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Remembering Love Recipies

Abundant Appreication!Namaste Beautiful Blessings of Bounty!
I greet you in this last week of November on a wondrous Wednesday before our American Holiday of Thanksgiving Thursday. It is both comforting and disconcerting how we sometimes frame our days and lives around the holidays … Even in my quiet, news-free bubble, I had heard and seen far too much Christmas already not to mention all the Black Friday shopping invitations. I have tried to stay relatively detached following last week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation to keep filling our bowls with beatitudes of gratitude. Remembering that beatitudes means ‘supreme blessedness or happiness’, I made a conscious effort to keep going there this week. How about you? Have you been feeling an attitude of beatitudes and gratitude?!LoveKingOur Reconstructionists play with the Jr. High Drama Club was last Thursday and the young thespians and high school mentors were amazing!  I felt the power of the inspirational icons they were representing really flowing through us all. There was something electrical in the room stirring us all when the little white boy in a black dress coat stood at the podium and persuasively recited part of Martin Luther King Jr.’s I Have A Dream speech … angel kisses. And even a few days later, I was feeling it … so when my 88 year old racist father referred to that particular scene with, “Martin Lucifer King and his I Have A Scheme speech”, I felt some righteous indignation at what I perceived to be his ignorance, no stupidity, I believe was the word …  family forgiveness … setting a perfect stage for Thanksgiving!

Turtle Family! Fab photo courtesy of Michel Kotski
Turtle Family! Fab photo courtesy of Michel Kotski

The holidays bring us many gifts and family is one of them. Some families, I am told, have a harmonic resonance. Ours has its moments of such and also an abundance of moments more challenging. As conscious co-creators, we can call on the higher parent, the source of all of us to be the ‘referee’ of sorts. If we choose to look at all things as a gift, then sometimes it takes a stretch to get there … when feelings are hurt and situations seem unfair, God as referee can provide the sense of peace & justice we are seeking … a quiet knowing that soothes the troubled heart. It can be instantaneous or we can consciously keep reaching for it … fake it until we make it, as they say. But truly, Love never fails. When we reach for the higher Love, Love reaches back. Every time, no exceptions. The trick is to just receive it as it comes … a stirring of the heart in a Spirit whisper, in sunrise or sunset colors, a yummy smell or taste, a warm hug or kind word … receive Love however it comes and from whomever it comes … just don’t be attached to others changing or being a different way so that you can feel loved, appreciated, honored. Rather, look for their good regardless if they see yours ~ you will feel good/better no matter what they do or don’t do!
 Hence, here’s a recipe for harmonious family get togethers:
1 heaping cup of acceptance, stirred into unconditional Love
1 heaping cup of forgiveness, stirred into appreciation & grace filled gratitude
Equal tablespoons of peace, joy, imagination, trust & empowerment
Simmer all on the stove of Spirit ~ keep & serve warm from a heart filled bowl of beautitudes!

smilesI will be serving 13 of us in our tiny little place this Thursday and I’m keeping this recipe at the top of the menu! I am also offering a fun set of free LaurieStorEBooks this week from our Book Banquet. The alligator eats anything but Stu will only eat blue … what about you?! Visit the free shelf in the Leaping Literacy Online Library!

A free fun imagination feast!
A free fun imagination feast!

As another fun offering this week, the following video came via email and I was truly amazed at these sisters ~ the talent & connectivity as well as outrageous agility! You will surely smile at this ~ that is, once you can close your gaping mouth! The singing I think is great but then the real theatrics begin about 1 minute in. From 1944, The Ross Sisters:

So no matter what your family configurations, may you find the recipe for Love & fun that will fill you up this week! Our Mindful Meditation Invitation of the week is to cook up a Recipe For Love that feeds us! What ingredients serve you and which ones do you want to serve others?! I see , know, and affirm with you now that the light of Love is who we are! And I will leave you with 1 more video I produced earlier this year … Love Remembered, holding space for the Family of Love we truly be! Namaste, Love!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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