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Imagination & Communication

Namaste this Mindful Monday!
We had a very full weekend in San Francisco participating again in the San Francisco Free Folk Festival. We did sacred drumming & singing in 2 different workshops as well as performed a Family Concert on Sunday. Music is indeed a language all its own and after growing up singing with my family, it is a great joy to have my Jeremiah blossoming as a musician in his own right. He definitely understands the workings of music much better than I which allows him to jam in most any situation which is a beautiful thing. There were many magical moments of the weekend and though I had the camera, I managed to not take a single picture or get any video of our concert either which I had very much wanted to do. Here is a picture of the matriarch of the San Francisco Folk Music Club, Faith Petric:
FaithFaith has been an amazing inspiration to many in her lifetime of making music; read about her here.

In the end, this weekend was very much about Faith, for me and I suspect many others. At 97, Faith is decidedly slipping away. In the last month, she has all but stopped walking and she sleeps more than she’s awake. The main stage of the Festival is named for her and her performance set last year was comprised of mostly ‘goodbye’ songs. This year, her show was mostly a tribute to her. She did take the stage but asked that folks sing to her. When “Bring Flowers” was sung, many beautiful bouquets were handed to her.

Every year I/we stay at Faith’s house during the Folk Festival weekend as San Francisco is a good 3 hours from here. This year, I thought maybe we’d best find somewhere else but we did indeed stay at Faith’s house. In fact, I slept in her bed. Faith was sleeping in the first floor sitting room at her daughter’s insistence leaving her 3rd floor suite empty at the moment. So Jeremiah & I slept up there; a place so full of lifetime pictures, books, memories … That peaceful 3rd floor vibe is calling Faith & I suspect she will be brought back up there … to take her final breaths, sing her last notes.

Faith’s three story Victorian in the San Francisco Haight  district has been the scene of countless music jams including  the official bi-weekly Friday night jam that has been going on for decades. It will continue until Faith is gone. And then? Perhaps another folkie will take up the hosting. Indeed, many folks do host similar musical gatherings in their own spaces, a tradition Faith has helped foster and perpetuate.

I am mindfully meditating on death today. And life, of course. What do we give our lives to and just what do we leave behind when we die? When I came into the Folk Club about 25 years ago, I was, like most, so taken with Faith as the matriarch of it all as well as the whole of the experience. Shortly thereafter, Faith fell and lacerated her liver one night at one of the club’s outdoor camps. When Faith went home to that Victorian, I went & stayed with her for about a week. She recovered beautifully. At our New Year’s camp 2 years ago, I was 3 steps too far back and saw Faith go down when she broke her hip. I had to just flow Love & light & allowing that it was what it was. When she was 90, I compiled a CD of songs by various artists who had all written songs about Faith. We released the CD and sang the songs at her 90th Birthday at the Freight & Salvage. I have many kinds of memories of Faith and our lives were intertwined on multiple levels. When I left her yesterday, I held her face in my hands and wished her well on her journey. There was a flicker of a deeper recognition there and then she beckoned me to drive carefully on my journey home. I’ll take the deeper meaning there too … for our lives are full of navigational choice points, especially as conscious co-creators!

Here’s a video I did of Faith some years back at the Folk Festival, in our Family Room. She’s singing, I Wanna Be A Dog:

I Wanna Be A Dog is written by Barry Louis Polisar who has authored many fun children’s books and songs. A man, obviously in touch with his imagination! So, yes, imagination! What do you want to be?! I continue to be pulled in many directions this Mindful Monday yet I can’t help feeling on purpose to pause and honor Faith. I also will honor me for a mindful moment as I realized this weekend the beauty of seeds that sprout … all those years ago, when I came into the Folk Club, there were not specific offerings or activities for children so I began offering crafts & Family Concerts. After running those myself for many years, they are growing & flowing along beautifully without me ~ what an awesome thing! All I did was show up & perform a concert and admire all the talent & treasure laid out there. I choose to think the journey Faith is on right now, the one where you leave your body behind, is like that … you get to see the seeds you’ve sown while you were here …

So, ya, I am still putting our Super Cyber Summer Creativity Camp together; links will have to post next Mindful Monday before our sizzling Solstice opening date … stay fine tuned. I am also in the middle of pulling a Laurie StorEBook title out of the garage archives & into digital eBook this week for a live show at the Carson City Library Thursday & then into the Online Leaping Literacy Library. I am choosing to be in an imagination communication celebration with myself on these fun co-creations vs. having the joy stealing, reality revealing, “Why are you always doing these things at the last minute?” conversation ~! True enough ~ I choose to PLAY! With the Color Cloud! We are painting dinosaur bones; joining the ranks of the paleontologists, we are with dinosaur bones using imagination swipes to be paintologists:

A page from Color Specialist: Dinosaur Paintologist, A Laurie StorEBook!
A page from Color Specialist: Dinosaur Paintologist, A Laurie StorEBook!

EnJOYing a page from Color Specialist: Dinosaur Paintologist, A Laurie StorEBook! In addition to the upcoming Cyber Creativity Camp, we are offering lots of fun imagination celebrations at New Thought Families on our daily Play & Pray Calendar! Dream Team member, Rev Kanta Bosniak honors a few inspirational figures with her art & message in her June offerings ~ have mindful, playful adventures with us!

Last week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation was to explore yourself ~ using imagination as necessary to discover any lost facets of your life & being. Now, let’s communicate them!   This week, let’s see what imagination we can use in our communication with ourselves & others! I imagine us all growing & glowing more of our divine selves through this power! Namaste, Love!



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