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Infinity Of Divinity!

Happy Earth Day to all my relations ~ those of you here and now ~ at any mindful moment as well as all the winged ones, crawling ones, sprouted and rooted ones … oh what an infinity of divinity lives in our earthly family! Our Creator blessed us with an amazing expanse of divinity on this earthly home … when you think of the grains of sand, flower petals, feathers, rocks, drops of dew … truly an infinity of divinity for me and you!

For any who are inclined to have a celebration meditation song for our sacred mother, here’s our Earth Mama song in You Tube video:

With Earth Day coming in the afterglow of Easter and the ending of Passover this year, the Spirit of miracles, resurrection and renewal is richly rooted in our souls. Our sacred mama is all about resurrection, renewal, and miracles every season, every day. This is the 4th April, I have been graced with the amazing blooming face of the pink dogwood out both my downstairs & upstairs windows ~ it kisses me awake each morning from my bed and keeps me in glowing good company next to me through the window by my computer. I found myself impatient again this year wondering if the buds and early blooms had enough water rooted in them to reach full spectacular splendor ~  they did. It reminds me to trust that each of us have it too … the seed of our greatness lives in us ~ always.

The abundant beauty & diversity of our planet home is indeed full expression of the infinity of divinity … from the red rock deserts to the rolling seas … to the sprinkles of nature living amongst humanity … oh mama earth, we celebrate you!RedRockToSea copy

IMG_0314In the mindful honoring of our mother, I must put in a note of green actions … in our New Thought Families branch of the Leaping Literacy Library, we have a section for simple ways to live green at home. While it is a blessing to be mindfully aware of earth’s beauty & sustenance, it is also a necessary responsibility to be aware to take care ~ for ourselves and our children. Yesterday, our 4 year old home phone system which had been symptomatic for awhile, gave up. It might have been batteries, but no one could say. To replace the batteries was the same cost as replacing the phones … so we sent the old set to e waste. Yet., where is that waste? Where is away? I probably live more green than many, still this action troubles me some …  We have created this consumer society that says things like computers and phones are outdated after 3 or 4 years … yet the old ones have to go somewhere. Do I really want to know where they go? Do you?! This type of dilemna is why I typically stay blissfully uniformed with my head in the clouds or in the petals …
Stripes LaurieBloomFree Leaping Literacy Library Members , get a Mama Earth celebration of song … including the singing Laurie StorEBooks, Environmental 12 Days Of Christmas which sings of ways to act green & Tree In The Sea which giggles green with mirth!
12 Days - 09 copyTree08 copyFor our Mindful Meditation Invitation, let’s open our awareness to see, feel, and know our divine selves and all that is ,as infinite Love! In whatever ways of infinity you are celebrating, honoring, noticing our sacred earth & life divinity, may you know sublime joy with the resurrecting renewal of self awareness that indeed you and I and all that is, are indeed  miracles in the sea of divinity’s infinity. Namaste Love!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

One thought on “Infinity Of Divinity!

  1. Beautiful!…Thank you again, Laurie, and so glad to have shared the day with Earth Mama you and Son of the Earth Jeremiah and Earth Mama Karene and Big Earth Papa Don — and being able to share singing with you (Life Everlasting/Dance With Me & Rise Up Spirit!!) and with all the Conscious Community!!! Love & Blessings & with Joyous Appreciation! Keith

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