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Intuitive Silence ~ Open Flow ~

Namaste Conscious Travelers! Thank you for mindfully sharing a bit of your journey here today! Let’s breathe in the whispers of the divine … sit in sacred silence … and just listen …
This is today's picture on our daily Play & Pray Calendar!

This is today’s picture on our daily Play & Pray Calendar!

I took this picture of the oh so beautiful hibiscus when we were in Florida in March. Kinda amazes me sometimes the way the days & moments fly by. The flower called to me out of the busyness of the moment & the place we were in … called to me in beauty as if to say, “Stop! Drop! And center!” Beauty does that ~ often calls me home to my heart, home to my place of Love & truth. In these stopping moments of silence & listening, the truth of Love is always waiting … beautifully & patiently.

That Florida trip was with Jeremiah’s dad, Daniel, and he is here in CA for a long Memorial Day weekend visit. Thankfully gone at the moment with Jeremiah & heading home tomorrow, I am relishing the silent space. In our chosen alternative family situation, I realized a few things in light of last week’s Meditation Invitation. Our invitation was to sense the presence of our intuitive guidance in cutting chords ~ to let go of those energies that no longer serve us but rather, act to hinder us. I have been looking at different facets of our relationship for a long time & suffice it to say that the more awake and aware we choose to be, the more multi-faceted our awareness can become! In an ongoing choice for freedom & Love, I am listening deeper, letting go of certain energies while re-committing to others. I am choosing to stay centered in gratitude for all of it! I have often told Daniel he is my greatest teacher for the way he shows me where my pain body still lives. And thankfully, how much of it has indeed, been healed. No matter how challenging our relationship is, we are doing the right thing for Jeremiah. He has never had to wonder who his father is or why we aren’t together for that matter! Like all of mindful life, it is a process of what to keep, what to let go & how to stay centered while allowing divine flow.

We are letting go of May & our exploration of Intuition at New Thought Families & we are making way for June’s Imagination. I am in a bit of a birthing process with this & some other offerings at Laurie’s Stories so will be leaving more space for silent whispers in this week’s post.

Here is a neighborhood flower currently in bloom that is always buzzing with bees …IMG_5294 I know it from growing up as ‘bottle brush’ & from it’s spiny appearance & popularity with the buzz, I never thought of it as a call to silence. Yet a call to beauty it is:
IMG_5292The whispers within us wait patiently to be heard & our inner GPS will activate our attention in any willing moment! So what is calling you this week? This moment?! Let’s make this week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation a continued exploration of our divine flow ~ intuition, imagination … mind, heart, soul ~ OPEN FLOW!  May your journey this week be an open flow blessedness of yesness … Namaste, Love!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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