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Holy Spirit Rising

Greetings this Mindful Monday … this sacred, reconnected, holy day of light filled life … This day is a celebrated New Year for some in the Sikh tradition . Sikh And at sundown, the 8 days of Jewish Passover begin. JudaismPassover is a remembrance of how Moses freed the Israelites who were enslaved by the Pharaoh. This is also the Christian Holy Week leading into Easter. Yesterday was the glorious gateway into Holy Week; the celebration of Palm Sunday: Jesus symbolizes our I AM identity. His going up to Jerusalem means our taking the last step in unfoldment preparatory to the final step, when the personality is entirely crucified and the Christ triumphs. Jesus riding the ass into Jerusalem means the fulfillment of the time when the spiritual I AM within us takes control and lifts all the animal forces up to the spiritual plane of mastery, purity, peace.  ~Charles Fillmore ChristianIn the Christian tradition, this is a week of celebration, tribulation and resurrection. This, of course, being the week that Jesus went from the waving palm fronds of celebration & accolades to the incredible suffering of the cross to the ultimate Spirit Rising, life eternal of Easter. It is an invitation to all of us to visit our own Gethsemane for reflection (re)dedication,  renewed inspiration. Gethsemane is symbolic of the struggle that takes place within the consciousness when truth is realized as the one reality. ~Charles FillmoreIMG_7324  As any Spirit Rising from the darkness, Sprit Freedom from enslavement, or Spirit Hope ignited in a New Year or any new beginning, we are reunited with purpose, passion and our YES to life! No matter where we are planted, our Spirit beckons us to reach for the light … to GROW!  I bid us all great blessings in our own gardens of growth this Holy Week of renewed freedom. Remember that all seeds need some darkness to sprout. And that painful fertilizer always somehow make us wiser. Wherever you are in your garden, germinating, sprouting or already enjoying full bloom, I celebrate you and this gift of life. I celebrate the death and birth in the cycle of life so apparent in spring and Easter, and in all that is holy. It is all Holy Spirit in action. For my part, I have had an extremely dark dual lately but my Spirit remains free to keep saying yes and showing up. I am patiently tending to the garden that calls me, knowing the blooms are a beautiful gift of service for those I am here to serve. For this week, that brings an invitation from the Color Cloud to paint dinosaur bones and (Easter) eggs …

A page from Color Specialist: Dinosaur Paintologist, A Laurie StorEBook!
A page from Color Specialist: Dinosaur Paintologist, A Laurie StorEBook!

We have daily invitations & celebrations in our April Play & Pray Calendar featuring the flow of grace from the sea ~ and some of our graceful sea creature relations. Our fab freebies this month include a home celebration video of Jeremiah & I with Easter Spirit Rising affirmations and singing. We also revisit & offer you a cyber Easter Blessing “Hunt” to add to your Easter reflections and connections … Easter Blessing Surprises are here! The story of Easter is the story of God’s wonderful window of divine surprise.   ~Carl Knudsen Spirit Rising Whatever this week is bringing your family, may you find some holy moments of reverence and reverie … A holiday is a holy day, and holiness doesn’t happen to us. Holiness is a choice we make, and holidays are portals of energy through which the experience of things that matter most is increased within us and in the world in which we live.  ~Marianne Williamson

Let us make our Holy Week Mindful Meditation one of living in gratitude aware of the flow of grace. In our homes, our travels, our world, may we see & celebrate the flow of Love’s grace. And may we truly embody it in a renewed Spirit Rising within us. Namaste, Love!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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