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Top Ten Transformational Tools

Rising Soul! I taped the sunrise for a SoulPlay Camp morning reverie!
Rising Soul! I taped the sunrise for a SoulPlay Camp morning reverie!

Namaste Beautiful Expressions of Love’s Evolution!
I greet you in the name of Love and yes expressed as well as in the allowance of fear and voices suppressed. For truly we are all of that and more, in any given moment … My June moments have been a swirl of allowing yes to flow and facing many blocked places within still saying no … embracing all of it with a commitment to know, deeply know, the Love that I am. I Am that I Am.

I am currently back East at my friend’s beach house on the NJ island of Brigantine. I have had some good moments of healing here … painting my ‘shell fish’ as I did last summer … I love how these broken pieces of shell each have their own stories to tell. Like each of us, of course!

My celebration of the pieces ~ shell fish!
My celebration of the pieces ~ shell fish!

My own sense of broken pieces mostly stems from the deep grief I have been feeling and healing due to shifting relationships in my life. Back home, I have 3 elderly parents who have all been having severe health challenges ~ it is not the dying that is hardest, it is the daily dying of abilities and freedoms. Aging can be one of life’s greatest struggles. While much of it is simply nature taking its course, we don’t, in general, flow with ease and grace ~ we deny, we fight, we cry. As I help my parents in the ways that I can, I further embrace my own aging process including my ongoing dance with the scales and loving a bigger version of this body temple. And in the midst of all of this, my deepest grief is in the parent dance … what feels like on multiple levels, a sort of unwanted divorce from my beloved son, Jeremiah. It is, of course, my whole way of being in the world and nothing more than him growing up and needing me less and less. He is blessedly attending 3 different band camps this summer where my job is to get him there and back home after attending & applauding the end of camp concerts ~ no daily prayers or check ins like I am so used to. Our annual sojourn East for Jeremiah to be with his dad and grandparents is also in a major transition this year. After last summer, I vowed not to stay at his dad’s house again this year so they are on their own. I am East as a sort of backup though it now feels silly for me to be here. This coming week we will do a short family trip to DC and some 4th fireworks and then I will again leave them be and travel for some SoulPlay play dates!

My June play date playmates for SoulPlay Camp ~ airs 8/9-8/29!
My June play date playmates for SoulPlay Camp ~ airs 8/9-8/29!

Yes, I am engaging in my own great adventure this summer with SoulPlay and you are invited and encouraged to come along! Following a long time calling, I am producing the SoulPlay TeleSummer Camp which airs online August 9-29. I have been having these super fun play dates with some amazing playmates who are sharing their gifts with me and with us for the camp. Check out the SoulPlay Camp and sign up now!

This free, innovative, integrative experience airs 8/9-8/29!
This free, innovative, integrative experience airs 8/9-8/29!

So as I continue to navigate family & aging and co-create staging SoulPlay Camp, Creative Spirit Families, Leaping Literacy Library, Laurie’s Stories & New Thought Families (whew!), I reflect on the top 10 transformational tools that seem to be at work and play. Here they are with a few more recent life highlights sprinkled in as examples.
Top Ten Transformational Tools
LOVE is THE tool that is at the root of each of the 10 ~ the one that brings all of us through any and every transition, large or small.
1. Aware ~ Truth Telling to Transform
I have watched various stages of denial in myself and in my parents that acts as a block to the shifting energies of what is. Being acutely aware of what is, is  a foundational, transformational step to change.
2. Accept ~ In the embrace of acceptance, Love lives.
Being able to accept is a crucial gateway to the flow of Love; when we judge or condemn ourselves or others as wrong, or ‘shouldn’t be’, we are blocking the Love & grace available to us in any transformation. One of the hardest for me, is accepting the way my body is different now in how it burns and stores energy. When I embrace all of me with Love, it is easier to lose weight ~ on more than 1 level!
3. Allow ~ To deeply accept is to fully allow all that is and isn’t!
Even though I have been aware and accepting of the grief I have been feeling in the middle of the celebration of Jeremiah’s growing up, I only recently fully allowed myself to feel the depth of that pain without judgment and am slowly, subsequently awakening into new levels of freedom.
4. Surrender ~ To fully allow is to completely surrender!
As I have seen with myself, and with each of my parents, each time there is a full surrender into what is, there is a new expanse of peace available. Surrendering is often not our go to response but it is the one that can actually buoy us with strength and peace. As I often affirm, “It is not I but the Spirit within me that doeth the work.”
5. Gratitude ~ Always the most transformative tool we have!
We all know the importance of gratitude for a happier life, right? Using gratitude will always make ourselves and others feel better but get this, you don’t have to feel gratitude for the changes before you’re ready to! Using gratitude in the middle of transformation does not mean that you have to give thanks for the very things you are feeling pain about ~ though you can utter thanks in faith ~ like ‘I know that somehow this is for my highest good’. Irrespective of that faith filled thanks, use an attitude of gratitude to keep you and others lifted by all the things that ARE so good and still right. There truly is always so many things to be grateful for that as you focus on them, you will feel infinitely happier and more empowered. Start with your breath or the sky!

Simple ways to play ~ we can co-create Peace, Love & Joy every day!
6. Generosity ~ Any act of kindness or giving will lift your Spirits and that of others ~ every time!
The other day, I experienced immense joy through a simple act of giving what I had to give in the moment. I was on a train and the 2 little boys across from me were getting bored so I offered them my colored pens and notebook. The way they instantly settled into their creative, quiet selves brought me and others like their parents great joy and peace! Just a simple act. There are infinite ways we can help others and this takes us out of our own self focus and pain to rise up into more of the true nature of Love we are created to be.
7. Curiosity ~ When faced with change, see it as a teacher and ask questions!
Curiosity is our innate gift for embracing change! It is how we grow. Ask questions. Reach out and reach in to explore what is there and more and more of the gifts of the situation will be revealed. As I do my mother dance, I discover more layers of all aspects of my being including the calls to other relationships and community.
8. Intuition ~ Another of our all time, anytime, every time greatest gifts!
Our intuition is our internal GPS that we never have to second guess. This God Positioning System is always available to us! While it is preferable to hone your listening and flowing abilities in the best of times; it is often the worst of times that get us to tune in. Whether or not you are lost, ask your GPS for guidance! As you listen, if the voice you hear is at all critical rather than encouraging, know that is an inner critic putting up roadblocks, just keep affirming and attuning to your divine design intuition and it will come to fruition!
9. Courage ~ The transformations of the human journey often require courage!
As you face what is before you, name and claim the courage required to move forward. Often, the simple act of facing the fear will produce all the courage you need. It has taken courage for me to publically admit the deep grief I feel in my boy growing up and our relationship shifting and yet as I do, the power of the fear dissipates ~ thank you courage!
10. Action ~ Every change or transformation requires the prayer to move our feet!
More often than not, the actions most needed and doable are the small, consistent steps. Just as the headlights on the car only illuminate what is right up ahead rather than the whole journey, we move forward step by small step. It is the only way, I am able to produce SoulPlay!

Breathe deep and give thanks!
Breathe deep and give thanks!

And so it is that I bring this post and this month full circle here in blog land … still in the messy middle of merging all the parts of me and my work, embracing this moment & this day with SoulPlay! Sign up for the online Camp below by becoming a Free Leaping Literacy Library Maverick Member, keep fine tuned here and on the sites for more SoulPlay playmates and updates and also know that we continue to play & pray with you every day at New Thought Families.

I wish you all things Love for whatever transformations you are undergoing. May you be blessed by yes expressed. Namaste, Love!
SoulPlay TeleSummer Camp Ag 9-29, 2014



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