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Beatitudes Of Gratitude!

Namaste this Mindful Moment!
My Monday margin has once again run into the blog land time zone of tomorrow … as twilight stirs here, I breathe into more revision decisions of the day, week, life. Last week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation, was to continue experiencing grace by expressing your gratitude in a rainbow filled experience of Thanks Living. What colors floated past your dreamscape? Any rain storms turned rainbows? For my part, I had repeated opportunities to hold up the umbrella of understanding to the rain/reign of judgment showing up with ‘should be’ showers that even threatened thunder a few times. More reconstruction on the Jr High Drama Club show coming up this Thursday, more self induced business delays along with a few break thrus and lots of self reflection & nurturing. Though sometimes a stormy week, for the most part, I have stood firm in my knowing of divine order …

Standing Grateful In My Truth
Standing Grateful In My Truth

MiniHeartRainMiniHeartShineI just had a blessed birthday yesterday that I celebrated in all kinds of quiet ways all weekend long … in this celebration & other facets of life this week, I have been exploring reverent rain & rainbow references with the application of affirmations and denials. The flow of gratitude can indeed turn any gray rain into a rainbow ~ it just takes consciousness ~ and it all takes practice! I have found the capacity to shake any birthday blues with that umbrella of understanding as a shield against the reign of judgments. “The” voice shows up … to point out the what ifs, the should bes, the ‘lost time’ markers of life and I choose to actively affirm & stand in what’s true: I am Love expressed in every breath. Life is a gift and so am I. I have the power to co-create anything. Of course the tool of self reflection is important in our journey but the more we can see with compassionate, unconditionally loving eyes, the more apt we are to empower ourselves to heal & harmonize with the actions steps and life we so desire. We can take honest stock of ourselves while affirming our goodness and actively denying hurtful judgments. Simply said, we can gratefully see ourselves and each other through the eyes of Love.

See Love!
See Love!

smilesWhat spoonful of Love can you drop into your bowl and the hungry bowl of another? Some of the simplest are smiles, kind words, a look of connected caring. Meet yourself this way in the mirror. Meet your family with consciousness at the dinner table. Meet the clerk at the grocery store or the stranger on the street … just a moment of grateful connection … I see you, I acknowledge your beauty, your goodness, your being. You matter. Our being here on this beautiful planet home is not random chance or a sentence to suffer through. Though we all experience suffering, there are so many tools to help us free ourselves from it. The field of energy medicine is emerging with some amazing techniques to release destructive cellular memories we can be holding onto unconsciously … our own pain, that of our ancestors, the mass collective consciousness pain body … yes, that is one deep bowl! But for all the pain of humanity, our Creator has gifted us with an infinity of beauty and creativity. If we turn our attention there, our bowl runneth over with beatitudes! The definition of beatitude is supreme blessedness or happiness. For today’s spoonful, let us just heap up lots of sweet gratitude & beatitudes ~ it truly is the gateway to more joy, freedom, and grace flowing in us, as us. So, for this week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation, let’s keep filling our bowls with beatitudes of gratitude. Mindfully speak people’s names with a bit of reverence & reverie. Be honoring of your family, friends, service workers, community members simply by speaking their names. Say a few with mind and heart, here and now:
Thank you _________________ for being in my life.
Thank you _________________ for being my ____________.
Thank you _________________ for your _______________.
Thank you _________________ for bringing such _________ to _________!
Use sweet drops of kindness in words like:
friend, dear heart, beauty, sunshine, joy, Love, etc.!

So, my friend, may you continue to light the world with your beauty and goodness. May you notice your bowlful of beatitudes with life affirming gratitude. And may you add a spoonful of Love into a neighbor’s hungry bowl this week … just because. I am so grateful for you, thank you, thank you! Namaste, Love!

Here’s the YouTube video from a visit to our local TV station last Friday morning at 7:00 a.m.; my Jeremiah & the other Jr High kids from our “Reconstructionists” did their straight up best as did the TV crew! There is a mic outage from roughly 2:10-3:10 but you can see us in perfectly imperfect action should you choose to! Thanks, Love!



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