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The Isness Of Forgiveness


CactusBloomA Beautiful, Bountiful Mindful Earth Day Monday To YOU!

Smile!Love!This comes to you with deep appreciation & reverence for our mama ~ did you ever stop to ponder deeply the incredible beauty of our planet home? From the oceans to the deserts, mountains to the seeds sprouted in little cups on the window sills, our sacred mother is always smiling her holy, divine yesness that is life.

No matter what we do to her, no matter how massive our destruction can be, she keeps showing up in beauty. In my egotistical human mind, I think she forgives us. In the broader sense of life’s meaning, forgiveness is a stepping stone to seeing the oneness & divine perfection that is, that just is.  The work of Colin Tipping’s Radical Forgiveness lays this out with a fair amount of simplicity & clarity. In a nutshell, all of our relationships & situations arise from our soul to soul awareness that transcends even the most mindful minds &  conscious co-creators. If anything, most of this is on a subconscious level where our expansive souls are willing to say yes to what seems so doable outside of human perception.

Ya, ok, the nutshell can get kinda big … but it is this viewpoint of radical forgiveness that allows us complete freedom from needing retribution for any of it; it even goes so far as to be able to thank a perpetrator for their part in our soul growth & development. And irrespective of that leap, we are simply free to affirm & truly know that indeed, everything is always working out for our highest good. If this resonates with you at all, do check out Tippings website and/or his books on Radical Forgiveness & Self Forgiveness.

Right outside my window!
Blooming Yesness of Isness!

My dogwood tree made a huge showing this year after a major pruning by the gardener, a very dry & freezing cold winter as well as high chilly winds that came to greet her pink blossoms, she just held on, pink smiles exploding as if to say, “Thank you sun, thank you life ~ I am here!” Grateful acceptance ~ now that is true forgiveness! Or, probably more accurately, true isness.

So, we as mindful, heart-full co-creators get to do the dance of isness. Our life & soul plan can look to the dogwood for inspiration but not so much for direct instruction ~ unless the isness of her beauty speaks directly to your soul as it does mine. The details of my existence seemingly do take a bit more conscious planning … or do they?! As much as I love a good planner & checklist as we linked last week, there is also much to be said for simply being in the flow of moment to moment guidance. There is a happiness to the isness of yesness and in this place, there truly is no need for forgiveness.

Last week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation was to participate in Callie’s Inspire & Connect Festival and/or answer the questions for yourself ~ shortened to “What do you envisage for your life & what do you need RIGHT NOW for it? Can forgiveness & yesness help?!” My process is ongoing with some things I thought were sure looking decidedly more fluid. This week’s invitation is to be ~ that’s right ~ isness ~ experience the happiness of isness & see if there’s any room or need for forgiveness. May you be in bountiful beautiful flow of isness all week long! Namaste, Love!



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