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Oneness Blessed

Namaste this last Mindful Monday of September!
Thank you for the blessing of your presence here & now in this oneness moment. Let’s take a deep breath together in the Circle of Love that is life …. mmm …

Breathe in the Love ... Oneness ... Yesness ... Zealousness!
Breathe in the Love … Oneness … Yesness … Zealousness!

Tomorrow’s first day of October brings our new theme of Zeal to New Thought Families & also marks the fortitude filled re-opening of Marvelous Membership options at our Laurie’s Stories Leaping Literacy Online Library. Because I, the procrastination princess, is still working on all of the above, today’s mindful moment will be blessedly brief! I did want to pop in with a summary of September’s circle of oneness … Last week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation was to see ourselves in more sides of the circle ~ what did you see? For me I saw the blending of all the things I choose to say yes to ~ along with some of the ‘no’s’ that come along with that. When you say yes to something, you are usually saying no to something else ~ lots of something elses in fact! As I look to the inspiration of zeal again, I am reminded of what a powerful force passion and a zealous yes can be. For this week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation, let’s look to the blessing of passion & zealousness ~ where is this flow for you in the blessed circle of Love?! 

Oneness Blessed in the Circle Of Love!
Oneness Blessed in the Circle Of Love!

“You have noticed that everything an Indian does is in a circle, and that is because the Power of the World always works in circles, and everything tries to be round….. The Sky is round, and I have heard that the earth is round like a ball, and so are all the stars. The wind, in its greatest power, whirls. Birds make their nest in circles, for theirs is the same religion as ours… Even the seasons form a great circle in their changing, and always come back again to where they were. The life of a man is a circle from childhood to childhood, and so it is in everything where power moves.” ~ Black Elk Oglala Sioux Holy Man 1863-1950

Circles in nature are, indeed, everywhere you look. We are born from the circle and death is also part of that circle. This month began with us losing a dear friend to death in an unexpected & sudden jolting way. I will be working to keep Ranger Bob’s music circulating in the circle of Love … September had me re-committing to all my hundreds of books & songs & online offerings though still searching to find who they are meant to serve. I have also been spending many hours of service to my parents with their health challenges this month; it seems like an honoring of their dignity to not talk about the details, at least yet. But I had a big experience of oneness with all of it ~ it is all service ~ and it is all the same. In my soul, being in service to a song or to an elder is all the same. The circle of life calls us into service at any moment and it is our yesness that quickens the flow of grace that is our blessed state of oneness with all that is. Our divine nature goes beyond the ego of what is ‘cool’ or the vision of success. Allowing Love to flow through us is Oneness Blessed! And there is, of course the ‘natural’ resistance we all face and why we have a Spiritual Tool Box. In October, we will spend more time in the Spiritual Tool Box to allow the energy of enthusiasm ~ ZEAL ~ to not only feed us but guide us on our way ~ hooray!

As we embrace oneness, there is both choice & reverent surrender to this gift of life we are living. Some are physically ready to die but don’t. Some seemingly in their prime of life die in an instant. When people get sick, we often accept the diagnosis as truth instead of asking our body, mind & Spirit for our own soul truth. I found this video of such a beautiful, zealous soul … made while he was dying. Even I had heard the inspiring song of his floating around cyberspace, not knowing where it had come from. In watching this, I cried, had my heart smile, wondered about how we co-create our truth, and also fully appreciated the ability to talk about death & celebrate life in the living. With such a zealous yesness, this young man will certainly make your heart smile too so I leave you with him and Clouds … Thank you for the blessing of you in the Circle … Namaste, Love!



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