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Choices, Voices, Rejoices in Spirit Service

Namaste Mindful Ones!
Greetings to you in the shadow of this week’s Mindful Monday, turned Transformational Tuesday ebbing into another Wisdom Wednesday! As reported last week, we are East, with Jeremiah’s dad, doing another chapter of our alternative family vacations. My prayers were answered last Friday by 2 lovely ladies billed as “Small Touch Of Beauty” who rescued us from the top layers of dirt here at the dadio’s house ~ a service I am still rejoicing in!

After experiencing a few days of what felt like hell ~ from my spoiled lower middle class American world view perspective ~ the good that I kept affirming more fully appeared in the form of patient perspective & lots of beauty ~ ancient and present day beauty melded together in a myriad of voices by unseen multitudes of choices. In being a grateful witness, my eyes and heart have widened to take my own trials & tribulations that much more in stride! On the one hand, I can simply say, we’ve done some sight seeing. But from the mindful perspective, we have done some insight seeing! And in the capacity of family dynamics, I can happily testify that yes, indeed, inner peace makes a world of difference in even the most challenging relationships. ~ Insert infinite appreciation & kudos to my ever present omnipresent angels! ~ In terms of last week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation, I did indeed see service as Love freely expressed in so many amazing faces ~ did you? I’ll share some of these exquisite expressions of the divine here & now in context of a few more ponderings on service ~:

Ancient, artistic relics … the unknown, unnamed artists who carved marble & stone & the scientists & archeologists who have secured them in museums for us to (insight) see:

Ancient Eygpt To Rome
Ancient Eygpt To Rome

Life size tributes to beloved symbols of the divine:

Kuan Yin & Buddha
Kuan Yin & Buddha

The incredible Cathedral Church of Saint John The Divine which began in 1892 when Ellis Island opened with this credo, “A house of prayer for all people, and a unifying center of intellectual light and leadership.” It has thousands of artistic & sacred touches & tributes to all peoples, all faiths. Still in ongoing construction, there are magnificent layers of stonework inside & out:

Intricate designs are indeed deeply inspirational.
Intricate designs are indeed deeply inspirational.
These multi-layered scenes are at the bottom of each life size figure ...
These multi-layered scenes are at the bottom of each life size figure …

So many stained glass windows each filled with thousands of pieces of glass & detailed scenes … from a miniature signing of the Declaration Of Independence to a life size of Jesus:

So many depictions of incredible beauty & devotion ...
So many depictions of incredible beauty & devotion …

When we arrived, we were blessed to hear the 8500 pipes playing at the hands of one man who looked so small up there playing the organ … in divine service, his hands on the keys co-created music so unbelievably powerful. I took a little video of it and am not sure yet of those results ~! Obviously, my little camera could only do so much, but do visit Saint John The Divine online here!

We saw some amazing works of art like these lyres made and played in the 1700’s:Can you imagine the beauty of the notes that came out & the fingers that played them?
Can you imagine the beauty of the notes that came out & the fingers that played them?

I was filled in so many ways by these various works of arts … how Love expressed can still spread sacred awareness hundreds or even thousands of years later … And then there was Billy playing Beatles songs with Jeremiah in Central Park next to the John Lennon Memorial … a mandala that simply says, “Imagine” …BillyCentralPark copy

My 13 year old son playing ukulele in memorial to John Lennon … s simple little act of service I never imagined ~! And there was the gracious, cheerful, helpful public servant at the top of the Rockefeller Tower, a security guard who was an angel … I thanked him for being him and we shared a special moment of heart felt appreciation ~ because he was in service so beautifully and because I took the moment to tell him so. Those small human moments make my heart smile just as warmly or more so than the divine enactments of Love in the arts we were inspired by. All of it has given me more permission to just love being me … as artist, mom, seeker, seer, believer …

As our East Coast adventures continue this week, our voices are still choicing & rejoicing in our New Thought Families website offerings. Our daily Play & Pray Calendar is in service 24/7, 365! As a tribute to the halfway mark of our 2013 Dream year, our January-June calendars are also linked & available this month from the Calendar page! For our Mindful Meditation Invitation this week, let’s see service in all we do … as a choice, a voice, and hopefully as intentions & actions we can rejoice! Namaste Love, thank you for being here & for being the beauty you are smiling & serving your world. You are, indeed, a beautiful gift.



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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