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Questions, Introspections, Perfection Reflections

In the inner flow is knowing when to go ...
Moving in the inner flow is knowing when (& where?!) to go …~!

Namaste this mindfully, imperfectly perfect Transformational Tuesday!

I took the above photo a few weeks ago at the beach and it definitely speaks to me ~ and hopefully you too ~ here & now! Ah, what it is to follow our own inner callings … despite what the rest of our ‘flock’ is doing! To be in service to our own Spirit callings, often takes courage & fortitude, aka, moxy or pluck. As we begin a new month this week, our New Thought Families theme shifts from Service to Fortitude. I am finding, rather on purpose I suppose, perseverance, passion & fortitude are required in living a full service Spirit filled life.

A week ago we were travelling home & as blessed as it has been to be home, re-entry into routine has been challenging. Let’s face it, as much as routine serves my greater good, it can be tough ~ requiring both tough Love & the freedom of flexibility in delicate balance. As a self proclaimed visionary, I have come to realize that the endless lists of possibilities & subsequent ‘To Do’s’ flow so easily onto paper but then in real time manifestation go so slowly, I seem doomed to be ever failing forward …! And failure, is of course, a construct of the judgmental ego bent on seeing what’s wrong rather than what’s right! The truth is I am Love expressed shining my light, healing the dark places, and flying where my Spirit calls. This is a lifetime journey for all of us in our varied states of awareness. I have to say, the other truth here, for me, is that having a team would really be the way to go in launching these big dreams off of paper. So today I can embrace all the what ifs & the what is with a healthy dose of self acceptance, forgiveness, and celebration of the ever present, omnipresent, all powerful unconditional Love that always is. I know that there is no perfect and that everything is always (imperfectly!) perfect because God/Love lives ~ all the time ~ Love is.

Diamond moment reflections help answer today's questions!
Diamond moment reflections help answer today’s questions!

I came home to the loveliest letter from my nephew that helps this week’s discussion of introspection & perfection reflections, aka implementation of service & fortitude ~ thank you Eli! Thank you for your questions and for the beautifully awake & aware young man of heart that you are. Eli followed his intuitive guidance to write me about his spiritual awakening, expressing his Love & passions & voicing a few questions that we all can relate to. Like me, he grew up Catholic & wonders how to relate to family members still entrenched in church doctrine & closed to a broader way of viewing life and ourselves as Spirit beings. Eli asks, “Do I teach my fellow beings, or do I let them discover it for themselves?” The short answer is that we teach by being & when the student is ready, they will ask, and then we can teach more directly.

As Eli already knows, we teach each other in every moment, every interaction we have. We get to choose how to be & how much of our light, compassion & true nature to let out in any moment. Even those of us who are readily aware of our divine nature have forgetful moments … times when we revert to the reactivity of anger, rudeness or just a simple, going along with the crowd because it’s easier approach to life & interactions. I just had one of these myself … at the county fair, I had an interaction with an old schoolmate I hadn’t seen in decades. He pulled out his phone to show me pictures of these giant trees he had logged/killed and I just nodded & smiled instead of speaking the words on my tongue & heart, Looking up, rooted in truth!“Wow, as a tree hugger, it hurts to see that giant grandma on the ground …” Did I miss a teachable moment? Maybe. Would he have been responsive & receptive? Maybe. Was I being in service to him & his pride & pleasure in remaining silent? Maybe. Why did I remain silent? It was easier. At least in that moment, it was easier. Sometimes I speak up & sometimes I remain silent. But if someone asks, then you can’t shut me up! I find since receiving my nephew’s letter, I am having dreams where I am speaking my beliefs. And dear Eli listened to me for about an hour on the phone! Another gift in his letter was that it reawakened in me, all I have taken in over the years and the desire to help others with it. And yes, that’s what New Thought Families is all about. Our daily calendar pages, Dream Team contributors, ABC pages, Peacemaker games, our music … all of it, playing & praying 24/7 for families & Spirit rising! I am also revisiting the compilation Resource page (at least on paper!) for the website as well as sending Eli a care package. I am including Christie Marie Sheldon’s fab program, Love Or Above that I spoke of here on May 21st, Intuition As Decision. Christie’s program really has some great steps for deepening spiritual practice ~ thank you Christie and all the light workers who are speaking their truth & helping all of us to do the same!
SmSandMandala Eli also asked about how to choose the right path to follow ~ something we all contemplate at least some times especially with our hearts fully awake & wide open to the vast wonders of the world, gifts, talents & treasures inside us, and the infinite possibilities of co-creation. Last week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation, was a continuation of searching our hearts ~ the abyss of Spirit in there ~ for the Love & service that calls to us. I re-visited some of what Eli is experiencing ~ the vastness of the abyss! Yes, there is something to be said for the necessity of focused fortitude as well as the passionate power of the Renaissance Man. The secret is in the balance and the best ways I know to say yes to Spirit is to keep asking our inner divine self good questions and listening for answers in all sorts of ways! We will take up this abyss here next Mindful Monday. Your Mindful Meditation Invitation this week is to focus on action steps for what calls you … write them down … and do at least 1 of them … even just a baby step! For my part, I am ‘failing forward’ as the perfectly imperfect Love expressed that I am with session 2 of Creativity Camp where I am working on integrating my 2 worlds of New Thought Families & Laurie’s Stories as well as hosting a very micro version of our Feathers Of FaithFeathers Of Faith Family Fun Camp in the sacred Sierras this weekend. I am grateful for all of it and so very grateful for you too ~ thank you for being here & for being the beautiful perfectly imperfect true you! Namaste Love!



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