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Awareness + Appreciation = Abundance!

IMG_5308Namaste this Miraculous Mindful Moment!

I awoke on Mindful Monday morning dreaming that I was writing this blog … a myriad of priorities & calendarizing choices later, here I am this wondrous Wednesday! I gratefully & cheerfully greet you in the name of Oneness, Blessedness, Acceptance & Awareness of the divine spark of Love we truly be ~ any mindful moment you happen to be here! Time is all one in the circle of Love … For this week’s look at Oneness, we will be mostly focused on Love ~ and money ~ and full circle back to Love!

In an effort to be more full circle connected in my Love expressed efforts, here is a snapshot of today’s Play & Pray calendar entry at New Thought Families. You can visit the page directly for a fuller multimedia effect with narration, etc.
Cal18 copy
Last week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation, was to see how we could integrate the ‘bad’ & ‘good’ side of things for the highest good in oneness blessed. Further, could we see it all as one magical miracle?! I have to say I was challenged here ~ it seems our (my) first, go-to response in the face of pain & hardship is not miracle mindedness! I did pretty well staying focused on highest good in the midst of tears and struggles for balance and even sanity! And I will give out A’s for this formula: awareness + appreciation = abundance! It can be so tricky to appreciate what doesn’t feel good in the moment. But if we stay aware that everything truly is unfolding for our highest and best, then we can greet whatever shows up with some measure of gratitude which ultimately allows the flow of grace, aka abundance! It doesn’t even matter if we do this awkwardly in fits & spurts, we just keep coming into consciousness ~ being aware & gratefully affirming our good as often as possible. The grace & abundance is always poised and ready to receive us. Now, that is a circle of Love!

Spiritual Tool BoxIn my circle, there has been a lot threatening my ability to stay balanced, body, mind & Spirit. Much of it has to do with my elder’s journeys and my tendency to be an empath ~ that is one who feels the experiences of others ~ literally! Among other things, I have had my mother’s sore throat after her neck surgery and my father’s heart pains. I am more convinced than ever that we are energy beings and at least some of our autistic youth are beautiful indigo children short circuited by the intense energies of others all around them. I have been cutting cords again but I think the best tools in the Spiritual Tool Box for this sort of energy clearing are Access Consciousness and Emotion Code work ~  With Access Consciousness, ask who does this belong to? and the energy stronghold will dissipate immediately if you are holding something for another ~ you don’t have to know who! You just have to be awake and aware enough to ask! To follow Dr. Brad Nelson’s Emotion Code, see the chart & procedure found in his book for releasing trapped negative emotions and trapped inherited emotions that could go back generations but be running you (subconsciously). Again, you don’t even have to know much of the whos & whats, some simple muscle testing & releasing is all it takes! And willingness to show up in the awareness & allowance of course!Always Love

On the lighter side of this last week’s journey, was my 8th grade Jeremiah’s run for Student Body Treasurer. Significant to me because all things Jeremiah are, but also more collectively as another song in the mother dance. Most mothers and many fathers live this one … we pour so much of ourselves into being there for them when they are born and as they grow that as they become their own person, we must find a healthy balance of what it means to be there for them. Unconditional Love. In this instance, I stepped in where needed (at least as I perceived the need!) & got supplies for 2 (I wanted 3!) posters for Jeremiah’s Treasurer campaign ~ he graciously accepted my idea for the slogan to bank on him and we had fun making the posters together: JPostersHe decidedly did not want my help on his speech and I couldn’t be prouder of what he came up with. He wrote it out below ~ I typed it as well for easy reading!
SpeechJeremiah’s Speech given for Student Body Treasurer
~ (Speeches were done during lunch with student choice to attend.)

Hello! First, I would just like to thank you guys for taking the time to be here. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Jeremiah Vela-Murphy and I’m in the 8th grade here at IJH. For those of you who do know me, “How ya doin’?!” In case you were asleep, I am running for treasurer and here are some reasons you should vote for me. This year I am taking a high school math class so I guess you could say I’m decent at math meaning I won’t forget to carry a 1 and lose the school hundreds of dollars. Also, I have always believed in saving. When I was 5, I opened a savings account and it has blossomed into a nice healthy bank account today. But you also need to buy some things that are necessary. I can’t promise anything like ridiculous paint jobs, or a skate park, or vending machines, but I would love to know your ideas for the school. That’s what I love about Student Council, it’s the student’s choice, not the school’s choice or a volunteer, but our choice. We the students! If I’m elected and you have a great idea, talk to me about it. I’ll see what kind of budget we have. So again, thanks a lot for taking the time to listen to us and remember, you can bank on Jeremiah Vela-Murphy for treasurer!

And bank on him, they did. Yes, he won and I survived another round of the step up and step back mama tango! Here’s an enjoyable YouTube ‘Mom Song’ that humorously speaks to the journey via the talented writer & singer Anita Renfroe, sung to the William Tell Overture:

As funny as this is ~ based on too many truths of the generations ~ I remain called to change this paradigm! Part of my struggle for balance & sanity is the plethora of negativity that our culture is steeped in ~ including the YouTube gurus that Jeremiah finds so cool~ that is another discussion! Meanwhile, I have years of archives … my co-creations that have yet to find the people they are here to serve. I will continue to put my gifts into the sea seemingly met by obscurity in the vast online ocean of offerings. Yet in the same vision of paradigm shift, I am affirming that my co-creations do in fact have people to serve and I vow to keep trying to reach them as I also allow that flow of receiving & grace in the circle of Love. To this aim,  I would love to get your input on our offerings! If you take a mindful moment to take our Sacred Service Survey for New Thought Families, we will send you a free download for our In Our Hands CD!
HandsCDIf you really want to go all out, take our Laurie’s Stories’ Leaping Literacy Online Library Nine To Find Survey & get more goodies! Oh what a good soul you are to be here reading this blessed blog this mindful moment! What a good soul you are to mindfully navigate your own circle of Love this week, this life! For this week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation, let’s employ our A’s of acceptance and allowance in all ~ reverently remembering the divine Love we truly be and that Awareness + Appreciation = Abundance! This is the Love we can always bank on ~ thank you for the treasure you are. Namaste, love!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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