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Gathering Gratitude

Namaste this Mindful Monday Moment!

Today is Veteran’s Day in America; a day set aside for remembering, honoring, and thanking those who have served in wars. I mindfully, compassionately send them gratitude now as I simultaneously hold sacred space for a world where the collective insanity of war ceases to exist. I give thanks for the gift of peace and those tireless, unspoken souls who are serving peace in this life, this day, this moment. Peace. Because in peace is the freedom we truly seek. Deep breath. Mmmmmmm ……Smile!
We all have within us the capacity for war or peace
and the freedom to choose in any moment.

This week has brought many opportunities to practice the Mindful Meditation Invitation of the week ~ to say grace. How about for you? Our Jr. High Drama production of the “Reconstructionists” has had some of the players drop out which means a few of the kids stepped up to take another part, a part or two still may get cut and I get to do some reconstruction on the script ~ chiefly for a narrator change from the extremely poetic thread of Maya Angelou into a more clear cut voice of clarity for Walter Cronkite which will be portrayed last minute by one of our high school interns. Just another To Do awaiting Ta Da amid a bit of drama within the drama! I am embracing the changes with as much gratitude and grace as I can muster, still out-picturing a Maya Angelou narrator on another stage, another time! Staying in gratitude, I am centered in grace for this process.

I got to practice it again when my little brave car got hit in the school parking lot ~ not by a new teenage driver but by a responsible mama with the sun in her eyes. She has been forthcoming in being compliant in whatever I want to do to fix it. It has been totally drivable though could use an alignment. The cost of replacing the fender she hit is almost as much as the car is currently worth given the 208 K miles travelled. I have decided on a course of ‘Golden Rule’ compassionate compensation ~ asking her to pay for an alignment and to have the fender pulled out and hopefully more nicely reshaped than it sits now. Is this for the highest and best for all of us? I think so. I hope & pray so! Sometimes, it’s hard to sort the do-gooder in me to the doing good as me … can they be one and the same??!! How can they not be?!

If you count all your assets, you always show a profit. ~ Robert Quillen

I gave gratitude filled grace all the way to San Francisco yesterday ~ about 3 hours away ~ we travelled in our newly dented brave little car to our friend Faith Petric’s wake. It was a home filled with folk friends remembering Faith … There was lots of talk & mostly homemade food and music too. A few of us sang songs that reminded us of Faith in the basement room awhile … my Jeremiah jammed for hours, able to play whatever came his way … generations of song was indeed a grace filled opportunity for gratitude! I saw a few young adults I had known as children in another segment of this circle of Love. Listening to all the hearts and words present in this gift filled event both while I was there and echoing on within me as I drove home, reminded me how everything builds and cumulates in this life …

RainDrop by drop, the cloud fills the lakes that spill into the rivers that roll on to the seas. And sometimes our raindrop moments intersect with sunshine and our journeys are then filled with rainbows. In Thanks Living, we see, know, feel, and experience the grace in all of it!

For this week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation, may you continue experiencing grace by expressing your gratitude in a rainbow filled experience of Thanks Living. You are the face of grace and I am so grateful for you. Namaste, Love!



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