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The Business Of Forgiveness

Namaste this Mindful Monday ~ or whatever day your time zone dictates ~ I so appreciate your willingness to take a mindful moment for awareness, gratefulness, forgiveness, and yesness! And yes, in the spirit of ‘ness’, today we will be exploring a bit of conscious business! As a relevant sidebar, let us know that the suffix ‘ness’ can be used with many words (as I have had great fun with this April!) & it means ‘to be full of’ ~ an expansiveness applicable to most anything you want more of.

Thank you Michel Kotski for this great pic!

So with that held in mindfulness, let’s take a brief exploration of the word & the concept of business. Is it business for a bee to pollinate?! In the most common understanding of business, the merchant selling honey may say it is business for the bee to pollinate. What would the bee say? Well, methinks the bee would fix it’s multi-faceted compound eyes upon us and answer in the zen, “It’s what I do.” It is the life’s work of a bee to pollinate. No marketing or storefront needed ~ they just take care of business. What about us? What do we do to take care of business? Do we put business before pleasure? Have we ever gone to the bathroom to do our business? What about our pet?

Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming. ~ Richard Branson
There are many current day definitions of the term business & should any unsuspecting businessman ~ or woman ~ stumble by here, they could easily take offence at the proceeding comments. Thereby, let me salute you now for a mindset I do not seem to possess & further wave you off to greener commerce pastures … unless of course, you are here to mindfully ponder another purpose in business. The origins of the word business indicate it is a way to fill time, to keep (full of) busy. Thank you Online Entomology Dictionary:
Old English bisignes (Northumbrian) “care, anxiety, occupation,” from bisig “careful, anxious, busy, occupied, diligent” (see busy (adj.)) + -ness. Middle English sense of “state of being much occupied or engaged” (mid-14c.) is obsolete, replaced by busyness.

Anybody else find it curious that ‘anxious’ & ‘anxiety’ factor into this ‘state of being much occupied’?! I have been a self declared independent artist & Schedule C filing home business for most of my adult working life. I don’t think I can claim ever having a successful business (yet?!!) but I have opened up to some important truths about the busyness of life, having a life’s work, aka ‘the state of being engaged’, as well as the fundamental business of forgiveness rooted in self awareness.

I am currently in the process of what looks like the surrender of an 800# I have had for well over a decade. I’m o.k. with that; times change. I have been treading water with my life’s work at Laurie’s Stories & the Leaping Literacy Online Library for what seems like an eternity. Yet, somehow I am at peace, trusting divine order. Our online membership option collapsed last year & is still in limbo. I recently launched a membership option for New Thought Families & don’t have any takers. I confess all this not because I was once Catholic or because I want to convince you I don’t know much about business but rather as a framework for the business of forgiveness through self awareness.
You see, as we discussed last week, there is a plain & simple isness to life. We make choices everyday about what & how we co-create our gift of life. For most of us, a lot of what we co-create is built on limiting beliefs housed in our subconscious programming from earlier experiences. Truth is, I have learned quite a bit about business over the years, most of which I am unwilling to employ. Rather than delve into my own pyscho-analysis, suffice it to say, it is a conscious and/or unconscious choice on my part based on who I am. Having self awareness can shine the light in the dark & troubled places as well as illuminate (self) compassion & Love. There is only one piece of business in the way of living a joyful & happy life ~ judgment. When we can accept & allow the ever present, omnipresent flow of Love in our lives ~ no matter what the circumstances ~ then the freedom of forgiveness & allowance opens us up to good, and more good. It often times takes the mindfulness & willingness to reach into our spiritual toolbox and do what we can to shift the energy, release whatever is in our way & breathe into the Presence.
Spiritual Tool BoxTo recap the business of forgiveness: having awareness is the first important step followed by the willingness to take needed action for release. We release to make more room for Love to flow for when it does, we are on purpose, happy & aligned with the shine of our divine design. When we ‘take care of business’, we do indeed expand our experience of pleasure. Last week, we looked at Radical Forgiveness which is a staple in my toolbox allowing me not only to forgive but expand into gratitude for all the players & happenings in my soul’s journey here.

My life’s work has always been a calling for me that I have been in passionate service to; I still question sometimes but I remain in service to the joyful flow of co-creation. I have published hundreds of songs & books ~ seemingly just because I am a busy bee. My most important life’s work though, has to be the job of mom. I am raising a conscious kid who, at 13, has more tools in his spiritual toolbox than many if not most adults we know. Of course, it is always his choice to choose to use them. That’s where spiritual family comes in ~ we continuously remind each other. And when he reminds me, that’s when I celebrate my life’s work most! The other day, I started to grump and he said, “What are you happy & grateful for right now?” As I launched into my list, I was immediately re-aligned with my intention to be happy for no reason and happy for every reason. I, like the pollinating bee, can’t help but conclude, “That’s what I’m here to do!”

Last week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation was to be ~ that’s right ~ isness ~ experience the happiness of isness & see if there’s any room or need for forgiveness. This week, I invite you to bring more awareness to the busyness of your days & the business of your existence! What are you co-creating? Do you want to co-create something different? Start with a deep breath of acknowledgement & allowance. Give yourself permission to be happy & to choose again if necessary! 

At New Thought Families this week, our theme switches from the Goodness Of Forgiveness to the Invitation Of Intuition. There are lots of goodies coming up including new offerings from our Dream Team.  Our daily Play & Pray Calendar is always there to help you remember & playfully align with the shine of your divine design. Namaste Love!



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