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The Abyss Of Service

Fish3Fish2Namaste Conscious Co-Creators!

I am grateful & joyful to be greeting you in the name of Love & service this Mindful Monday! I continue to view Love & service as a huge abyss where opportunities to be, to help, to Love, are endless! Our 3 week trip East to be with Jeremiah’s peeps ends tomorrow ~ I am excited & delighted to be going back home!  My week at the beach was great for the soul; had fun doing the beginning of a sea series of art I’ve been envisioning all year:

Long beach walks had me finding shell fragments for fun fish art!
Long beach walks had me finding shell fragments for fun fish art!

I had an extra day & night at the beach after sending Jeremiah back with his dad to keep a date with the grandfather. While this sounds like nothing, it was a major one for me ~ the first time for them totally alone without me. A definite step back in my 13 years of hands on service. This family dynamic has been based on many factors; Jeremiah’s dad is a good & generous guy in many ways but also can be reckless & abusive. The question of when they would be on their own has been ongoing since we left here when Jeremiah was 4. At 13, Jeremiah has been creating more space for himself this year and has come into a new level of being able to care for himself. Thereby, my job of being in service to him is shifting too ~ less direct supervision and more trust & support in other ways. Next summer, I will most likely send him here without me or more likely, fly out with him and head to the beach where I can still jump in the car and get him if need be. Just as my mother love for him is endless, so is the desire to be of service ~ as long as it’s as healthy as I can be with it. And healthy family is always a question, isn’t it?! When Jeremiah’s nana bought him new school clothes (thank you nana, thank you God!), she also bought a bunch of clothes for his dad. Jeremiah said to me later, “When I’m 53, you’re not going to buy my clothes are you?” I answered, “Maybe for your birthday.” We both laughed.

Jeremiah's nana turned 89 while we were here to celebrate!
Jeremiah’s nana turned 89 while we were here to celebrate!

I  have worshipped woman as the living embodiment of the spirit of service and  sacrifice. ~ Mahatma  Gandhi

This week, we also had a very cool experience of service, divine timing & energy as well as magical synchronicity of Spirit! While at the beach, I saw on FaceBook, that our New Thought Families Dream Team star, Kanta Bosniak was going to speak at Pebble Hill Interfaith Church on Sunday ~ an hour from Jeremiah’s dad’s house. We had sung there last year and had a perfect song that Kanta graciously added in between her talk & meditation.Pebble Hill Interfaith ChurchThough Jeremiah hadn’t played piano in almost 3 weeks, he played & sang beautifully ~ I gotta love that! But besides being back at Pebble, it was such an awesome gift to meet the inspirational Kanta ~ and her art ~ in person! Interfaith minister & artist, Kanta Bosniak has beautifully painted a series of 60 paintings & quotes from inspirational people. See some of them on her New Thought Families page! I don’t often meet another artist so prolific and I think of this as part of the abyss of service … infinite co-creation is truly available to us but we must show up and say yes! Kanta has not only said yes to every brush stroke of these paintings but she drove them from VA to PA for this Sunday service ~ such a divine yes! Thank you Kanta!
Kanta Kanta3Here’s Kanta holding her Einstein painting: Imagination is only intelligence having fun. ~ Albert Einstein

Kanta was also joined by some family members & long time friend Carolyn (pictured with us above). Family & friends who last the decades are another voice of Love & service to be sure ~ especially the ones who can grow with us, supporting our ever expanding, co-creative expressions of Love! The  only service a friend can really render is to keep up your courage by holding up to you a mirror in which you can see a noble image of  yourself. ~ George  Bernard Shaw

I believe the universe, God, holy Spirit, by any name is always helping us weave this tapestry of Love expressed. When Kanta joined the Dream Team in January and we’ve had our monthly interactions, we never dreamed we would be meeting & collaborating in person at this simple, yet glorious July Sunday Service! Mmm mmm good!

Our Sunday adventure did not stop after our time with Kanta at Pebble Hill & lunch afterwards. Daniel (Jeremiah’s dad) was insistent on a few experiences we had this trip & that day. Daniel is taken with an Indian guru and we saw her twice this trip including a large gathering that Sunday evening. In short, about 500 people were gathered for a long ritual that was fascinating for the first hour and increasingly intolerable for me the 2nd hour. An immense amount of flowers were among the unspoken participants beautifying the altars in sacrificial service. The chanting was loud, incessant and powerful. All the angel kisses I had felt throughout my morning at Pebble Hill were gone and I had a growing discomfort in my body that I acted upon after about 2 hours. Jeremiah & I went elsewhere in the hotel and had dinner. Later, Jeremiah watched TV in a hotel room of a friend of Daniel’s while I took refuge in the quiet of the stairwell. Alone in the quiet stairway, I instantly returned to center, to the God of my being, what feels like Love and home to me. Isn’t it amazing that there is, indeed, an endless abyss of Loving service & we get to choose where we call home? Where we say yes?IMG_0178
I like the silent church before the service begins, better than any preaching. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

For this week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation, let’s continue to search our hearts ~ the abyss of Spirit in there ~ for the Love & service that calls to us. This has been the major focus of our look at Service this month & the theme of Rev Kanta’s talk on Sunday on The Inner Mentor. Kanta recommends asking your dreams & intuition for guidance as well as listening to your heart. We know the answers are in there … as our Sunday song affirms … “Listen to your heart … trust what you hear … Love is calling to you!” Thank you, thank you for being in service to the Love that IS YOU! Namaste, Love!



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