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Abundant Beauty Commitments

Namaste Abundantly Beautiful Committed Ones!
Yes, today I am fully embracing the “C” word ~ how does commitment ring for you?! As reported the end of last week … Friday afternoon, my time, I believe, I was still whispering between 2013 and 2014 with visions of New Year resolutions & solutions dancing in my head. The Meditation Invitation of the week was to embrace all of our beautiful dark & light selves. Any self hugging going on out there? Plenty of it here … as I hosted yet another family dinner and our Vision Board PlayShop over the weekend, my voice returned but along with it, full on sinus headache and sore throat. WHAT? ME? Seriously, a cold??!! It had been so many years, I forgot what it felt like to feel sick … mmm … humility is a good thing! And to just full on face where there is imbalance in body, mind and/or Spirit! And ultimately, to embrace all of ourselves, is indeed to Love, accept, and allow any and all parts of ourselves that show up! So, in this week’s mindful musings, we will continue our embracing with acceptance as we explore non-judgment, commitment and beauty. They do so sweetly intersect so stay with me now … ~!Shine

New Thought Families is still undergoing New Year revisions as we revamp the site and open the New Thought Families Branch of the Leaping Literacy Online Library. Our January theme is Abundant Beauty and it is flowing on our daily Play & Pray Calendar. I find myself still in the messy middle with light shining through the proverbial tunnel. I am finding, making & taking quiet moments to center & re-center … and even gaze lovingly ~ without judgment~! on the twinkling Christmas tree still standing in her grace and beauty here in our living room. In the center of my current life & business messiness is a wonderful contentment of yessiness and blessiness! Whereby yesness is a full embodiment of YES, yesiness is a bit more of a dance with resistance ~ embracing awareness of the no with love filled knowing and full allowance of the predominant yesness to keep flowing! In the flow, is the grateful knowing, that all of it, every bit of it is a gift ~ a blessing ~ and again, allowing that tinge of resistance to be the blessiness that keeps us consciously shifting into fuller expressions of the Love we truly be!

GrpShot copyWe had our first 2014 monthly, local PlayShop last Sunday and created Vision Boards. It was amazing, in the zone, peaceful, joyful fun! From a numbers perspective, the attendees did not warrant the Community Building rental but thankfully, my Creative Spirit Families grant had the $$ covered and I am continuing to align with the business advice I was given to have these gatherings publically rather than in my home. Our attendance numbers will grow in good God time and I will let you know how our Heart Notes PlayShop goes in February!~ Meanwhile, the co-creations that came from our intergenerational January gathering were truly inspiring and I put them into a 9 minute video that is available this month with Free Membership; it can be watched with member passcode on Vimeo and/or the video is embedded in a pdf and that also contains some written instructions/suggestions for Vision Boards.

VB1 MiniHeartRainVisionMan2
The other things I will say about Vision Boards are that while the movie,  The Secret lays them out as excellent manifestation tools which they certainly can be, for me, the process is way more of a creative experience to get in touch with your heart. The hush in the room for well over an hour as we all co-created in the PlayShop was further testimony of this. The video conveys where each person’s age and consciousness plays out into their own co-creation. And Vision Boards are an ongoing process … I realized my ‘finished’ panel for “taking a stand for my man” was lacking a clear calling of the foundational component ~ hence, you can see from last week’s picture to this, the all inclusive, imperative word front and center, LOVE!

Vision Boards &  New Year’s Resolutions are about commitment; to ourselves and to our Creator for living our best lives. The unraveling process of lost resolutions is multi-faceted but rooted in the belief in absolute perfectionism. The more we can embrace all of ourselves with loving acceptance and non-judgment, the more apt we are to change! So can we set goals and resolutions for ourselves and our families with the understanding and acceptance that they can and will be imperfectly carried out? A toddler will fall countless times as they learn to walk, but they keep getting back up to try again until it becomes a seamless, thoughtless process. So it is with any habit. It is with this mindset, I am moving forward with yessiness smack dab in the blessiness of my messiness! And I invite you to do the same. Unless you have risen up out of any life messiness ~ than congratulations and celebrations of your ascension! This week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation then is to bring a sense of yessiness & blessiness to any and all areas of messiness in your life, business, heart or mind! Align with Light & Love as the cleaning agents that employ kind mind & divine shine!

Integral with Love & happiness is beauty! As our January theme, I will speak to it briefly now and in more depth in the coming weeks. Michael Bernard Beckwith of Agape church and the Association for Global New Thought has referred to God/Source/Creator as “Love Beauty”. The sense of heart opening elevation we feel when we experience beauty is indeed one of the soul. The well known adage, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” takes on a different proportion for one who is blind. My music camp friend Nancy, who is blind, was perplexed when she drew a turning of the year angel card from Cass that was indeed, Beauty. So what is beauty that can’t be seen in nature’s bounty of tree or sunset or in the human face of a baby or supermodel? Beauty is experienced in a stirring or softening of the soul … which would necessarily be in the soul of the beholderWhat is beauty to you??!! We have offerings on beauty this month for Free Members that include music and videos … Spiritual Home Practice, Sacred Nature Moment, and Beauty as Spirit Aware along with the new Vision Board offerings.

Abundantly Beautiful Commitments
From the blessiness of my messiness, let me share a bit of my current yessiness in closing this week’s Mindful Moment. I am re-committing to many things but will just weigh in with one tangible note in this epic post! In hugging myself through this potentially turbulent New Year transition, I am thrilled to report finding beauty in acceptance, non-judgment … and more sleep! In being in Love with myself and getting those 8 or so hours of sleep (not my lifetime norm), I have dropped a solid 5 pounds of the unwanted 2013 gain …. I am celebrating the thrill of scales that consistently go down without going back up as I commit and re-commit to loving me ~ all of me ~ no matter what! I am completely committed to that ~ to the Love inherent in the weight goal ~ or business or relationship or any other intention! The commitment to align and re-align with this divine shine is the most beautiful way I can be for myself, my family and community, and for the ultimate Love Beauty Source that created me! Yessing that Blessing! And yessing the beautiful blessing of you; thank you so much for your conscious commitment to live the abundant beauty of you. Just by reading these words, you have intertwined your abundant beauty with mine ~ what a gift! Thank you. Namaste, Love!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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