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Tender Surrender

mother_teresa_0820“Do not think that love in order to be genuine has to be extraordinary. What we need is to love without getting tired. Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.” ~ Mother Teresa

Namaste this Mindful Mother’s Day Monday!

I greet you with a mother’s Love & plenty of leftover reflections on motherhood this Monday after Mother’s Day. Yes, a day for honoring mothers ~ the bearers & nurturers of life. This holiday began in civil war days as a cry from Anna Jarvis & other mothers for peace ~ a cry for the end of bloodshed for their sons. We have a colorful page onsite with some honorings & some information about the origins of Mother’s Day.

We stayed close to home this weekend returning to see friends at our little, local Methodist church for a Sunday service & delightful brunch put on by the men there. Jeremiah & I both smiled as the pastor spoke excitedly about a bible passage that “blows his mind” whereby Jesus is actually saying that we are one with God! Hallelujah brother!

Saturday brought the news that the semi-local ‘man-hunt’ near here for the killer of an 8 year old girl was over. So sadly, the killer was her 12 year old brother. I can’t begin to fathom what Sunday was like for that mother … a mother brings life into this world, the last thing we expect to endure is releasing that life back out again ~ especially in ‘Cain & Abel’ fashion.  So as we pray for this mother ~ and her husband, the father ~ to know the peace that passeth understanding, we all can’t help but wonder … why? It is a question not easily ever answered ~ did anyone ever figure out that first one ~ with Cain & Abel, I mean?!

Through the lenses of life’s precious passings, perspective comes clearer. I have found myself to be so tired of late. Tired of the very things that always have fueled my passion & thereby given me energy. I am constantly turning to tender surrender as I let go & let God … My little challenges are just commonplace struggles really … admittedly, motherhood was easier when I was younger, when my storybook characters, songs & co-creations were younger, and yes, when my son was younger. I liked picking out his clothes & brushing his hair! And yes, I totally & tenderly surrender to the fact that my 13 year old man-cub long since stopped needing such help from me! I get to stay steadfast in helping him in other ways; like not reacting to a slammed door. I actually got one of those yesterday morning ~ ouch! So I gave space and we hugged an hour later. From my song recorded on the CD Small After Small, Mother Is Another Name For Love:

V.2: When I’m feeling mad and I’m all out of nice, Mom gives space instead of advice. She lets me cry or pout or even shout it all out. When I’m all out of nice, mom shows me what love’s about.

Chorus: Thank you mom for taking good care of me. Thank you mom, you’re the best that can be! And thank you God for everything mom’s made of. Mother is another name for love.

Though I know that the oneness of God Love is big enough for all pain from the tiny door slamming moments to the heart shattering, murderous moments; it is often only through tenderness with allowing myself to surrender, that I truly experience it. More & more, I have glimpses of life as a soul voyager & this expanded vision helps us embrace all experiences by knowing, truly knowing, that indeed all things are for our highest good ~ our soul says YES to it all ~ and so do we when we allow it mindfully!

So even if I feel tired, I embrace the moments as precious as often as I mindfully can with a return to allowing the flow of a grateful, cheerful heart. It is from this quiet allowance, this tender surrender, that the inspiring intuition of guidance can flow. And from this place I have once again embraced hosting our New Thought Families summer camp Feathers Of Faith:
Feathers Of Faith

Join us for Feathers Of Faith Family Camp August 2-4, 2013! This annual event is an interfaith, intergenerational invitation to have heart opening fun & frolic in the sacred Sierra Nevada mountains ~ check it out here!

Also, here’s our New Thought Families’ May Invitation To Intuition! We have great offerings from our Dream Team. What is intuition? Experience some here with Dream Team CreaTEAvity coach genie muse Callie:

Today’s daily Play & Pray Calendar features the artwork of Dream Team member Rev Kanta Bosniak! ~See  Kanta’s wonderful monthly page with us with her May celebration of Intuition!

As for our Mindful Meditation Invitation this week … let’s keep listening to that intuitive voice from our deepest soul wisdom  ~ with tender surrender, if necessary. In the listening, find some action to take that is new … it might be a tiny breath at just the right moment or some co-creative decision of much bigger proportions ~ let’s see where guidance leads us!

Thank you so much for being here at whatever mindful moment you arrive … know that we are one in the heart of the mother. Namaste, Love!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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