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Intuition As Decision

Namaste Mindful Ones!

This comes to you as a deliberate decision amidst the swirling sea of inspired intuition! It suddenly seems there is much more news than a week should hold! Focus, Laurie. Breathe. Mmmm … that’s better. A mindful breath is a great way to come back to center in any moment … allowing … always allowing the flow of energy, the flow of Love, the flow of life itself.

I have been clearing the energy flow of life this week in many ways including taking care of incompletes. My Laurie’s Stories’ Leaping Literacy Online Library has been in a curious limbo for quite some time and I am slowly moving along with that; my simple action of a free (revised) Laurie StorEBook a week fell to the wayside for a few weeks so I made the conscious effort to catch up & get current ~ even if only for me!
As I make small revisions & re-illustrations in my Laurie StorEBook pages, I continue the big picture meditation & intuition inspiration of last week’s invitation of co-creation.2013RoutineHeader2

In following that intuitive guidance we’ve been discussing, a flowing set of circumstances & decisions brought us back to our old church on Sunday. Once very active there with a youth choir, etc, it was a home for us for several years and now has been about 4 (!) years since we’ve been. A good hour from here, distance is a multi-faceted deterrent; Jeremiah attended the Sunday School & reported back that he “could have taught the lesson” … I know how he feels & I am happy that he is rooted in spiritual truth & understanding. We saw a number of old friends and enjoyed the smiling sweetness of community. Here is a quote that spoke loudly to me from the talk:

” … I believe that whenever we come to services such as these, what we are really doing is seeking to provide a context in fellowship in which we heighten our awareness of the all good.”~ Rev James Trapp, Spiritual Life Center, Sacramento, CA

It is all good. I have been in an intermingled releasing the past & re-connecting with the threads of truth that have always been in me. Jeremiah is finishing 7th grade & high school geometry; his band concert this week & our Jr High Drama Club play next week. It looks like he may well be the next pianist in the High School Jazz Band next year which means getting him to the school for a 7:00 a.m. start 3 mornings a week. Starting that this week along with a few other factors, it seems my days of walking the mile & a half to school with him are done. In releasing the sadness that comes with this for me, I am noticing how beauty is everywhere and truly in the eye of the beholder. Here are some pictures I took on my solo walk this morning:

Check out this pair of 'weeds'!
Check out this pair of ‘weeds’!
What a sweet little town we live in!
What a sweet little town we live in!
There is always gold!
There is always gold!
Always reaching for beauty!
Always reaching for beauty!
Centered in abundance!
Centered in abundance!

True to divine perfection, I am currently so gratefully experiencing a wonderful program called Love Or Above from Christie Marie Sheldon. She is an alchemist after my own heart with her awareness & intuitive strategies that are all about the family! And just as it is time to be cutting some more of those ‘apron strings’ with Jeremiah, Christie’s program has me cutting all kinds of spiritual chords! These chords (or is it cords?) can keep us tethered to people for many reasons with unhealthy results. By cutting the chords, we allow ourselves more freedom to be our highest & best selves. While I have cut chords before, Christie has helped me realize that this is an ongoing process ~ one that continues as long as it needs to. One snip doesn’t necessarily do it! In parenting, we keep snipping away as our little birdies grow into more & more of their wingspan & into the sky. I will most likely be sharing more about Christie & her Love Or Above program but do experience her here & now! Opening Up Your Intuition with Christie Marie Sheldon:

Thank you Christie for the beautiful gift you are & for the beauty you help unlock in others!
With this inspiration, let’s make this week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation to sense the presence of our intuitive guidance in cutting chords … in letting go those energies that not only no longer serve us but act to hinder us. And remember to experience intuition with us in our multimedia, interfaith, intergenerational Play & Pray daily calendar & other *Dream Team* offerings at New Thought Families where you are always old enough to pray & young enough to play!

Before closing, there is one more must share resource this week! It really is a celebration to see! As I cut my cords & tether to my truths, I find myself as the voyager seeing such an expanse and breathing into my next steps … as a mother … as a lover … as an artist, an educator, as a being of light shining so that others may also be fuller expressions of the Love they are … Enter the wonderful Mindful School. It really is so simple; we all need time in the silence, time to breathe deep, time to listen and to be centered. To me, what these light workers are doing in the schools is a form of prayer & meditation & centering in for heart time with intuitive guidance. But words like prayer & meditation can be loaded with various (religious) meanings so they call it mindfulness ~ even though some of that emptying process is really more like mindlessness ~! Whatever you call it, this is such a powerful step in supporting our children & youth into growing as whole beings, body, mind & Spirit. Thank you Mindful School!:

And thank you to you for being mindful expressions of the Love you truly be ~ and for sharing your mindful Love here & now with me! Blessings of Love & freedom to you & yours!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

2 thoughts on “Intuition As Decision

  1. What a fun spot for all ages, the fun stories, wording, colorful pictures and playful twists and turns throughout. This Grandma loves it for all the wonderful ideas and approaches to the basic ‘truths’ that surround and support knowing we are love and we are all One striving to enjoy and be in this glorious place and time. Yes, to stop and smell the roses, bottle brush bush and springtime everywhere!
    Thank you for your time and efforts!

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