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Invitation To Intuition

Love Blooms from the Center!
Love Blooms from the Center!

Namaste this 1st Mindful Monday in May!

May brings lots of flowers & Mother’s Day & we are celebrating both as we embrace our new monthly theme of Intuition. Ah, the internal GPS ~ God Positioning System ~ that keeps us divinely aligned with the shine of our design! Coming to center, returning to Love, can be as simple as one breath:

Last week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation was to bring more awareness to the busyness of your days & the business of your existence! We asked: What are you co-creating? Do you want to co-create something different? Start with a deep breath of acknowledgement & allowance. Give yourself permission to be happy & to choose again if necessary! How did you do with this? I extend the invitation for another week ~ keep breathing, smiling & allowing while you stay mindful of what you are co-creating!

I have been breathing & smiling through a spring cleaning craze hoping that as I de-clutter, pile up the giveaways & re-organize the here to stays, I will get more perspective on other aspects of life ~ like work & relationships. It was an amazing weekend of activity & simultaneous introspection on the circle of life. Our inspirational friend, Myra Rose left this life behind on Friday at age 102. My 13 year old Jeremiah went with his school band to perform a concert & have an amusement park adventure ~ I left him for the school bus at 6:00 a.m. on Saturday & picked him up at 10:30 pm. that night. True to form, he didn’t blink an eye while I was fighting off the internal flinching. I scheduled a business meeting with myself that morning that I side stepped with both events showing me more layers of a void dance I do with myself! Though I must report, we both had a fabulous day! I simply released the flinching with the allowance breath & followed the grace of my GPS. I enjoyed my morning & 2 wonderful local afternoon events ~ A Hats Off To Mothers Tea & Luncheon where I won an award for smallest hat ~! And a building dedication to the amazing drama teacher I had decades ago & Jeremiah is experiencing this year in the Jr. High Drama Club. Mr. Turner has been in that performing arts building that is now named for him for 46 years! With the 4 years he taught at another school, this marvelous man has been positively impacting youth for 50 years! WOWSA! Sunday, Jeremiah & I saw Mr. Turner and many others at a local Amador Choraliers concert; this group is also celebrating 50 years of making music in our little county. The founding director was there and spoke before conducting the last 2 songs that included some alumni members of the group. The singing, concert, and whole experience was truly phenomenal. And the words of this elder director, Bob Miller, spoken with a shining twinkle in his eye definitely spoke to me. Two words in particular are ringing on … “Don’t stop.”

When we center in commitment to love, and grow, and flow, our sweet Spirit will keep turning us towards home, patiently, and wisely. The beauty of intuition shows us that we are, indeed, hard wired as spiritual beings. In our online celebration of this divine design, follow the links and offerings from New Thought Families and our Dream Team this month to help you (re) align with the divine flowing in you! Our daily Play & Pray Calendar is always there to help you remember the truth of your divine shine. Keep flowing the Love that you know ~ I celebrate you in this glow! Namaste Love!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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