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Goodness, Forgiveness & Yesness

DreamTeam1CA pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. ~ Winston Churchill

Namaste This  Mindful Monday!

We continue our April Awareness … mingling mindfulness of free will, aka choice or willingness or even as I have come to call it … yesness … with the concepts of forgiveness, acceptance, business & blissness! Be sure to read or scroll down to the end of today’s post to delight & participate in our Dream Team Callie Carling’s CreaTEAvity Inspire & Connect Online Festival April 2013! I am answering Callie’s conscious questions there in dreaming up a more fulfilling ease & grace business & way of life blissness. The term ‘blissness’ comes from the oh so creative business maven Marney Makridakis of Artella Land who has trained folks like Callie & our ‘TaDa’ Kiss Of Bliss blogger & artist friend, Dr. Angi  as Artbundance Coaches. Creativity & art are 2 of the reasons I admire these ladies so greatly as well as other Dream Team members like Rev. Kanta Bosniak & artist Carol Moore. Thank you all for blessing me & blessing the world with your creative vision & beauty spilling into your conscious co-creations!

For those who like to plan & stay on target with To Do & Ta Da Lists, here’s a great template offered for free from Bethany at The Ivy Twines. Beautiful Bethany, thank you so much! I love this planner for it’s graphic layout, color & beauty but also for important details like food & water intake, joys, family & home blessings … love this space to document & celebrate choices!

The divine continues to surround me in springtime splendor as I mindfully mingle all things human … Here is a zoomed in image across the green field of white wildflowers that is on a regular path I take bringing Jeremiah to high school math … the owner of this place has awesome animals including zebras and this mama & baby buffalo roaming there … You’ll see more of these guys in upcoming Play & Pray Calendar pages at New Thought Families!IMG_4838And there are blossoms everywhere … including the incredible dogwood blooms out my window. They made it out again this year! ~I’ve been watching those buds since before our Florida trip last month and this was the week ~ they did indeed once again, bloom pink! They are, at the moment, dancing in the wind ~ rather than stiffening against it ~  smiling of infinite possibilities …


With this month’s April awareness of the Goodness In Forgiveness, I am yet again reminded through the inspirations of others as well as my own teacher of resistance, that life is a continuous series of choices and when we flow with a grateful Spirit of yesness, moment by moment, we feel infinitely more happy & blessed! We can choose to see the beauty & goodness in each & every moment. And when we can’t or don’t, no forgiveness needed ~ though it is helpful to get us back on track! Because, as I can first hand testify to, stuckness happens. I wonder if the dogwood buds felt stuck at all in their seemingly long journey to bloom … I sense they were much more compassionately patient with their process than I was ~ with theirs or mine! Ah, to just relax & bloom patiently in perfect divine right timing!LaurieBloomIt is true as Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living” and for many of us list making & planning are great organizational, productive tools. Yet some form of the old  Yiddish proverb, “We plan, God laughs holds true for all of us. So at best, we keep going optimistically with great passion & vision and at worst, we keep going blindly. If you’re going through hell, keep going.  ~ Winston Churchill
So in a faith filled flow of forgiveness & fortitude, I do the work I feel called to do wondering most of the while if it’s on track or not. We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. ~ Winston Churchill

Like many givers, I struggle with receiving & REALLY struggle in asking for help so here I go answering Callie’s call below and in my own callings below that … see the ships sail ~! I am trusting that all of this certainly has God laughing delightedly because I am either on the right track (finally!) or headed into another sea/see (finally!). All of this in stepping into my business as business and blissness! And taking the steps with willingness ~ yesness ~ as well as a good measure of acceptance ~ forgiveness ~! Some people regard private enterprise as a predatory tiger to be shot. Others look on it as a cow they can milk. Not enough people see it as a healthy horse, pulling a sturdy wagon. ~ Winston Churchill

Callie, the playful genie muse, of CreaTEAvity is one of our 2013 Dream Team members at New Thought Families; Callie is a lovely human as well as a creative visionary & great connector of folks. One of her latest online invitations, to all of us ~ is to share in her Inspire & Connect Festival this April 2013! Callie is posing 3 important questions that truly speak to my ongoing quest … the Socratic dialogue of the unexamined life not worth living … and the Einstein definition of insanity to just keep doing what you’re doing even when it isn’t working! So here we go …
Callie suggests that we answer three questions and post on our blogs to share:
1. Name 2 skills you have (with your entrepreneur hat on) which you are totally passionate about:

Creativity & Communications

2. How do you envisage sharing your passion & skills in a way to bring abundance & prosperity into your life, and that of others? (mmm … envisage … had to look it up ~ joy! Envisage is synonymous with imagine!)
I envisage continuing to co-create; having (online) tribe(s)/community who are served with my creative (online) endeavors found at New Thought Families & Laurie’s Stories including Laurie StorEBooks, Laurie StorETV, music, Play & Pray calendar pages,  interactive literacy games, etc. I envisage these offerings serving children & families as inspiration for their own flowing fluency.  I envisage receiving full circle giving in this including being well paid for my work; memberships, sponsorships, partnerships or some other ‘ship’!

 3. What do you need RIGHT NOW to make this vision, this dream, happen? Besides my own perseverance, fortitude, focus & faith in continued production, organization & inspirations, I would LOVE some presence of SHIP listed above!

Before I close out this week’s mindful message with the current existing link to a ‘ship’ invitation we have at New Thought Families, here’s your Mindful Meditation Invitation: Participate in Callie’s Inspire & Connect Festival and/or answer the questions for yourself ~ you can even shorten it to “What do you envisage for your life & what do you need RIGHT NOW for it? Can forgiveness & yesness help?!” Thanks so much for being here ~ I rejoice in your choice! Namaste, Love!

‘Ship’ Invitation:

New Thought Families Monthly Membership:MembershipWeekly download supports intergenerational home spirituality practice. ~ Try a week for free! ~ Be a referring Abundant Affiliate & receive 40% ~ for life! LLAffiliates


Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

3 thoughts on “Goodness, Forgiveness & Yesness

  1. Dearest Laurie, thank you so much for taking part in CreaTEAvity’s heart-centred festival this April … I love that you are embracing the energy of circles! “I envisage receiving full circle giving in this including being well paid for my work; memberships, sponsorships, partnerships or some other ‘ship’!” … indeed, indeed!

    From a practical perspective, how do you envisage CONNECTING to INSPIRING people in order to open the channels of communication regarding sponsorships and partnerships? Although I would love to imagine a full flow of SHIPS sailing towards you now that you have expressed your desire in such a public format, is there a fixed page on your sites that actually issues an invitation for these people to enter a dialogue with you, to determine how they may be able to become involved in your incredible initiatives?

    I am so looking forward to seeing all your ships come sailing in, bringing waves of prosperous abundance to each and every One x

    1. Thanks Callie,
      Your practical questions are valid. As an artist, I say yes to co-creation production ~ songs, books, videos, the daily calendar pages, etc ~ and the hope is always there to connect & inspire. As far as sponsors & partners, I have been working on a direct proposal for clarity & conversation sake but clearly have been in avoidance of the whole process … leaving me in a void dance & shipless! I know it is, in part of lingering feelings from ‘pitching’ Laurie’s Stories for years without the results I was seeking. I know now that it has all been on purpose & I trust the divine order of all. And, our New Thought Families’ Vision page and Memberships page do lay out our offerings with invitations: and

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