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Sacred Strength Fortified By Faith

CactusBloomNamaste Blooming Wonders of Strength, Faith & Grace!
Today we celebrate a new beginning … whatever moment you read this, it is indeed a new beginning! For our part, this is our 130th consecutive weekly blog post (not always on a Monday but once a week nonetheless!). Woo hoo for action filled fortitude! Jeremiah went back to school today as an 8th grader and I resumed the hour long round trip (alternate day) drive to take him & another to the high school for math. We walked to school this morning as we have done for years; a mix of familiar & new territory in our steps as is the case for every moment’s invitation to Begin Again:

Some of the most needed components in beginning again and/or moving forward are faith, strength & fortitude. I believe when we move with these, Spirit always rises to meet us in a flow of sacred grace. What is calling you forward? Are you flying on the wings of grace or hunkered down in resistance?! Last week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation was to call upon the voice of Fortitude that lives in you, is championing you to either keep going or to pick up where you left off! Did you take a mindful moment to listen to your voice of fortitude? Did you take any action steps?BeachWalkLusi

Our New Thought Families focus this month is on Fortitude; our daily Play & Pray Calendar features feet & footsteps. Taking steps forward is a physical marker full of metaphysical meaning. On purpose, we are always moving forward as part of the divine design of time. Our children, birthdays, anniversaries, first days are great ways to see & honor our forward motion. As conscious beings, we can always look deep & deeper into ourselves & others in the celebration & honoring of growth & life of all kinds. As we deepen the mindful into the metaphysical, messages are always there to enlighten. Yesterday, Jeremiah & I returned to our local Methodist church to see some old friends & revisit the heart filled community there. We also wanted to meet (another!) new pastor. As he was giving his homily and telling a bible story, I spontaneously whispered metaphysical interpretations into Jeremiah’s ear ~ in divine order, he/we sat in the back so it was all that easier to do! The bible story was from Luke 19:1-10 and the story was about a tax collector named Zacchaeus who the people thought was a sinner and not worthy of Jesus. Remembering that ‘sin’ means to miss the mark or make a mistake, our boy Zacchaeus represents all of us in our perfectly imperfect human state. I won’t go too deep into this but in short, Zacchaeus can’t get through the crowd (mass consciousness) to see Jesus, as he was short (sighted) and couldn’t see so he climbed a sycamore-fig tree (sick no more ~ tree of life) so that he could see. In this elevated position of willingness & faith, Jesus calls to Zacchaeus and says he is coming to his house (into his consciousness) that day which makes all the crowd of people (mass consciousness) angry (jealous ego) but inspires Zacchaeus to say that he will give half of his riches to the poor and give back 4 fold anything he has ever cheated another out of. The story ends with a saving of the lost & a salvation through Jesus. In our interpretation, Jesus indeed brings the enlightenment that Zacchaeus seeks as he climbs the tree of life to see fully, his faithful invitation is answered and he enters into a broader balance of give & take in the circle of life.

I’m not at all sure the pastor would agree with my interpretation! His talk was on the ‘unexpected neighbor’.  He spoke of how we often will dismiss others who are different than us & not consider them neighbors. Yes, sad but true. The bigger concept of oneness aside, the truth is Love is always knocking at our door in all kinds of forms! And the other truth of the day, is that we all get to interpret life & it’s myriad of messages in our own way ~ mindful & metaphysical or mindless & unconscious! The sacred presence is always there in every breath. It is our individual interpretation & inspiration that helps to fortify us & guide our feet. In New Thought, there is a lot of focus on staying our mind on faith filled positivity for going forward and I whole heartedly agree. Yet I also know that we are many layered beings, often run by our subconscious programming ~ destructive cellular memories, get thee behind me!

The most powerful tools I have found for that process of healing the issues of the heart & the destructive cellar memories is with Brad Nelson’s Emotion Code & Alex Lloyd’s Healing Code. As I heal myself with these gentle, grace filled processes, I see infinite potential for the energy healing of all. Energy medicine is undoubtedly part of our current awakening & evolutionary process going forward. We will explore this further next Mindful Monday but for now, consider the possibility that the wave of autistic children are the indigo children ~ sensitive souls who pick up way too much of the mass consciousness pain and short circuit. Interpret that in the face of unexpected neighbors & inspirations …

Rooted in sacred presence, sure footed strength filled grace, we can absolutely keep moving forward and begin again in any breath we choose. For this week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation, let’s look for the unexpected neighbor knocking with Love at our door, the one who is calling us forward, further fortifying our faith in divine order. You can look into any face you see for this presence ~ including (especially?!) the one in the mirror?! Namaste Love!



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