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Zealous YES As Love Expressed!

Zealous Yes as Love Expressed!
Zealous Yes as Love Expressed!

Namaste Wondrous, Zealous Ones! Thank you for your yes to Love expressed mindfulness & zealousness! I am so grateful to just be with you here & now, to just stop and breathe … breathe in this holy wonder of life with you … mmm … YES!IMG_3750

This Transformational Tuesday has me catching up to the weekly blog from a swirl of family activities & demands that included performances with Jeremiah, an out of state visit from his dad who left today, multiple appointments with & for the elders mixed with my own sporadic spurts of work … sometimes I feel like I say yes to so much & so many, that it drains every bit of the zealousness needed to carry it all out! In the current American spotlight are the baseball playoffs and the government shut down … places where the players pour on all the energetic zeal they have in them after 162 regular season games juxtaposed by a stymied congress who seemingly are channeling their zealous energies into a righteous, resounding NO rather than a compassionate, cooperative yes that would at least keep federal agencies open & the folks that run them employed. The thread that runs through all of it? Choice. The choice to show up and serve others or serve a cause. The choice to step up to the plate time and again, trying to hit a home run but often striking out. And regardless of how many strike outs, the willingness to step up again. And again. The thread of courage to do our jobs ~ even and especially the jobs that don’t pay. The thread of wisdom to heal old generational wounds that would block the flow of Love expressed as a zealous yes. Just as we are all born as Love expressed, so are we each & all woven with the thread of free will and there are always so many choices! How do we know when we should say yes?
ABC4200YABC4200EABC4200SOur lives & hearts are constantly giving us the answers to our yes or no questions! Our built in GPS (God Positioning System) is always ready to guide us through the messages of mind & heart, the feelings that naturally navigate us. Zeal is one of the most intense feelings we are gifted with as it is the energy that says yes to our callings, our heart’s desires, the energy that says yes to life! When we lose our way, Love guidance uses zeal to bring us back to center, to guide us home. When we are home in our hearts, we feel the zeal and it is easy & quite natural to say yes. Often, as adults, we need to do some heart work to return to this divine truth as a way of being. The simplest tool in our Spiritual Tool Box is to simply listen to our hearts … we can make a list of callings/action steps and then let our bodies, minds, Spirits give feedback in the silence. So often our zealous yesness is waiting in the silence to surface into our mindfulness & onto our ‘To Do’ list but our moments are too noisy, cluttered & consumed for these heart directions to surface.

Last week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation was to look at the blessing of passion & zealousness ~ did you see this flow for you in the blessed circle of Love?! For this week, keep looking … write down all your yesses, maybe cross a few off the list and maybe mail it to yourself in a Love letter!

At New Thought Families this month, our daily Play & Pray Calendar focuses on embracing our blessedness with Zealousness Expressed! We have daily messages that can help uncover the zeal you naturally feel. This sacred gift of zeal has been one we have chosen to focus on over the years so we have many fun archived videos & materials on our Creative Yes page including the multimedia magazine pdf with 3 videos embedded. The wonderful contributions of zeal from our Dream Team further illustrate creative yes choices & voices. Rev Kanta Bosniak speaks beautifully & deeply to the meaning of zeal with word & art featuring inspiring examples of people who have embodied zeal. Visit Kanta’s page & folks like Steve Jobs & Clive Davis! Kanta herself speaks such a zealous yes as we spoke of here on the summer post, The Abyss Of Service.
Rev Kanta Bosniak & her art are Love expressed ~<br />a zealous yesness in the world!

Some friends that swam along with my little painted seashell fish also featured in that summer post, made it into a revised Laurie StorEBook this week, replacing some tired felt fins of the old illustrations. And further illustrating the zealous yes that is the thread of Love expressed that will keep us showing up to our callings … family, work, life’s work, passionate play … all an evolution!

International Fish Swish ~ a zealously re-illustrated Laurie StorEBook!
International Fish Swish
~ a zealously re-illustrated Laurie StorEBook!

May you tap into deeper layers of your own zealous yesness this week and find many expressions of Love within you & all around you. Namaste, Love!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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