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Imagination Exploration Vacation

Namaste Imaginative Explorers!

I greet you this last Mindful Monday in June with a joyful imagination celebration! And a little curtsey from my inner princess that says, “Yes! I did it!”
PrincessKittyThis is also a grateful bow to that ‘Spirit within me that doeth the work’ ~ I have the best angel team ever! So, yes, I am celebrating the miracle manifestation of the Leaping Literacy Creativity Camp that did indeed open on 6/22 in the cyber glow of the Solstice sun. With new technology offered by Spruz, this Camp offers a plethora of infinite possibilities for families to frolic and co-create ~ from all around the globe! Among other features, we have a Prosperity Shop where Creative Campers can publish their eBooks & other creations, offer them for sale & keep 100% of the sales. What a cool feature for young authors & co-creators! It really is an amazing Camp set up and the Spruz platform lends itself to the cyber playground I had imagined co-creating. Maybe Spruz can serve you & your co-creations?!
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Our Leaping Literacy Camp Creativity is an Imagination Celebration Exploration Vacation where families can be connected & protected in creativity & originality! Maybe it’s just me, but I see cyber space as another place to truly connect with our children & inner children. Our world is full of computer & internet connections so why not utilize them for creative growth & frolicking fun?!

Leaping Literacy Camp Creativity!
Leaping Literacy Camp Creativity!

Last week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation was to allow the flow of Spirit co-creation in any or every aspect of life! And what I saw in my co-creation process was the insistence of resistance at certain points. I had a hard time doing the Invitation video embedded below. And this, like all things, can be seen on multiple levels. The inner critic in me has been chomping at the bit for this whole post to tell you what is of so wrong with this celebration ~! The biggest failing & continued challenge of this awesome cyber camp is to get the CAMPERS! My decided comfort zone is in the imaginings & co-creatings ~ the production. But any artist’s offering is brought full circle by the participants, the audience, the ‘end-user’ even. So I must stand up to resistance with my own inspiration insistence ~ keep reaching out to those fun families who want to play in this Creative Camp.

It's all how we look at it ...
It’s all how we look at it …

I heard the wonderful Dee Wallace interviewed and she said, “We must parent ourselves … use tough Love and keep returning ourselves to joy.” That’s pretty much a direct quote and what I intend to do. This year’s Creativity Camp has infinitely more potential than last year’s offering. I am going to keep seeing & feeling our fun filled camp full of creative, caring campers ~ And! I am going to get to inviting, and inviting, and inviting! Let’s start with YOU! Want to go on an imagination exploration vacation with us? There is a video invitation below, more information here and the actual camp is found here. There is a 2 step registration process so you must take action on both of those links. I will be posting some Campership Coupon Codes on the Laurie’s Stories page where the pay button is found ~ it’s already super duper uber cheap but I am offering further discounts to sweeten the incentive & make it ultra easy to say YES if it calls to you!

For this week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation, let’s employ some of that powerful parental tough Love with ourselves when the voice of no comes up to put out the glow of yes in our celebrations & co-creations. For my part, I hope this will translate into lots of registered Creativity Campers this week! Next Mindful Monday begins July & our New Thought Families website theme of Sacred Service. I vow to be in joyful service to the sites, the camp, all of it, no matter how many Creativity Campers are in those cyber cabins!

Thank you so much for being here, Creative Co-Creators! May your journey be full of magical, mindful moments of imagination exploration vacations!
Namaste, Love!

Laurie Story’s Camp Creativity Invitation Explanation:



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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