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Divine Energy Flowing

IMG_9280Namaste Sacred Beings of Divine Energy!

March has been a whirlwind of travel since I was here last with more on the way … I’m currently in a hotel room in Arizona, flying home tomorrow and leaving at 5:00 a.m. the next day for a sacred Women’s Leadership Training weekend on the beautiful northern CA coast … I have been so blessed by the wonders of nature and family and work vision these last few weeks as the divine energy continues to flow, to grow, to glow! Here are a few travel log highlights as I continue to contemplate and navigate the deeper seeds of life changing within myself, family & work … amid ancient treasures of nature and sacred Spirit as beauty & love expressed.
DaffodilHilAn old friend from the East coast came out for a visit … Rosie was there when Jeremiah was born … we took her to our local blooming wonder, Daffodil Hill and then my Jeremiah took off with the high school jazz band to Disneyland. I was reminded of Science Camp a few years back when my baby went off with out me and this time, my teenager gave me daily text check ins … we even texted our morning and evening prayers. A big adjustment for me but also an opportunity to keep flowing … and to keep knowing … to center and re-center in gratitude, acceptance, allowance, and Love. And I had my friend to travel with … we went to my old pre-Jeremiah beach town where I lived and the beach was glorious! BeachThe shore was scattered with shells and stones, some fossilized and all gleaming & glowing with ancient and present day layers of life … beauty and divinity. The redwood forest is also right there and our forest walk yielded so much inspiration … the ancient redwoods when logged sprout a whole family of trees from their roots encircling them … the circle of life, to be sure. It was there, that I did a face plant in the creek which resulted in bruises and a new camera … my lesson was to not get so caught up in (others) outer energy but to keep focused and listening to my own divine energy guidance flowing … ever flowing!ForestAmid the airport trips, there was a long awaited Dr. visit with my dad in which no further procedures were scheduled meaning my father’s deteriorating health and resulting symptoms have no further course of action rather than acceptance and allowance … forgiveness and faith. More in the circle of life … living … aging … dying …Sedona

Next, Jeremiah & I left for Arizona where we met his dad for another of our alternative family vacations. As Jeremiah ages, he understandably wants more dad time; yet some of the instability & abusive issues there remain. I am in allowance that my young man cub can spend the time he chooses with his dad as I make more and more space for his sake and my own. I am extremely grateful that we have stayed a family and had so many adventures together. It’s definitely challenging for all of us and each of us shed tears amid the sacred Sedona spiritual vortex energy yet I believe that our common good and goal ~ Jeremiah ~ is the better for all of it. Spiritual Parenting is about awareness, consciousness and co-creation and we are doing our best to do just that with as much Love, forgiveness and allowance as possible. We are indeed so blessed in Love! And I am also reminded and in divine energy allowance that I have always wanted a partner in life that I truly align with … for myself, yes, yet also for Jeremiah so that he has another man around as a different living example of how to be a man … Though I have the vision board set documented here in January, I haven’t done much else to dance with ‘the man’ … soooooo …. more seeds to sow! I also know that spiritual community is another great space to meet quality friends that can help give growing guidance to my man-cub … We are blessed with a few quality man friends that we see sporadically … And ultimately, if my young one turns out to follow some of his father’s footsteps that I find faltering, so be it. Mine is to guide to the best I can and to allow, ever allow, that delicate, devoted divine energy mother love ~ God Love ~ unconditional Love. So it is.
CactusMeanwhile, we have visited with my brother and his family here, soaked up sacred red rocks at Sedona, experienced great Giants baseball spring training games and been amazed by the tree tall cactus … reportedly that only grow a foot a year and yet as you can see, tower above all else. The Saguaro cactus average 70 feet tall and have become the iconic symbol of the southwest. I found them a wondrous example of the sacred … from the sweeping desert landscapes to the city streets ~! As it should be!AcornOak

In the midst of all the travel, I have been chipping away at the web work; our Divine Energy Flowing Daily Play & Pray March calendar got linked up even if the Mindful Membership resource sections on the ABC pages are still pending! I did get the Video Library all linked up and live with 166 videos from the archives! I have video footage for more Sacred Moments  from the recent adventures and am now so much better equipped to keep building the video offerings! I am also chipping away on Creative Spirit Families grant applications that would allow more flow of help for New Thought Families and Leaping Literacy and! This weekend’s retreat is all about business breakthroughs so I can better reach the peeps I am here to serve with all this marvelous, mindful multi-media found in our New Thought Families branch of the Leaping Literacy Library!

We are so blessed ~ it is all Love Expressed!

So sacred ones … how is your divine energy going … growing … knowing … flowing …?! In these fleeting days of March, let us keep repeating our last Mindful Meditation Invitation ~ to let divine energy flow through all aspects of our being … those we are seeing and those we are simply being! No matter where your sacred awareness has been or is going, I invite you to breathe in a big breath of divine energy here and now … breathe in divinity … breathe out ENERGY! May you know the divine spark that sizzles within you and may you allow the flow of your divinity to bless you and all others … You are the divine breath of Love … here as divine energy expressed. I celebrate you! Namaste, Love.0037



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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