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Zealous Yesness Test!

Namaste this last Mindful Monday in October!
We are having our first whispers of winter weather here today as the winds of change also sweep through New Thought Families this week; our Zealous Yesness theme is giving way to Thanks Living: Cultivating Grace. The whole concept of cultivating grace is founded on allowing the flow of blessings that always await. It begins with noticing and giving thanks ~ as a way of thanks living. Join us next Mindful Monday as we dive into those deep, delicious waters!

We are so blessed ~ it is all Love Expressed!

It has been another full week of reconstruction, transformation and illumination! How did you do with your Mindful Meditation Invitation? Were you able to define your most zealous yes in just a few words that matter most to you? For my part, in meditating on how creativity repressed can suppress Love expressed, I became in tune with that co-creative flow that is always present ~ what a gift! My gift in return is my yesness! I also returned to re-visit the biblical admonition, “You can’t serve two masters.” As we’re gearing up to be Las Posadas musicians again this year, Jeremiah & I returned to our local Methodist church yesterday and the pastor brought this up during his talk on money. My metaphysical young one said to me, “But it’s not two masters! They are the same ~ money & God!” He understands that all of it is energy. Yes, ONENESS! If you missed the speakers on Global Oneness Day 10/24, you can still go there and hear the plethora of wisdom that was presented! When we serve Love, it is the only master though it has a myriad of faces and graces. The abundant Love of God, Creator, Source by any name has many channels to flow through and money is one of them. As I continue to align with my business yesness, the subject of money is one I am ever befriending. But rather than visit that further, I have a moment of honoring to do this mindful moment followed by a fun Zealous Yesness Test!

Faith Petric 9/13-15 ~ 10/23/13
Faith Petric
9/13-15 ~ 10/24/13

Our beloved Faithy died this week going on to join the angel band depicted on the window of her Victorian home in San Francisco. She knew and sang more songs than folks a fraction of her age. As the matriarch of the San Francisco Folk Music Club, she had bi-weekly musical meetings in her home for more than 50 years. Faith Petric was a friend of Pete Seeger, Malvina Reynolds and many more. She was an activist, a feminist, a traditionalist and a reconstructurist. I learned many a good song from Faithy and she lived Tom Hunter’s message from last week to “Keep it going”. In fact, she did what angels do, she helped others to keep it going by opening her home and living by example. Thank you Faith! Faith sings on in the hearts of so many, she sings here, “I Wanna Be A Dog” by Barry Louis Polisar. She’s age 92 3/4  and Ingrid Noyes is playing accordion with her. This was at the Family Program for the Free Folk Festival in 2008. We love you Faith!

And now, as we wrap up this week’s message and move forward into celebrations of Halloween, All Saint’s Day, All Soul’s Day, and every day is a good day Thanks Living attitude of gratitude, I leave you with some invitations. You are welcome to play & pray with us every day through our daily calendar at New Thought Families. And for this week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation, take and ponder this …

The Zealous Yesness Test
Simply answer each question with a yes or no. By tapping into what you know, your flow of yesness will grow! Should you want to dive deeper, just ask why your answers are a yes or no and what it would take to change them!
1. Are you happy in this moment?
2. Do you have a song in your heart ~ aka ~ an exciting purpose in life?
3. Are you co-creating your life and happiness?
4. Do you feel like what you are doing matters?
5. Do you feel needed?
6. Do you feel free?
7. Do you feel loved?
8. Do you feel the sizzle of zeal & excitement in your life?
9. Even if all your answers are no, do you know that you can change them to yes?

Breathe in yes! Breathe in yes, breathe out no. Breathe out yes, breathe in know. Your heart knows what matters to you and what lights you up with zeal, excitement and passion. Truth is, all the answers are yes. You are loved, free, needed. You matter & what you are doing matters. The zeal and happiness are here to be felt so even if you can’t feel them right now, keep breathing and asking for your heart light to show you the way. It will, my zealous friend. Happy yesness to you! Namaste, Love!



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