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Service = Love Freely Expressed

So many ways to serve!
Love Expressed: So many ways to serve!

“I’m a little pencil in the hand of a writing God, who is sending a love letter to the world.”   ~ Mother Teresa
A broken pencil is pointless!

Namaste Beautiful Mindful Ones!

I am at your service this Wonderful Wisdom Wednesday having written this week’s post at least a few times in my head since Mindful Monday! Have had one of those year long week’s of life experiences; a rollercoaster of actions & emotions that included serving aging parent issues (compassion forward!), Creativity Camp! +  inviting lots of campers to Creativity Camp & not having any of them say yes (fail forward!), days on end of 110 degree hot, swimming, swimming, swimming in gorgeous cool water, met & unmet web deadlines (acceptance forward!), moving lots of stuff out our house to make way for carpet cleaners (clean forward!), packing for 3 weeks away and traveling all day yesterday to arrive East. Walked into my old house late last night and it is filthy ~ my ex & I are on opposite ends of the clean comfort spectrum. Jeremiah & I are here for 3 weeks of dad time and I find myself drawing boundaries on my available services. I will spare you the gritty details but I have 2 house cleaning services coming to quote the job (more clean forward!). And the healed, mindful me only cried a little and didn’t raise my voice at all. Made places to sleep for Jeremiah & I and gave thanks! I am at peace & mostly good humor with it all … next Mindful Monday, I’ll sweep in with an update! And yes, through all of the above & more, I keep returning to service, freedom, and Love expressed.

This week, we turn our July focus to Service which was slated to be Servitude until my Dream Team woke me up to the meaning of Servitude:


Thank you oh so cool online Thesaurus!

All of our 2013 themes end with either ‘tion’, ‘ness’, or ‘tude’ which mean state or condition of ~ apparently not true with service ~ (unless I try ‘servation’ or ‘serviceness’)! Interesting that the state or condition of service = slavery? Really!? Perhaps we have all felt that aspect of service in measuring degrees … dedicated, devoted or even enslaved to jobs, people, situations that disempower us or at the least, do not feel good. It also makes me mindfully ponder on how something as beautiful as service could have been taken into something as vile as slavery.   Well, obviously, there are LOTS of faces of Service:
From The Online Thesaurus

Again, thank you online Thesaurus!

“Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.”   ~Mother Teresa

For our focus, we are looking at the flow of Love expressed as Service. This too has many faces of course! Service to ourselves can be self care like taking time out from the heat for a cool swim or setting boundaries with loved ones or work. Service to others can be small to large acts of kindness ~ a smile or an afternoon at someone’s bedside. Service to our planet is the same … from picking up a piece of trash to planting trees to working towards education, awareness & changing laws. Service to humanity … so many great organizations you can participate in to help make life better for people (and nature!) the world over. And then, there is divine service … how we express the gifts we are blessed with ~ the Love that flows through us and is us. One way we do this is truly by following our bliss as an internal GPS of being on track with our soul’s purpose. Yet, just as there are many faces of services, there are many ways we can feel & reasons that motivate us to serve.
“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”   ~Mother Teresa

Service is in our hands!
Service is in our hands!

Of course, I always think of Mother Teresa in terms of service ~ who doesn’t?! In the Unrealistic Mystic? post last October here, I voiced some of my ponderings about the Mother & her lifetime of service in the midst of a dark night of the soul. So for now, let’s simply ask ourselves, can we Love & serve without fulfillment and joy? SHOULD WE?!

Last week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation was to employ some powerful parental tough Love with ourselves when the voice of no comes up to put out the glow of yes in our celebrations & co-creations. For my part, I hoped that would translate into lots of registered Creativity Campers for the week! There wasn’t one. So I had to employ lots of powerful parental soft Love with myself … breathe deep into the vision and know that I must embrace the success of starting it up & fail forward in aligning my gifts & our offerings with the right ‘tribe’ that will benefit.
“God doesn’t require us to succeed, he only requires that you try.”   ~Mother Teresa

As much as the need is there to allow the flow of money for my contributions in the world, it is the alignment of hearts & minds, Spirits & souls that calls to me the loudest.  “The most terrible poverty is loneliness, and the feeling of being unloved.”   ~Mother Teresa

So for now, I am loving myself into continued expressions of service ~ as Jeremiah’s mom and my place in his family here and all our CA family as well as our world family. At New Thought Families, our service continues with wonderful  Dream Team  contributions including our own ~ our daily Play & Pray Calendar features helping hands with many of the wonderful pictures like the one above coming from RGB Stock ~ thank you! Our written & audio calendar messages are from a few seasons ago as we look at service as seeds we plant each day. We also have a home spirituality practice of Service from the 2011 archives. Hearing Jeremiah’s voice and seeing him from 2 years ago reawakens me to the amazing growth of time! I am centering and re-centering in the freedom of happy flow with what has been and what is. Happy & free for every reason and for no reason.

For this week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation, lets look at service as Love freely expressed; for ourselves, our families, community, world. For my part, I plan to keep aligning & realigning with unconditional Love ~ mind, heart, hands & feet!

Thank you so much for being here ~ I consider we have just shared a mindful moment of Love expressed. We be blessed! Namaste Love!



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