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Vision Whispers

Namaste Dream Filled Visionaries Of Intention & Manifestation!

1314BeachIt has been a fun & faith filled week of endings & beginnings and I find myself here balanced with one foot still in 2013 and the other planting in 2014! The beautiful pictures above were taken New Year’s Day at a glorious Northern CA beach at very low tide … with undersea colors and life forms exposed through open sea caves … nurturing the knowledge that life is indeed multilayered and that we are blessed way beyond what our eyes or even our hearts can see.

In the  afterglow of our December theme of quietude, I have lost my voice ~ at least the spoken one ~ which makes me that much more grateful for the written one! Our annual music camp was funner than ever … I felt more at home again after many years of feeling like I was there more for Jeremiah than for me … I felt the love of Folk Club founder and matriarch Faith Petric nearly and dearly … her spirit was there so strongly in all of us remembering her and in she remembering us … a spiritual essence not easily expressed but definitely experienced. I laughed so much one night that I woke up hoarse the next morning. The hoarseness has continued and in fact gotten worse leaving me at a whisper. Metaphysically, I am seeing all the places of darkness in the silence where I have not spoken my truth or have spoken it but not been heard. I also found some stuffed down anger raging to be heard ~ Anger I didn’t know was there ~ at Ranger Bob for leaving us this year … for other friends and/or men that I have loved and lost or ones I simply longed for in isolation. Anger has never been comfortable for me so I would just feel it as sadness … so mutely finding some repressed places that need expression … As much as silence can be a holy sanctuary, it can also be a prison of denial, shame, dishonored truth.  Yet the biggest truth remains, that Love is all there is … Love is the only thing that’s real. In my song, Always Love, I affirm this truth succinctly expressed by Earnest Holmes, “Everything is an act of Love or a cry for Love.” It is Love and only Love that can heal and harmonize us. Our ‘dark side’ as individuals and as humanity bravely serves to shine the light on the dark places where healing light is required. Thus, it is only through fully embracing all of ourselves with unconditional Love that we make peace with the past and the now as well as how we fully allow ourselves to dream into embodying the next, higher expressions of ourselves. Acceptance with unconditional Love of all that is, is the first step to change. Thereby, the solution to broken New Year’s resolutions is Love; we consistently persist and insist on meeting the natural resist with Love. We design a way to re-align with our divine shine time after time after time! There are many tools for such alignment; visual, sensual, and otherwise with the biggest factor for success being consistency. Vision Boards were made widely known through the movie, The Secret as a tool for Law Of Attraction manifestation. When we let our inner creative wisdom guide us, Vision Boards can be powerful reminders of what we truly desire as the highest and best expressions of ourselves. I held a workshop for making these at Music Camp and have one coming up this Sunday in the first of our monthly, local 2014 Creative Spirit Families PlayShops. My own process is doing panels for the main areas calling for co-creation. The first to surface loud and clear into completion is for having a partner, a man to share my life with. Given that it’s been a 10 year lapse, it is no wonder that this has surfaced along with the unknown aforementioned repressed anger ~! So lovely one to come, here you/we are:
And as I am taking a stand for my man, I am also naming and claiming my changes for body, business, money, community. Taking experiences missed this past season as a GPS of where to go next season … I see, know, and feel the church of lighted, like-minded flames, the musical gifts shared and served … and so much more!

As I embrace new levels of clarity, I am re-committing to all the work before me. Though it feels still hopelessly behind, the new formats and offerings are taking shape and on their way ~ New Thought Families remains a place to Play & Pray Every Day! For this first week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation for 2014, may you resolve to live in full embrace of ALL of YOU! What a gift of new beginning you are ~ Namaste Love!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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