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The Reverence Of Love’s Remembrance

If there’s a world here in a hundred years, it’s going to be saved by tens of millions of little things. ~ Pete Seeger

Namaste Happy & Hope Filled Hearts of Goodness! Greetings this 1st Mindful Monday in Fab February!

The sun is shining here as the crisp afternoon inches its way into evening … I have missed my 4:00 deadline to meet the Monday date for Word Press and some whisper of integrity tells me I need to mention that. I just take promises seriously and I did vow to make it here on Monday … and I have! I am here! And so are you ~ woo hoo! I celebrate this Mindful Moment with reverie and reverence. A lifetime, after all, is made up of the moments … millions of moments. And of course, what we do with them, how we feel about them, and the stories we tell ourselves about them. This week’s moments for me were a curious mix of birth & death, mirth & breath, protection, perfection, consideration, contemplation & celebration!

Blizzard03 copy
From Blooming Bluebell Blizzard, A Laurie StorEBook
C 2014 Laurie Story Vela

Being generous of spirit is a wonderful way to live. ~ Pete Seeger

It’s been a full week here with me in service to my family and my work and myself … Dr. & hospital appointments with my dad, being there for him and setting new boundaries, being there for Jeremiah who will be 14 this month ~! Being there for me in my continued expansion work of allowing & co-creating the life that I came for ~ And that means I was also present for Laurie’s Stories & New Thought Families web work and book publishing. While one of the titles mentioned last week, Beauty Eyes is still in process, I did take one of my Laurie Story archived alliteration audio books into illustration and the blooms went zoom into 2 new books reminiscent of the original title but definitely each taking on a life of their own! My art is merging with photos ~ mine & others, the new illustration style is merging with new and old writings and I am slowly but surely weaving all my worlds and words together … Laurie’s Stories, New Thought Families, music, eBooks, mind, Spirit, reverie & reverence ~  Creative Spirit Families! Our Free Shelf in the Leaping Literacy Library is being stocked with both Laurie StorEBooks and our New Thought videos & songs ~ we have inspirations with Love, Love, Love & Heart Notes at home, in the classroom and in the community. Access them all by signing up for your Free Library Card! And for the Love of the vast archives of co-creations, our expanded Leaping Literacy Library (re)opens with multiple Membership levels on 2-14-2014.

From Blooming Bluebells, A Laurie StorEBook C 2014 Laurie Story Vela
From Blooming Bluebells, A Laurie StorEBook C 2014 Laurie Story Vela

This last week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation ~ what beauty can you experience to elevate you into more and more of the Love Expressed you are here to be? had me looking at beauty with a lot of glimpses into aging and dying. I spent some time helping my father who had bouts of meanness turned on me … in the circle of life I took it in peaceful stride but also put up boundaries. My father can be mean. He was horrible about Pete Seeger dying … Pete being one of my heroes and to my father ‘a no good hippie.’ I won’t further contemplate my father but do want to honor the great Pete Seeger ~ so many lives touched, so many good stories this week …

Pete Seeger singing from the heart as he always did!
Pete Seeger singing from the heart as he always did!

If you sing for children, you can’t really say there’s no hope. ~ Pete Seeger

It was Jeremiah who told me that Pete Seeger died. His blue grass playing science teacher asked the class who knew of Pete Seeger and it turns out the only other hand was a girl thinking of Bob Seeger. Jeremiah met Pete Seeger at a CMN event when he was 4 and thinks he might remember. Pete was a folk legend of course but he was so much more … in terms of being real, of being generous and kind and compassionate. He was goodness personified. We had met a few times and had a bit of written correspondence over the years that included him sending me a check for $10 one time in the hopes I had a particular song recorded. I don’t remember where he heard me sing the song. I was honored of course and cashed the check even though everyone said I was crazy to do so. At the time, guess I needed the 10 bucks! I had a brief conversation with him one time about fame; he was so humble and didn’t like folks to fuss over him so I guess it was fine with him I cashed the check. When I went to record Turn, Turn, Turn with my ‘kid verses’, Faith Petric gave me Pete’s number and I called him to ask him about using the song. When I called, I really don’t know if he knew who I was. It didn’t matter to him. The fact that Faith had given me his number was enough for him I think. We talked that day for a good 45 minutes ~ mostly about Ecclesiastes which he had a lot to say about ~ I mostly listened ~ in rapture. It occurred to me several times to take notes or even to record him but that just felt too cheap and cheesy in the moment … since then I’ve wished I had … done something to remember what he said … But I know he made me feel valued and honored to be in his presence … the ramblings of an old man ~ maybe ~ but a privilege to be sure. They say, in the end, it’s not what people say but how they make you feel … and Pete Seeger had a way of making everyone feel like a special friend. We had a bit of correspondence after that regarding the song ~ he sent me the ‘kid verses’ that his wife, Toshi had written … I cherish what he brought to me, to so many, to the whole movement of folk music and activism and peace, what his loving generosity & goodness brought to the planet … I can sense him around a starfire with Faith, and Toshi, Utah Phillips … singing good songs and championing all of us to keep singing them too.

I feel that my whole life is a contribution. ~ Pete Seeger

Death is one of the best reminders we have for embracing the moments. In the heart of all of our remembered moments is Love … an act of Love or a cry for Love as Ernest Holmes said and my Always Love song sings. For this week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation, let us remember to embrace the moments mindfully, fully present to the gifts! Here’s the video I made last year as our New Thought Families anniversary gift, Love Remembered & Expressed.

So may your moments be full of remembrance of the reverie and reverence always beckoning in this dance of the divine. Thank you for the expression of Love you are. Namaste, Love!



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