentle readers, there are so many naked truths I could say … but in the best interest of SoulPlay and all of our busy days, I will sprinkle in a few of today’s Camp highlights & Counselors ~ to give you an idea of the bounty & beauty of what is there each of the 21 days + I’ll share some adjustments I am making for program & director wellbeing that will surely work for the highest good of all! I have many naked truth’s surfacing about why I am doing this blessed crazy thing but will be saving most of those for a post camp wrap up! My biggest conviction is that I am surely made for this work and I love it but it would absolutely be for the highest and best of all if I was working with others ~ human team, meet Spirit team!

SoulPlay Day 11: Sprinkles of Earthly Heaven ~ Sign Up/In to Access Each Day’s Activities!
01.SoulPlayDayWe are beginning each SoulPlay day in celebration & remembrance as well as dedicating the day to an inspirational person. Today’s tribute is to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and features one of our Teen Talent peeps; Josh performs part of Dr. King’s most famous ‘I Have A Dream’ speech. Another of our Teen Talents surfaces this day with Joe’s improve piano. Wendy Fedan & Dr. Angi K Orobko are two of our 20 SoulPlay Camp Counselors who share multiple talents with us; Day 11 is Wendy as illustrator and Angi as musician ~ or at least music lover! And we sing the Angel song ~ to YOU!
06. Wendy04. MusicPlay
2 of our Star Counselors are the Wild Mystic Rachel Flower and our SoulPlay Camp Chef Anne Baker who serves up gluten free goodies! Another 2 amazing star Counselors who aren’t on today’s roster are  Sound & Light visionary Jan Cercone & Color Me Yoga & Amputee Yoga Marsha Therese Danzig.10. EarthGym11. AnneOur SoulPlay Camp Counselor Luisah Teish is an internationally acclaimed storyteller who shares such rich storytelling, art, and her founding of the Overground Railroad. Today she has a moment of nature’s beauty and a little cotton candy cloud story! 05. ExpressionTeishWe have 2 amazing Grief Guide SoulPlay Counselors ~ for death, grief, and release are such important parts of the soul’s journey. Yesterday and tomorrow, Michelle Peticolas shares her grief release, life celebration dances:
03. MichelleGrief Guide Uma Girish is on today with some of our audio conversation about signs and communications with Spirits ~ our loved ones who have died. We play ~ and invite you to do it too ~ a Grief Game using the classic book, The Little Engine That Could: 03C. ThatCould 03B.UmaSPEach of our SoulPlay Counselors are such gifts to the Camp and to the world! Visit them all on the Camp page! One of my learnings and adjustments is to keep presencing myself to them … their souls … and what they are offering all of you … and presencing my soul to your souls … the ones that I am doing this for. Yes, I am doing this because I am called, driven and determined ~ certainly layers of unworthiness still at work but mostly just the yesness of “I think I can” and I will! Going forward, this content will be offered out in several ways that will truly honor each of our Camp Counselors better as well as the whole offering of SoulPlay!

For going forward for the next 10 days of Camp … I am making some adjustments in the amount of sessions I produce for I am still producing as I go and re-committing to a more balanced flow of life. I am still a single mom and daughter to aging local parents with needs you know! + the me that needs to walk and take bubble baths!

I will still be honoring the schedule of daily activations, vibrations and celebrations from all of our wonderful Camp Counselors and surprised guests but I am doing some re-runs … the originally slated 252 listings will still be over 200 which is plenty for all of us busy souls! This came into full play today when I realized that our Day 10 Campfire never posted yesterday ~ so wa, la … there it is today!

I will also keep trying to make the early morning mark for new day posts ~ scheduled for 6:00 a.m. Pacific ~ with reruns this should be easier. Today I was the latest ever, about 2+ hours beyond my “ish” mark! Naked truth. But I am fully forgiving myself for this in being a 1 woman operation and hope that any SoulPlay Campers and Counselors would forgive me too! I am doing my best ~ and there is always a plethora of Camp Activities for free ~ most of which are there for at least 24 hours. I choose to embrace the divine order of every bit of it!

So, bottom line of the soul journey is to stay committed and flexible … this has been said so many ways … I’m hearing the old Kenny Rogers song … “You gotta know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em …”! BTW, have you heard the SoulPlay song?! It is in the last post along with the SoulPlay Camp invitation video which are also both found on the Camp page which houses our Counselors, daily revolving schedule, donation opportunity and free Camp registration.

Thank you to ALL of our Camp Counselors ~ want to be honoring them ALL ~ and thank you to my incredible angel & Spirit team ~ and thank you to me, the fearless, senseless(?!) Camp director ~ and thank you to YOU our SoulPlay Campers ~ and you are all SoulPlay Campers and Counselors by virtue of the fact that you are living your soul’s essence and brilliance right here and now … and in countless ways …  every SoulPlay day! Thank you! Namaste, Love.




Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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