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Listen! Enlist Silent Tinsel Inlets!

TinselInlets1Yes, namaste this mindful moment of the season with a fun focus on 6 letters! So last week, 2013 New Thought Families Dream Team member artist Carol Moore brought it to my attention that the letters in the word silent are the same letters in listen. In looking it up, this aha is attributed to Alfred Brendal, “The word ‘listen’ contains the same letters as the word ‘silent’.” Isn’t that great?! Well the Laurie Story wordsmith in me had to know what other words were made with these 6 letters and thus, we have enlist, inlets & tinsel! So forgive my need to play with these connections but here goes … ~!

Some words, like ‘silent’ have many aspects of meaning which is requiring of another post! So for today’s mindful moment, we will hold ‘silent’ as stillness and ‘listen’ as attentiveness. The definition for inlet is an opening providing a means of entrance or intake. To enlist, is to participate actively in a cause or enterprise. And we are looking at our Christmas friend tinsel as a sparkly means of decoration. So with these meanings as a backdrop, does it not follow that we can attentively, actively take in the silent, sparkly moments of energy constantly available?!

ToolChestRelease In this season of sparkle, enlisting the still moments of shimmering Spirit intake, can be particularly challenging. As I move into more manifestation of a longtime vision, namely opening the New Thought Families branch of the Leaping Literacy Library, I am yet again dancing with resistance even as I am being cradled in comfort and joy. Part of the goodness being birthed is a new 2014 monthly feature on New Thought Families called ‘Releasing Resistance’ featuring some of the great teachers and tools that I have encountered on my journey. As conscious creators, releasing resistance is an important component in forward motion. Having these tools is a blessing for us, our children, and all those we are meant to serve. So when the small me tells me all the reasons I am further wasting my time in putting these materials together, I use the tools to realign with my greater good, the greater me. In all we have created and co-created for New Thought Families since 2006, the core essence is Love, the main principle, consciousness of divinity, the primary participant target is families with many if not most of our multimedia materials geared toward children and inner children in all of us adults! Our inspiration invitation remains to play & pray together as one family. We invoke a moment of stillness to listen, we make time for spiritual intake, and we celebrate with sparkle ~ hence, today’s silly & sacred message! Do have a look at our new Membership offering scheduled to open on Solstice, 12/21/2013.
MembershipIn light of this week’s word play, I am thinking on tinsel … it has, for some, the connotation of flashy or cheap ~ ‘Tinsel Town’ ~ for me it has always been the crowning glory on the Christmas tree … the last thing to be added and sparsely … not in clumps. In fact, my dad would painstakingly hang it strand by strand and forbid it going on any other way. I quickly learned to appreciate the result of such patience … a single strand was so pretty dancing in the light especially compared to a clump that sat there, often covering up some favorite ornament. So it is not only the sparkle of tinsel that I am making an inlet for this season … it is the mindful patience to tend to and notice the gleam in each drop of light ~ all around me and especially inside me.

Check the light tinsel sprinkle!
Check the light tinsel sprinkle!

Our annual Las Pasadas was this past weekend and Jeremiah & I were once again musicians. It was another lesson in patience and perseverance for me this year given the bitter cold temperatures. Las Pasadas is a Mexican tradition dating about 500 years. Our little town’s version is to make our way down a side street and the main street of town singing with candles, accompanying Mary on donkey (our donkey’s name is Sweet Pea), shepherds, a few angels, and Joseph knocking on doors. Since we were amplified, Jeremiah read for Joseph at 4 of the doors. The procession ends at the Methodist church with a real baby and a real manger. It is a holy & stirring event. This year, there were some challenges with weather and equipment ~ my guitar case was covered in frost & our trailer a very slippery ‘ship deck’ by the end! ~ but at least all the singers were together this year (no echo effect!) due to better amplification and fewer numbers braving the cold. And though we were shaking & quaking with cold, there was the sacred, silent invitation to enlist inlets of Spirit … in ourselves and in each other. And isn’t that the sparkle of the season that the tinsel invites us to listen for?las-posadas-candlelight-walk

Last week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation was to breathe in the quiet … even for just a moment every day. I relished mine ~ how about you?! For this week, let’s continue to Listen! YES! Let’s do Enlist Silent Tinsel Inlets! AKA ~Make way for sparkling stillness~!
Remember you can always take a moment of quietude with us & our multimedia Play & Pray Calendar!

As we are once again putting up our same re-usable Christmas tree this year, here’s a video from the archives, in the Living Green section of our New Thought Families ~ because it truly is In Our Hands! Thank you for making this one of your mindful silent inlets today ~ Namaste, Love!



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