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Imagination Celebration!

Namaste this 1st jubilant June Mindful Monday!

We are embracing another imagination celebration this June at New Thought Families! Imagination as fun like in make believe & storybooks. And imagination as one of our greatest powers of co-creation. One and the same, really.

Who supports your view? Who imagines with you?
Who supports your view? Who imagines with you?

At the website this month, I have made some fun pictures like the one above for our daily Play & Pray Calendar and am also sprinkling in some of my Laurie StorEBook pages & characters like fun with the Color Cloud:

Think Color ~ Color Think with the Color Cloud!
Think Color ~ Color Think with the Color Cloud!

I am attempting to integrate a bit this month & going forward ~ my two worlds of Laurie’s Stories & New Thought Families ~ something I have been struggling with for years. Our Creativity Camp opens Solstice June 21st & I’ll post the link & details next Mindful Monday. Last summer, I ran cyber camps at each site, this year it will be one camp for both with some other really big changes. I find myself having a hard time believing in myself & this dream, at least today. It seems the more limiting beliefs I clear, the more come up to be cleared. Rather than dwell on any of it in this mindful moment, let’s turn to these incredible inspirations that make my mindful muddle seem almost meaningless.

I never dreamed there was footage of Helen Keller & Anne Sullivan but it’s here:

What an amazing inspiration! These amazing women impacted generations by doing what they were called to do. Upon further exploration, I found more footage that shows an older Helen Keller and she speaks out to say that her biggest disappointment in life was that she could not speak normally:

Wow! She could not hear or see but still knew that she could not speak normally ~?! AND! That was such a disappointment? How about the triumph of being able to speak at all?! At the end, she says “… but out of this sorrowful experience, I understand more fully,  all human strivings, thwarted ambitions, and infinite capacity for hope.” She has her 40 year long companion with her, Polly Thompson, who ‘translates’ what Helen is saying. In that last beautiful line above, Helen begins talking while Polly is still talking & Polly sort of rolls her eyes ~ Even though she knows that Helen is blind & deaf, the normalcy of being with her all those years somehow shades the enormity of Helen’s accomplishment in talking at all ~ for both of them! Oh how we all can relate to that all too common practice of taking our gifts for granted?! May we all have ultimate compassion for ourselves & others in our triumphs & our sorrows!

Imagination Celebration questions: Did Helen imagine herself talking before she could talk? Did her actual talking differ so much from what was in her imagination that it caused her to suffer? Just how did she know what she sounded like?! How about you? Is any of your suffering related to imagination expectation? I think it may well be for me … along with integrating my imaginative play & co-creation manifestation this month, I think I will have to mindfully, meditatively explore my imagination expectations!

Last week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation was to open flow explore our divine flow ~ intuition, imagination … mind, heart, soul ~! For this week’s Invitation, explore your imagination for any lost & found facets of your life and being. Perhaps you can choose a favorite person from history like Helen Keller or a favorite storybook character like Harry Potter and integrate some of their inspiration into your exploration & celebration; this invitation is on today’s Calendar page onsite:
The beautiful boy pictured exercising his imagination is Growing Spirit Kids’ Kate Beddow’s son. Kate is part of our 2013 Dream Team and she has wonderful tips on Spiritual Parenting each month; visit her June Imagination tips as well as all the other outstanding offerings from our team!

Thank you dear one for stopping by today; many blessings on your way. Namaste!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

2 thoughts on “Imagination Celebration!

  1. Namaste Callie! Thanks for sharing this with us! While you are blessed to know the little wizard in person, we all are blessed by his lightening bolt beauty giving all of our imaginations & inspirations a jubilant jolt!

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