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Through The Eyes Of Beauty

Namaste this last mindful Monday in January!

I greet you in the name of all that is beautiful inside you and all around you! Our Mindful Meditation Invitation this last week was to see beauty through the eyes of our conscience ~ even and especially if it required courage. How did you do? Did anything occur to you? I had another full week sprinkled with some noteworthy events that required different measures of courage … went on a date ~ it’s been years! … Did a little casino gambling which I never do ~ won a little bit of money … Went out new car shopping … even contemplating leaving my long term love affair with my little Geo (210,000 miles!) requires courage for me ~! … and witnessed my 88 year old dad having some sort of stroke or seizure … and all that came with that afterwards … yes, lots of courage. And somewhat amazingly, lots of beauty ~ in all of it. When holding the place of Love as beauty and beauty as Love, it is surprising how beautiful and sacred the ordinary is.
SacredOutI have spent the better part of January wrapping up 2013 and getting my bearings on the forward motion of 2014. I have been really embracing the blessiness ~ loving myself with yessiness through all of the messiness! I have released 60% of the unwanted 2013 weight gain (ok, let’s get real, a solid 9 pounds!) and I have continued to align with the divine shine of my design. I am putting out new Laurie StorEBooks including one on beauty I hope to have done by week’s end and will offer it up for free for just a few days … I have blooming bluebell blossoms currently blanketing my screen ~ that one is due out today ~ will I make it? Maybe but seeing it as beauty no matter what! Be sure to sign up for your free Leaping Literacy Library Card if you are interested in our free Laurie StorEbooks like Bluebell Blossoms or Beauty Eyes or our monthly, mindful multi-media matters materials ~ our Beauty Awareness videos & songs will be replaced this weekend with February’s offerings. Sign up or in anytime for your free Leaping Literacy Library Card  ~ yippee for family literacy and spirituality!

So in full celebration & honoring of Abundant Beauty, our January theme, here’s some of my mindful musings on Beauty ~ yes in the eye of the beholder but the eye of the heart, the soul, the essence of who we are ~ not just what we can see, but what we can be. There is a word for it really, sublime.  To me, sublime is to feel elevated … lifted into more embodiment of your true essence. Let’s see what Webster says …  Sublime: to cause to pass directly from the solid to the vapor state and condense back to solid form. Wow. Really? Ok, it does say the Latin root is to elevateFree Dictionary, let’s try you! Sublime:

1. Characterized by nobility; majestic.
2. a. Of high spiritual, moral, or intellectual worth.

b. Not to be excelled; supreme.
3. Inspiring awe; impressive.
4. Archaic  Raised aloft; set high.
5. Obsolete  Of lofty appearance or bearing; haughty: “not terrible,/That I should fear . . . /But solemn and sublime” (John Milton).

OK, so again, in the context of beauty and today’s discussion, sublime is to elevate, inspire awe, and (archaically) set high or aloft. I am playing with this essence in the Laurie StorEBook, tentatively titled, Beauty Eyes. For our purposes in this mindful moment, let’s look at a brief list of beauty from the eyes of the sublime, higher Love that lifts us into more of the true us.
Centered in beautiful abundance!
Beauty is … In the face of a flower, petals open, up close and personal. And in the field of faces all open at once.

Beautiful Abundance!

Beauty Is … the smell of those flowers floating on a soft breeze … and the vibration of those flowers rooted in beauty.

Beauty Is … the awakening colors of sky in the early morning and the sacred celebration of colors in the sky at day’s end.

Bahamas Sunrise
Bahamas Sunrise: Beauty Beckons!

Beauty Is … the bee who is way more interested in keeping vibrant & alive than in interacting with us ~ sting or not!

Bee One!
Beauty Lives: Bee One!

Beauty Is … the notes of the songs sung by the ones we Love!

Faith Petric 9/13-15 ~ 10/23/13
Faith Petric
9/13-15 ~ 10/23/13

Beauty Is … the relationships that lift us up!
Beauty Is … the relationships that challenge us!
Beauty Is … walking the road with those we love,
especially when they challenge us!
Beauty Is … Love Expressed in Art & Music!

Zealous Yes as Love Expressed!
Zealous Yes as Love Expressed

Can you imagine the beauty of the notes that came out & the fingers that played them?BillyCentralPark copyIMG_6444
Beauty Is … the song that never ends!

May you be aware of all of the beauty within you and all around you this week as our Mindful Meditation Invitation ~ what beauty can you experience to elevate you into more and more of the Love Expressed you are here to be? I love you. And I am so grateful our paths are intertwined here and now through the beauty of words, pictures, blogs, internet, computers, electricity … simplicity … reality … through the eyes of beauty. Thank you. Namaste, Love!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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