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1st World Job?!

Namaste Beautiful Mindful Ones!

I have missed our connection here last month and in these fleeting moments before the dawn of August, I am here with updates and a new song! Before we celebrate this new note of SoulPlay, I will briefly speak to the post title …BirdAlone1First of all, I have never liked the terms, ‘3rd world’ or ‘1st world’ because of all the condescending judgments these names imply … however, you know what I am saying when I report that my life has been overrun with 1st world problems this summer! My East Coast travels were both blessed and challenging and then upon returning to CA, another long list of challenges began including a surgery for my father and a week of his convalescing here ~ about to end tonight ~ and another spinal surgery for my mother tomorrow. Then there was the fall and brain bleed for my step-father who has both Parkinson’s and ‘Old Timers’ … shall we say lots of elder care issues around here requiring a different dimension of spiritual parenting … and the teenage boy? Lots of changes and good times for him with dad and at music camps this summer. All of this has had intense measures of mama soul growth for menopausal me. My technical snafus have been considerable in the middle of producing the SoulPlay TeleSummer Camp which airs this awesome August … my phone & internet signal was diagnosed at -10 this week … and then rectified to a 5 …. good I guess as we are perched on the grassy hill where the hawks fly and the night coyotes howl. My 1st world list of discomforts is actually much longer than the above but I will spare us all sufficing it to say that no matter what, like the biblical Job, I have and continue to choose Spirit, sweet Spirit, and faith, deep faith in the divine order and gift of life. Happy for no reason and happy for every reason has taken on epic proportions!CSFMission1

Meanwhile, SoulPlay Camp has been and will be WAY more work than I could have imagined ~ which is again, me doing life the way I do life! I seem to have mastered the art of working for no paycheck … or as my dad keeps repeating, “It’s a rough go for short dough.” To which I am internally chanting, “NO! I KNOW that money is an energy I am open to receiving in a bigger way than any of ‘my people’ have ever known!” I am ready to receive a SoulPlay paycheck in August and I definitely have to be more vocal in asking for my worth! Thereby, if any of you feel called to donate something to me and our 501C3, you can do that here! Or you can own SoulPlay and access it year round for a wee fee on the sign up page. ~Thanks for the practice in asking! ~ Whatever the SoulPlay monetary remuneration ends up being, I have already been richly paid on many levels. SoulPlay is an amazing experience and one I am delightedly determined to offer the world! It has brought me into contact, celebration, and honoring of some wonderfully gifted beings that I really MUST share with you here ~ at some point! The video invitation is below which includes a fun introduction to some of our SoulPlay Camp Counselors. And of course, come to Camp itself and meet these precious peeps as well as more of the precious you ~ SoulPlay TeleSummer Camp is online & free! You can start here and now! Here’s the happy SoulPlay theme song perfectly imperfectly taped at Silver Lake & Thunder Mountain. The lyrics are below it. EnJOY!

SoulPlay C 2014 Laurie Story Vela

Chorus: Yippee hurray  ~ Souls are out to play!
Yes this world be blessed with our Love expressed … Soul Play!

You came here with so many gifts to give;
you were born with infinite Love to live!
Filled with Love inside, let it come alive  & out to play …
(Knock knock. Who’s there? You! You who?)
Yoo-hoo, yoo-hoo! The essence of your soul is calling you!

Just what are those gifts you came here to bring?
Tune into your dreams, the song you’re here to sing.
Listen, your heart whispers, can you hear it say to play?!
(Knock knock. Who’s there? Ya! Ya who?)
Yahoo, yahoo! The essence of your soul is calling you!

How are you called to give expression to SoulPlay?!
Can you live your gifts in celebration holi-days?!
Follow your child, they always know the way .. to play!
(Knock knock. Who’s there? Woo! Woo who?)
Woo-hoo,  woo-hoo! The essence of your soul is calling you!
Soul Play! Soul Play! Let your Soul come out to play!

Meanwhile, New Thought Families continues to play and pray every day, Laurie’s Stories is still filling the Free Shelf ok, Creative Spirit Families is still making it’s way and we are indeed inviting you to register for SoulPlay! Namaste, Love!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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