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Honoring Heart

LoveLettersNamaste Happy Hearted Valentines!
I greet you in celebration and honoring this Mindful Monday! And wherever your heart is on the scale of happy this mindful moment, I fully embrace and honor all of you and invite you to do the same!  Last week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation was to remember to embrace the moments mindfully, fully present to the gifts! How was the presence for you?! I had about a trillion … well ok, probably less ~ moments of emotional roller coaster gratitude. It is indeed a gift to stay present, even and especially when it’s tough or painful ~ stay present, feel the pain, and give thanks anyway! Knowing, really knowing, it truly is Love, always Love.
Sooooooo … the recap of the week’s highlights feels ridiculous, I bought a new car ~ whaaaat?! And cried lots of tears about leaving my true blue love, 1997 Geo Metro with 210,000 miles ~ seriously?! Had more Dr. visits with dad and hard decisions that can come with aging. Did more mama bird singing over the baby bird’s ever expanding wing span ~ O.k. he will be 14 next week, it is natural, whatever that’s supposed to feel like! We hosted our local Feb PlayShop for Heart Notes and held creative family space that was the essence of true Love ~ it is our children that teach us best about unconditional Love! We had a weekend of steady rain ending a scary drought that had everyone smiling happy and the hills literally turning green before our eyes! I had more milestones and meltdowns over the new Membership site opening as our anniversary Valentine present 2/14/14. I deepened into vibrational receiving and cutting cords experiencing more peace and freedom that comes from that. And the underlying grace I got in all of it … asking for help is a great honoring of life. Hugh? How did I get there? Simply by staying fully present to all of the gifts … through the waves of emotion, life choices and decisions, and the practice of paying attention to my energy flows and asking for help as needed. ~ Well asking for help from my angels anyway! It seems the divine shine in my Valentine is the invitation to ask for human help ~ from other humans!

Heart Notes PlayShop: Creating Hearts At Play!
Heart Notes PlayShop: Creating Hearts At Play!

The PlayShops are an awesome gift … intergenerational inspirations! And they require a fair amount of my time and energy … like so many other projects in my life! Funny how that works … And I see it in my fiercely independent dad and many others of course; that tendency to work hard and not ask others for help ~ for a myriad of reasons. Tom Hunter put it poetically and musically in his song, Rock Me To Sleep,
” … I’ve never been too good at asking

I’m more apt to do it alone
And it’s strange how a lot of us think something’s wrong
If we can’t do it all on our own”

StoneHeartSo, of course I’ve been looking at this in myself for years. But it seems to be coming into some sort of self Love induced critical mass ~ the true Love fact that if I am to live my highest and best, to give from my zone of genius, I must have help. Either that or untether from a whole lot of commitments ~ shut down websites, cut off family members, table creative urges ~ In a way it is the most tender surrender, to just reach out and say, “Can you help me?” “Will you help me?” At least it feels tender in this mindful moment, the voice of a vulnerable Valentine tempered by the empowered inner goddess of goodness who knows her worth and stands firm in it. More simply and factually put, if I want to birth all the books and songs inside me and calling from the massive archives accrued over the years, I have to have others doing (thousands of!) web links, marketing and other aspects of the business I don’t relish and in fact, am so successful at sidestepping! In simple terms for you shining Valentine, our souls are always whispering through our hearts and sometimes we have to release before we can embrace our full divine design!
So how can you best honor your own heart as well as others this Valentine’s Day beloved? Remembering, too that when we ask others for help, we honor them as well as gift them with the opportunity to be of service.

Feathers Of Faith

Honoring Heart
Allowing you to be whoever and however you are in any moment ~ mindful or otherwise!
Honoring Heart
Seeing you, really seeing you, and embracing & celebrating you for the precious gift you are!
Honoring Heart
Acknowledging your cries and need to be held … reaching out for help in the arms of Love.
Honoring Heart
Being with you in full attention to your wisdom whispers, dancing in your divine flow of Love.

For this week’s Mindful Mediation Invitation then, look at honor … by remembering, acknowledging and accepting all that is with as much unconditional Love as you can muster! If you need help, ask your angels, earthly or heavenly ~ they stand ready to help but can’t do so if you don’t ask!IMG_7013

Well, it is 4:00 p.m., Pacific and I wish to name and claim my Mindful MONDAY! Wonder just how many times I have mentioned that in this blog over the last 3 years?! So will close with an honoring of this New Thought mama’s heart ~ this is the 156th consecutive post! Started as an anniversary celebration gift in 2011, I have made it here faithfully every week for 3 years, WOO HOO! ~ and even thought it has been named and claimed as Mindful Monday Matters, the weekly post didn’t always make Monday. And I would do well to heed my own wisdom whispers that renamed the blog last month, Heart Smart Mindful Matters and never speak of the Monday thing again! Decisions, revisions, forgiveness, yesness, blessedness! In honoring my heart, I am still listening about how to proceed with the blog … keep it a mix of content from ‘Dear Diary’ current events, website updates, metaphysical musings or what?!
Keep a weekly date? 
I am still sitting with it even as I affirm that clarity is my natural state of being, knowing the answers live in my whispering heart which I do indeed honor in grateful celebration!

0037And I honor you, holy heart. May you ask for help when you need it ~ honoring whoever you ask with the gift of helping. May we all breathe as One Love in the name of St. Valentine and well beyond as the breath of Love we are created from. Thank you for being here as the true Love you are ~ whole, happy, hopeful, healing, harmonious, hungry … however you are, you are a beautiful heart of Love and I am so deeply grateful for you. Breathing Love with you now … Namaste!

Love to you from New Thought Families!
Love to you from New Thought Families!


Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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