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Living Wholly Holy!

Namaste Bright Lights! Merry Teddy Bear Christmas & Happy Holy Holidays & fleeting mindful moments of 2013!
I know, Christmas seems like a distant memory at this point … a whole 2 days later! Yet Kwanzaa candles are burning bright and in the Spirit of delight ~ ‘Christmas every day’ ~ even for those that don’t ‘do’ Christmas, I have a few fun sharings & holiday ahas of living wholly holy!
Lighting The Candle for JOY!Early Christmas morning, I went out in my neighborhood for a super fun frolic; I left some teddy bears & little stockings on some doorsteps … 1 random house, some older couples I know, a few singles, a family of 4 (4 bears!) … 5 bears for the family with 5 babies in their house ~ 4 of them foster children ~ and 2 for a very special elder named Wilber: TeddyBearChristmasI came home recharged with yesness and put on Christmas brunch for 9 … it was a happy, holy day of filling up by giving away! The little stockings were left over from our annual 12 Thoughts Of Christmas Concert PlayShop held 12/22 at Sophia’s Well Of Wisdom. I loved seeing our participants seeing more of the light inside them and each other! And I loved having my 13 year old Jeremiah playing fretless bass, ukulele, drum and piano ~ what a gift! The teddy bears themselves are from a well loved collection that I used to tote around to local preschools for ChildSing Song Circles. The little ones there have cuddled and sung to these bears as well as whispered Christmas wishes in their ears. I somewhat spontaneously decided to set some of them free from suitcase bondage this Christmas and spread some joy! For the most part, I don’t know how they were received except I was still within earshot of the ‘big sister’ of the foster babies yelling an excited, “Whoa!” of discovery and one dear one called to say how much she was touched and that she would be keeping those bears with her Christmas things year after year ~ more smiles to come! And how did she know it was me?  She had seen me in the dawning street ~ so much for secret Santa!

I do hope I brought some joy to dear Wilber. Wilber is 90 and lost his beloved wife of 72 years a few months ago. We visited with him earlier in the week and he showed us her urn … a beautiful, miniature handmade piano with her pictures in an oval in the center ~ 1 of the Irene he married and 1 taken more recently. Wilber had made it himself. The Wilber Spirit of amazing handmade novelties lights up our neighborhood every Christmas. For the month of December, Wilber’s yard and house come alive with Christmas and an invitation to all to come and behold. His offerings go far beyond strings of lights … there are motion activated angels who fly down, Ferris Wheel of toys, many mini toys that move, water runs and the trains! His picture window has a massive train set with hundreds of miniatures all loving made in the Wilber Spirit. He also has a display case with a miniature Sutter Creek that is an amazing delight. The guest book is out there, sheltered, to be signed and any and all are invited. We had brought Wilber a tray of treats that night when we were invited in. He shared more of his amazing creations and stories of his wife, including the urn which creeped Jeremiah out but I found inspiration in. The family will place the urn in January in a veteran’s cemetery vault where Wilber will also eventually go when “Jesus comes back again, this time for him.” He plans to be at least 100. The way that he lives is wholly holy ~ the Santa Spirit is alive and well in Wilber!Wilber

So, in the busyness of the season, it has been 10 days since the last weekly post and I didn’t make 1 mindful ‘Monday’ all month so I have changed the name on the blog ~ no more Mindful “Mondays”! I will most likely continue the weekly post and mindful meditation invitation though everything is up for yearend review and renew! Our last Mindful Meditation Invitation was to look for and embrace the shining light even, and especially from the place of darkness. How have the light and dark played out for you this season? As we discussed last time, the darkness for me can be my own self sabotage. The good news for me is that I have come so far in my healing journey, I feel mostly bored rather than triggered by the ‘let’s overwhelm Laurie game’ ~ you know the set myself up to fail scenario~! The thing is, there is no fail in this dance of co-creation! I can lovingly re-evaluate without the judgment of fail ~ so much more of the God Love I see as reality! Yet there are some pieces of this play I have scripted for myself that I am ready to change. Interestingly, I think that my unwanted weight gain this year, is in part, that subconscious insistence of (not) being ENOUGH ~ like there is not enough of me to go around so I better make more of me! I am lovingly, consciously choosing to co-create it differently ~ like how about getting some help in life as a concept rather than try to do it all myself??!! Giving yesness to that concept as well as more Diet Quiet in my life! I have to joyously report my vision HAS changed and there were some awesome Solstice gifts of affirmation ~ my first donation to the new 501C3 came in the glorious amount of $1000 ~ woo hoo! And! My eye vision was checked and new glasses ordered that shining day … and my vision, which hasn’t changed since I was 16, had a significant improvement! Woo Hoo ~ celebrating wholly holy living here with you! And even in the challenges … divine order. …

Soooooooooo, yes, with you, dear reader, being here and knowing some of the backstory, perhaps you can compassionately understand why this single New Thought mama who loves to give, to help & to create but seems to always sidestep business, missed my Solstice mark for opening the New Thought Families branch of the Leaping Literacy Library ~ I got a bunch of it ready and still have a bunch to go with a new target date of Epiphany 1/6 for the paid option to go live. The free member option IS live however with 2 beautiful yearend gifts just for free members: When Spirit Says Music Video and a new playful, meditative Laurie StorEBook, Listening In The Quiet:


Listening In The Quiet Laurie StorEBook ~ free through 1/6/2014!

LLLMembershipOur easy peasy free sign up is here and you can receive these gifts for online enjoyment and/or download. Thank you for sharing life and co-creation with me! I do so love and appreciate you! Especially if you actually have read to this point in my sharings! The rest of the week/year for us is filled with a road trip and our annual music camp as well as some vision board sessions with family, friends, community. So, for this week’s yearend Mindful Meditation Invitation, dream up your New Year Vision in the quiet … be sure to look back first in review and  gratefully list out all that is right with you! As well as what you’re ready to change … also ask your divine wisdom what resistance you may need to release to fully embrace the sky high you ~ woo hoo!

Happy, Holy New Year! I am dreaming high in the blue with you, Love. Blessed, holy, happy, wholly living & loving to you!




Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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