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Love Expressed: Divinely Blessed

Namaste Beauty Filled Hearts of Love Expressed!
Grace filled greetings in these fleeting mindful moments of February! I am still in the thick of my yes blessed mess of thousands of web files and links as we open the New Thought Families branch of the Leaping Literacy Online Library 3/1. Our opening *should* be on time but in continued sweet surrender, some of the thematic links and navigation will continue through March as I continue planting seeds of Divine Energy. Divine Energy is our March theme and as we know, this is perfect for our onward openings because it is all energy! In the wake of my dance between burn out & resistance and full fledged passion & purpose pledged and re-pledged, I have indeed surrendered to the beauty & Love in all of it knowing that it all counts … every dot, stripe, spot, swipe ~ all in the hand of God! Stripes

Before we let go of February, I must take a mindful moment to further speak to this month’s website themes that mostly stayed in the smiling background as I focused on the bigger picture of rectifying all the files gone before and being offered up in library format ~ a process that did indeed require great Love as well as some hugs and laughter!
Heart Shine
Heart Shine
LoveLove. The greatest power and the force that breathes life into us and into anything we pledge our passion and purpose to. Sometimes Love in Action feels hard or challenging ~ like dealing with adolescent advances or elder decline ~ 2 life scenarios I am facing daily. But guess what? The hard challenge is really in the story, not in the actual moment! When we release attachment to how it was or how we think it should be, we also release the struggle, challenge and suffering! When I affirm and allow myself as a vessel for unconditional, Divine Love, I am indeed infused with divine energy, aka, LOVE! Our Love page is HERE!
LaughterLaughter. The greatest medicine, to be sure. Jeremiah and I used to laugh a lot ~ we would get the giggles most often at bedtime and this joyful gaiety was a perfect gateway into our nighttime prayers. In his teenage phase, there is more of a chasm in what we laugh at ~ he often rolls his eyes at my childish sense of humor & play and I, admittedly will roll my eyes at some of the things he finds funny on YouTube, etc. Yet, through mutual Love, we do still find common ground to laugh upon and often one of us will go there to break any (hormonal!) tension that may be surfacing between us. What a gift! I am also experiencing a newfound laughter bubbling up from my father. He is having interesting behavior changes that include more laughter and singing ~ generally a good thing yet still awkward when done loudly in a restaurant. Through the flow of divine energy play, I am generally amused! Laughter Yoga is a great practice that 2013 Dream Team Callie Carling spoke of. Visit our Laughter page HERE for a giggle and 2 embedded YouTube Laughter yoga videos.
HugsHugs. Ah, the power of the hug! I could use more of them, how about you? Our old Unity church community was big on hugging and I would get my weekly dose ~ a great reason to have such a community! I do share hugs with my teenager and the elders and even myself on a regular basis though doubt any of us get the RDA of 7 … not sure if that’s true but somehow I have that in my mind ~ recommended daily allowance is 7 hugs a day?! How many hugs have you had today? This week? Visit our Hugs page HERE and the Hugs Around The World page HERE which features YouTube videos from around the world showcasing ‘Free Hugs’ campaigns!

As we move into the Divine Energy of March, we will be planting seeds on our daily Play & Pray Calendar and in conjunction, revisiting out Spiritual ABC pages to update them. Each of these pages ~ from Abundance to Zeal ~ has some inspirations and we are adding a Mindful Members section linking all the related songs, videos, books, etc. for easy Member access. We have plenty for our Free Members too ~ in fact, there are 14 Fab February Freebies still available in a multi-media celebration of Love, Hugs & Kindness!

Last week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation was to look at what you pledge your passion & purpose to … how did you do? Did you see what was true? Did you pledge new allegiance? For me, yes to all with a continued all in all out demand to get some help in all of it! And I am indeed making good steps in that way ~ meeting a young intern in just a few moments as a matter of fact ~ woo hoo! So for this week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation, let’s look at how our hearts are infused with divine energy and how this fuels our purpose and passions!

Thank you so much for being here! And thank you for living mindfully, on purpose and full of passion! I love you. Namaste!

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Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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