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Beatitudes Of Quietude

Greetings of holy holiday hush this Mindful Moment …

Quiet Light ... Photo Thanks to Duchess at RGBStock

December is here with our new theme of Quietude at New Thought Families. Yes, in the middle of the glittering lights and hustle bustle that can be the ‘norm’ this time of year, we are calling for some daily stop, drop ~ within ~ and let the beatitudes of quietude gently and softly roll. For it is in the stillness, that we can come to center, to peace, to oneness with the very yesness that is always whispering in our hearts. While it may seem there is not enough time for quiet, especially in this busy season, that is all the more reason to make it happen. Think of the now commonly quoted story of the Dalai Lama who said on normal days, he meditates for 1 hour in the morning and that on extremely busy days, he meditates for 2 hours in the morning. And the more we practice taking silent, still time away from our busyness, the more we are able to be the stillness in the midst of the noise of our every day lives.

Be quiet & light as a feather ... breathing in a peaceful moment of faith.
Be quiet & light as a feather … breathing in a peaceful moment…

As I put the leftovers of Thanksgiving away, I still marvel at last week’s Recipe For Love … how easy acceptance and appreciation can be and how hard! I definitely had some challenging moments where the recipe seemed to be tasting terribly wrong but as a conscious cook, I was ably to keep stirring the pot and came away with more deep connection to the shine of my divine design. And that necessarily incudes any and all ‘bitter’ ingredients thrown in by family members ~ the trick to tasty outcomes truly is unconditional Love concocted from acceptance & radical forgiveness ~ for when we know in our bones that it is all imperfectly perfect, the banquet of life is much more enJOYable! And with Spirit as head chef, the big Love that is, truly is always ready to fill our plate! So how was your Recipe for Love? Did you add any intuitive ingredients of inspiration?!

This week finds me again in service to what feels like infinite ingredients in the archives of my Laurie’s Stories & New Thought Families. This month will be the opening of the New Thought Families Branch of the Laurie’s Stories’ Leaping Literacy Library! Set for Solstice Saturday, 12/21, 2013, Marvelous Mindful Matters Memberships are available! I learned a few things from the first Membership attempt earlier this year so hopefully, this will be more aligned. I am holding the vision for families that care to be creative & conscious with us, I see them harmoniously well served by our offerings as well as blooming and blossoming their own offerings if so called. Perhaps that’s you or others you know ~ we have a great Affiliate program if you want to tell others! I just know that abundance is here to dance with us all! And I continue to center in daily  Quietude and take the steps! You can visit the evolving info page here and I will have more next week! LogoMMeanwhile, this week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation is to breathe in the quiet … even for just a moment every day. If you’re new to meditation, a moment might feel like an hour. Perhaps for the Dalai Lama, an hour feels like a moment?! Just bring your self present as a gift to the holy hush of presence … at any mindful moment that calls to you! Onsite, we have beautiful quietude celebrations from our Dream Team and from Jeremiah & I ~ including a new calendar this month featuring Jeremiah’s changing 13 year old voice ~ perhaps his last month to record our daily Play & Pray Calendar ?! I must honor his desire on this even as I marvel at the vast archives he has recorded with me since he was 4!  And as our focus reminds us this month, sometimes the most powerful voice is not spoken at all … Here is a video offering from our Nature page ~ a sacred silent moment of sparkle … dancing diamonds. May you find treasure in your silent moments this week. Thank you for sharing your shine here and now with us ~ Namaste, Love!

We also have the spotlight on our Christmas CD this month ~ an opportunity to sing traditional tunes with transformational thoughts! Available in shipped CDs or instant downloads! Hear samples of all the songs & place orders onsite here!12Cover



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