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Quit Or Commit?! Flowing With The Growing!

Quit or commit. Choose it or lose it.
Quit or commit. Choose it or lose it.

Namaste & Happy Mindful Monday Spirit Travelers & Creatives!

Unbelievably, it has been nearly a month since I’ve been here! How have you been? Mindfully, joyfully co-creating your good?! I started several May posts here including on Mother’s Day where I ended up honoring my mother on FaceBook instead ~ Thank you Mama for growing us up singing! In general, I have been swept up in life’s flow making my priorities those of supporting others as well as myself and the little time left for business has been spent mostly in the birthing of vision into structure still forthcoming! There are some new songs shared below and you will be seeing some big, integrative changes in the coming weeks and months for New Thought Families & Laurie’s Stories under the umbrella of Creative Spirit Families. There is always a song to sing! Here’s a picture found on today’s Play & Pray Calendar at New Thought Families. Our invitation today is to sing your own song ~ whatever wants to flow! Airport MessageQuit or commit. Choose it or lose it. I had to give this ultimatum last week to a group of kids I am working with in an after school creative theatre project. We spent all of April crafting a play that we will perform at the end of May. There were multiple factors that impacted some of the kids ability to commit to actually learning the parts they helped create and showing up regularly to rehearse. Hence, the ultimatum. When several of them did in fact quit, I went to Spirit ~ the ultimate coordinator, co-creator & trouble shooter. Luckily for us, Spirit remains ever in place for us ready to respond no matter what we choose or how many times we quit! I was in the middle of another play last week ~ Jeremiah’s Jr High Drama Club production, Dorothy In Wonderland, which combines Wizard Of Oz and Alice In Wonderland. Jeremiah played the great & powerful Oz and the funny, quirky Mad Hatter. He was awesome in both roles and all the students really stepped up and did a great job. I was the parent volunteer who took it upon myself to take on some jobs I thought necessary ~ like costumes ~ which turned into lots of hours. The high school interns were in charge of the play and in my estimation were unable to give it the time and attention it needed and deserved. The intern in charge of the play saw it completely differently and chose to berate me and my efforts quite harshly via messaging at the end of my 14 hour day at the school. I was amazed at how people can see the same situation so differently! And I am still untangling my mind from her judgments and accusations whilst giving thanks for her as my teacher … showing me the above realization and also illuminating where my growing edge is in terms of living my truth unaffected by the accusations of another. Still, I am celebrating the project and the day whereby we had 4 performances that included hundreds of younger school children in the audiences. I was also able to get replacements for the other, original play, handing the paperwork to the parents face to face ~ always good! In both of these cases I chose to commit and re-commit and submit my time even though it was considerably more than what I signed up for. I also am poised to choose differently in the future! I was faced head on with what joy & Love stealers judgment and expectation can be and reminded up close and personal that re-committing moment by moment to the present as gift can and will restore Love & joy every time!

Mad Hatter Jeremiah in his after play celebration yesness! ~ An affirmation of my own yesness blessed!
Mad Hatter Jeremiah in his after play celebration yesness! ~ An affirmation of my own yesness blessed!


Growing and flowing! We are co-creators of our lives; this knowing will keep us flowing and growing! I wrote a musical score for the original play to be performed next week ~ Jeremiah helped a bit which was great. Just for fun, you can hear those songs on the New Songs page! There is another powerful song there I just wrote for the ‘Overground Railroad’ ~ there is a bit of information there on the page and a whole lot more forthcoming! In short, ‘Rail Of Liberation’ is a song for freedom. We are all singing the song of freedom ~ or we wish to be.

The truth is, there is great freedom when we commit and when we quit … it depends on the situation. If we choose it, we commit. If we lose it, we quit. But we will choose something else. Always. And as previously noted, our Creator never quits on us, just patiently waits for us to choose ~ free will ~ to choose and commit … and re-commit … and re-commit … for as long as we choose.

Thanks for choosing this mindful moment here and now … if you choose another, visit our New Songs Page or the Calendar. Whatever you are committing to this day, this life, may you continue to know & grow the flow of Love and Joy. Namaste Love!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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