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Seeds Of Divinity

Planting9Namaste Spring Seeds of Divinity!

I sorta watched myself take last week off from the blog ~ first time since we were born here and now it is the month’s first post on the 11th day of March … yet the time in the silence & darkness has me resurfacing with new found sprouts of yesness ~ sacred seedlings of blessedness! Plants2

Sunday was our March PlayShop held at the Community Building here in our little town. I embraced the day & the event with clear Love and joy but not first without a lot of prayer. Prayer for me is an open communion with God and I don’t usually ask too much but rather affirm … Love flowing … receptivity to grace … divine order and timing … But for the PlayShop I did ask for a clear sign to keep going on this path or the clarity and strength to just stop showing up at least in this way, time and space. There didn’t seem to be families here called to come.  I still prayed affirmingly and willingly to keep showing up for the calling … knowing I’ll keep doing family PlayShops in some way ~ but here and now?!  I  am very clear that my work is on purpose even if I have yet to really establish the conscious, intergenerational, interfaith community that I am seeking and that is seeking me. Yet … if you consider a community just a few families, perhaps we are established after all for my answered prayer could not have been more beautifully answered at Sunday’s PlayShop. One of our families that were there last month returned and soon after walking in the door, the mom unknowingly expressed my basic mission statement and reason for establishing the local, monthly PlayShops, “We’ve decided we want to come every month. We don’t go to church … we used to go to a Unitarian church before moving here but there’s nothing like that here. And this is so fun for the kids … for all of us … a way for us to really heart connect. And once a month is completely doable.” I was a bit stunned and completely grateful and happy to hear those words! Though I was at peace and happy with myself and Jeremiah for showing up, her words paved the way for another level of commitment, assurance, joy and purpose.
ConCrafts2 ConCrafts3A few more of our families came ~ my wonderful Irish fairy friend and her children ~ Arleen ~ who is the board secretary of Creative Spirit Families and is definitely committed to our cause. Then another friend came with her 3 children … I have talked with her about PlayShops for years and she finally came ~ vowing whole heartedly to return! Mmmm …. how does it get any better than this? When one of our 7 year old boys exclaims, “I love this place!” I miss the point by answering, “I know! Isn’t it great right next to the park?!” He responds, “I love what we do here! I love who comes here!” YES! Now, that’s Love! When they were leaving, he pointedly said, “See you next month!” And I heard him chirping all the way to the car about coming every month. Community! So blessed in Love! And so it is. Cards1In addition to creative art decorating our pots for the seedlings at the PlayShop, we had a sacred circle where we each nurtured the seeds of our dreams and beings; we had affirmation cards, Angel & Soul Purpose cards for those who wanted that guidance, we each lit candles and affirmed our inner light and we each dipped into water Jeremiah captured and I saved from Niagara Falls the summer of 12. We drummed and sang songs like Spirit Is Calling, I Am A Bright Light, Seed Of Me. My own dreams were reinforced as I celebrated all that has been created and that can be offered to parents, families, churches, any and all who are called to utilize our reverent resources full of intergenerational, interfaith play & pray invitations!
Plants7We are planting seeds of Divine Energy on the website; today’s Play & Pray Calendar plants seeds of Fortitude. And it is indeed with seeds of fortitude as well as compassion, appreciation, forgiveness and yesness that I keep showing up to the New Thought Families branch of the Leaping Literacy Library. The (re)scheduled opening for the branch was 10 days ago on 3/1 and I basically opened it unfinished because I couldn’t stand to re-schedule it ~ AGAIN! Aha, hence, in part, the hiding from the blog methinks! For the most part, the content is all there but the endless linking goes on as does my dance of busyness and resistance. Truth is, I am committed to so many things! Yet, in this process, mystical, mindful, multiple awareness’ have sprouted ~ perhaps some that you grace filled gardeners can relate to:
1. I lie to myself! If I really knew how long things were going to take, I wouldn’t sign up! So I say yes to this invincible, time doesn’t exist yesness of possibilities based on an unrealistic calendar commitment. The answer? To lovingly keep re-defining truth, saying yes and moving forward with fortitude filled feet ~ and lots of forgiveness, acceptance, compassion, patience, and peace. Deep breath. And quite possibly to quit front announcing things until they are actually done. Another deep, deep, deep breath!
2. My dance of resistance which can look like procrastination, creative avoidance or a myriad of other things is rooted in fear. Did I just use the ‘F’ word?! Even though I don’t usually, consciously experience fear, it has been running me subconsciously. I co-create huge amounts of content and then, in many ways, I hide. I don’t do whatever it takes to bring the co-creations full circle with the peeps that would be best served by them … because? Well …
3. Unworthiness will leave any plant root-bound and unable to grow! Now, this is actually going a bit deeper than I had planned but it’s true that the lie of unworthiness can run us subconsciously and sabotage all our efforts. So as I return to the truth of the lie so must I resume the treatment of lovingly and compassionately continuing forward with faith & fortitude filled feet!

And 1 more really practical #4 ~ If you keep really organized files, records, content … getting everything linked up is infinitely easier! In my case, my thousands of files over 7 years are spread over 3+ hard drives so some of my precious work time is spent hunting or re-creating the wheel! As I continue to bless my mess, I see that all of it stems from the cry for Love … Always Love. And I continue to embrace all the ways there are to be Love expressed ~ including the healing ways that help me bless my mess!

When we ended February here, our Mindful Meditation Invitation was to watch the divine energy flowing through your heart and how it fueled your purpose and passion. What seeds of awareness did you sow? What new sprouts began to show? Anything new for you to know and grow?! Among other things, I discovered getting the help I need is layered with, in part or whole, removing the weeds listed above that can act as growth inhibitors. We all have cellular damage that can be relieved with more Love received. So I will leave you with an amazing Love frequency, vibrational treatment that should help you grow those dreams! Working with frequencies and vibration has truly healed so much old reactivity into non-existence enabling me to Love myself so much more deeply ~ even the resistance and insistence on calendar dates that prove unrealistic! So our Mindful Meditation Invitation is to let divine energy flow through all aspects of our being … those we are seeing and those we are simply being! Namaste stupendous sprout of strength and sacred sweetness!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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