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Together Attitude: Feathers Of Fortitude

Fab 5 at Feathers Of Faith 2013Namaste Fortitude Filled Followers! Love & Blessings to you this Mindful Matters Transformational Tuesday (Wednesday Wisdom) Moment!

I have pictures & ponderings, revelations & celebrations from our annual Feathers Of Faith Family Fun Camp in the high Sierras this past weekend. I am in celebration of what was & with the process of acceptance, deliverance, and divine dance that happened within my own heart as well as the varying experiences of my Fab 4 who said yes to us! Juxtaposed to other Camps where we have had 35-65 participants, this micro version had just the Fab 5 of us pictured above; 2 teens & 2 seasoned sentries and me, the somewhere in between Queen of Feathers! Like all of life, the weekend was multi-layered & divinely orchestrated. My ‘sentries’ championed me to hold some of my Feathers program and the 3 of us experienced divine alignment together beautifully. Jeremiah enJOYed more freedom than before playing with his cousin Jordan and other families at Camp with some circle & feathers time sprinkled in. The 5 of us came together for our Sunday circle in a beautiful way. After closing the circle with an open invitation to stay or go, Yogi Keith stayed behind and I spontaneously launched into singing the Angel chant & conducted the usual Angel Wash or Walk that usually closes Feathers Camp … in my mind ~! Because I had processed some grief about not having a big group this year ~ or a community to come together for many years ~ I was free to experience what was with much more joy. This process of the Angel Wash or Angel Walk is a wonderful one, especially done in an intergenerational group of hearts that have been opening together over a weekend. In it’s place, I simply sang the Angel chant full of gratitude & blessings for all the angels in my life, past, present & future that came to mind and heart:
You are an angel to me
You open my eyes and you help me to see
more and more of who I can be
You are an angel to me

Yogi Keith & I sang it over & over for probably about 10 minutes or more … did you feel it??!! Again, it was all about letting go of what was & how it should be & embracing the imperfect perfection of what was! Soaking up the splendor of the camp, the mountain, the lake, the waterfalls, the granite, it was Spirit filled fortification to be sure!
IMG_7050 IMG_7057IMG_7108IMG_7067  IMG_7132 IMG_7121

There was another magical  facet of the weekend that is in keeping with our promised topic of this day posed last week; the necessity of focused fortitude as well as the passionate power of the Renaissance Man.  The Renaissance Man denotes the one who pursues many interests & passions. Can we employ focus & fortitude on multiple projects & interests simultaneously? We certainly can and do! Though so often, we do it unconsciously, running on the power of the subconscious mind. We are powerful co-creators all the time whether we are aware of it or not! One important way we stay awake & aware as co-creators of our lives is to ask questions ~ good questions! So rather than, “What’s wrong with me?”, ask a forward motion question like “What did I learn from this?” or “How can I do this differently next time?” The depth of our questions grow incrementally as we grow. We have this omnipresent, ever present, internal, eternal GPS already installed within us and it is ready to guide us ALWAYS! The quickest & easiest way to check alignment is your feelings of joy & your sense of wellbeing, love & peace. When out of alignment, rather than turn to drugs, alcohol or other harmful addictions that push us further from divine center, we turn to our spiritual toolbox to clear the yuckies & embrace the yummies. Yes, those are technical terms in the heart of Spirit. Spiritual Tool BoxOur Mindful Meditation Invitation last week was to focus on action steps for what calls you … write them down … and do at least 1 of them … even just a baby step! How did you do? This can be a daily practice in the mindful life of co-creators and your free will self gets to decide when & if you use them! Anything we do consistently uses & builds our fortitude ~ the stuff of life that builds champions as well as happy hearts!
IMG_7112 IMG_7109 IMG_7036

So in tying in our discussion with this magical weekend, I present my nephew Jordan, who is very unlike the nephew Eli we spoke of last week. In a word, Jordan is an atheist who believes in nothingness though I see his wounded heart searching for meaning, purpose and yesness just like the rest of us. Enter our Feathers guide Big Don who is a great champion of others; he shepparded some spiritual wisdom to Jordan that he could never hear from me. He told him to be a focused man & a Renaissance man or any other kind of man that calls his heart; told him to choose & create consciously. This was really the focus of our Feathers weekend and we all got to feel & experience and know it in our own ways. Thanks Fab 5! And thanks to you ~ you can go there too, anytime, anywhere … your awake & aware heart is always calling you!
IMG_7013This week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation is to call upon the voice of Fortitude that lives in you, is championing you to either keep going or to pick up where you left off! Is there any unfinished business you can take care of to free up your energy? Is there a project you can move forward even with just a few baby steps? The voice of Love is fortified with fortitude & faith so just reach in & listen and then act! Remember, you are an angel to someone or many ones … just by being you. Thank you for sharing your time & energy here & now with us. We are, indeed, so blessed in Love. Namaste!



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