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Fortifying Freedom

Mountain Flowers bloom thru graniteNamaste Faith Filled Flowers of Fortitude & Freedom!

I greet you this mindful moment of awareness after a full & demanding week requiring extra doses of faith, fortitude and forgiveness. Last week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation, was to look for the unexpected neighbor knocking with Love at our door, the one who is calling us forward, further fortifying our faith in divine order. Sometimes the unexpected neighbor is a stranger; perhaps more often it is a loved one close to us. My 8th grade Jeremiah continues to bring me new growth spurt challenges and it was a hectic first week back to school. I continue to struggle to keep loving the neighbor in the mirror with continued isolation, work & $ issues ever whispering to deepen the Love & affirm the connection, gifts & solvency that is. There were ‘neighbors’ about town & on the soccer field ~ Jeremiah is playing his 9th fortitude filled season ~ as well as neighbors in the news across the world that filtered through my non-media existence. However, my biggest ‘unexpected neighbor’ experience of the week came from my 88 year old father’s health crises and my stepped up service to him. Enter the fortifying force of forgiveness …
We read that we ought to forgive our enemies; but we do not read that we ought to forgive our friends.~ Sir Francis Bacon

Ah yes, to forgive the loved ones … friends, family, self. Herein lies the freedom! There are many details of course to the story of my father’s health & my subsequent layers of feelings & actions. Simply put, his body is breaking down & is now on a strong drug to keep his heart beating. He is blessedly still getting about … just really slowly … really sloooowly … and I am the logistically nearest child to help care for him. I put some of my work plans on hold to help him and was mostly grateful I had the freedom to do this.  But the real freedom came from acknowledging some of the darker feelings within and allowing, accepting, forgiving on deep levels. Here to, there’s a mountain of layers including many family dynamics from my siblings back through the ancestors. What I know for sure through Colin Tippings Radical Forgiveness, is that we all stepped up to the best of our logistic & emotional abilities. Though there was gratefully good help from my sisters & aunt & uncle, I just happened to be the most logistically & emotionally available …
Life here on earth is meant to be an emotional experience. It’s what we signed up for… People give us the opportunity to feel our feelings. There’s a certain perfection in that… Life here on earth is meant to be an emotional experience. It’s what we signed up for… People give us the opportunity to feel our feelings. There’s a certain perfection in that… It’s a healing dance. When you’re in resistance, nothing changes. The more you accept yourself just the way you are, the more you change. It’s a paradox.~ Colin Tipping, author of Radical Forgiveness, Making Room for the Miracle
IMG_5861At the root of my invitation to do yet more forgiveness work this week was the fact that I was rejected by my father at birth. Being his first one born, I was ‘supposed to’ be a boy and he suffered greatly because I wasn’t. Subsequently, I have suffered subconsciously my whole life. My brother was born 10 months later to ‘fix’ the problem and he ‘divorced’ our family some time back and has been out of touch. Like many families, there are so many layers of  suffering, ‘wrongs’ ~ ‘dirty laundry’ in our family closet. Yet the freedom of acceptance & radical forgiveness sees life from the soul perspective. As Tipping rightly states, it’s what I signed up for!
In this concept of radical forgiveness as articulated through Colin Tipping, it is as if there is nothing to forgive at all because every bit of it has been on purpose & for our highest good. We sift through our stories & concepts to find the judgments that fuel the prison of resentment & pain. Radical acceptance & forgiveness set us free by allowing us to release judgments & hurts & move from victim to gratitude. So we not only step away from “How could you?” but into a place of “Thank you!” Thank you for this soul development, life lesson & progression, karmic debt, etc ~ enter your beliefs!

As we talked about last week, we are indeed many layered beings who are run by our subconscious programming ~ the wounds of our childhood (& beyond) cause destructive cellular memories that influence our behaviors in limiting ways. The fact that unhealthy patterns are passed through families has to do with us operating at this unconscious level. It also has to do with us being Spirit beings who enter into these soul contracts. Ah, once again I find myself entering into mindfully deep content & a weighty weekly word count here …

I do want to revisit the concept of autistic children as indigo children as well as look at ourselves as the energy transmitters we are. But for this mindful moment, let us stay with the healing of subconscious programming through the powerful tools found with Brad Nelson’s Emotion Code & Alex Lloyd’s Healing Code. For us to fully embrace the freedom of radical forgiveness & conscious co-creation, the energy medicine of clearing destructive cellar memory & pain can be paramount. The basic concept is that the pain we experience, especially as infants & small children becomes embedded in our bodies, in our cells. Releasing these potentially destructive memories and experiences from our bodies & hearts, is what truly sets our mind free. For us to be really free to be in our joy, to laugh, play, co-create our passions & desires, the subconscious pain must be healed. The Codes of Nelson & Lloyd are beautiful energy medicine tools for this. Many people experience freedom through EFT ~ emotional freedom technique ~ though in my humble opinion EFT is more in the mind & less in the subconscious mind. Of course, that may suit some better.
Mountain flowers in granite

We live in an exciting evolutionary time where new choices are becoming available. If you are reading this, you are open to the infinite possibilities. I celebrate you! I celebrate us! For my father, he is, at least for now, dependent on the Dr’s diagnosis & dangerous drugs. You know, the drugs with all the life threatening side effects.  More opportunity for me to accept and to embrace my own ways of healing & being. For this week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation, let’s go within & ask our body temples, where we may need healing and how we can bloom from any hard, stuck areas. And now, I am off to the mountains to play & rejuvenate today! I will walk this granite, visit the blooms, sit in the waterfalls blissfully surrendered to all the blessings that are. May you be blessed wherever you are my blooming fortitude filled flowers of divine Love expressed!IMG_7057



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