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Awareness & Forgiveness

IMG_4402Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.  ~ Winston Churchill

Namaste This  Mindful Monday turned Thoughtful Thursday turned Freedom Friday!

For anyone who may notice or care, I did show up here on Monday for Monday Mindful Matters but I was in such a fierce ani-flowerwrestle with resistance, all I could manage was to re-do the logo removing the ‘Monday” from Mindful Matters … making it “Multimedia” instead. And while the ‘multimedia’ speaks to what we’re up to at New Thought Families ~ offering an alternative voice in the cyber wilderness ~  I have re-committed to the whole concept of ‘Monday’. The logistical details are of course only made up rules in this little game. As far as your part, you get to continue to show up to these weekly posts whenever & if ever you choose. For my part, I am re-committing to posting here every Monday or as close as I can get. I think I understand the resistance & it’s avoidance dance much better now as I have yet again deepened self awareness & forgiveness. The process of all this has yielded such a long post that I am putting it into 2 parts; the 1st today on Freedom Friday & the 2nd set for Mindful Monday! It really comes down to choices; careful, compelling commitments that, at their core, feed us & others in some way.

Rainbow2So, yes, this week found me somewhere over the rainbow in an ongoing dance, aka wrestling match, with myself ~ a sometimes turbulent tumble of truths as I pursue purpose, passion and sanity at the same time!

Last week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation was to be aware of (self) judgments and to ask if they are true ~ with reference to the Access Consciousness criteria for truth: If it feels light it is true and if it feels heavy, it’s a lie. What if what appears to be a lie feels light & good & true? Mmmmmmm …. in a nutshell, one of my turbulent truths is that my intuitive sense of what is mine to do seems to be stubbornly misaligned with the reality at hand. What if I have greatly underestimated the power of my own capacity to deceive myself?!
A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.  ~ Winston Churchill

In part, the offerings I have been working on at New Thought Families & Laurie’s Stories have not (yet?!) attracted a tribe of folks to serve and thereby needed funds in the bank to live on. What if the generations old pattern of poverty in me is the same little game of life of naming the days of the week?! What if I am happy & cared for no matter what? The performing artist in me is worn & weary appearing on a stage in a seemingly empty amphitheater in the vastness of cyberspace. Reduced to a few words, this seems like a blip … juxtaposed to hours of working on offerings no one is downloading for free or otherwise, it is simply important truth beckoning to a plethora of tools available to me at any given mindful moment. Self awareness & forgiveness are always an important place to start! What if the practice of forgiveness is simply acceptance of the isness of the situation in a compassionate, non-judgmental way? And while the inner work is pivotal, the outer world demands certain action that if I am not capable of it, I ‘d best hand it over to someone that is! For, I believe that my co-creations are divine and needed by others. The part of misalignment may be in the connecting and getting the word out. In business, they call this marketing ~ an ‘m’ word I’m still trying to be friends with! On Mindful Monday, we will further the discussion of business, blissness & conscious choice with a look at our awesome Dream Team member Callie Carling’s CreaTEAvity Inspire & Connect Online Festival April 2013! Along with more great quotes from Winston Churchill! Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential. ~ Winston Churchill

SpiritualToolBoxFor this mindful moment, let us peek into our transformational toolbox to look at conscious choice & the goodness of forgiveness. As conscious beings, we get to choose! And there is no greater choice than our attitude. We can choose to see the goodness and perfection in absolutely any situation if we use or yesness to do so! Perhaps there is no greater teacher of appreciation for life in its isness as the teacher of death which always helps deepen our awareness of life. This week brought 3 very different glimpses of death into our world.

We saw my beautiful, heart rich niece star in an “Every Fifteen Minutes” simulation video that she was part of at her high school last month. She portrayed a teenage drunk driver who kills & maims others. Unfortunately, this tragedy does happen statistically every 15 minutes and does indeed result from choice ~ albeit a more unconscious choice. My awesome niece & her schoolmates are in the YouTube video here:

An old friend of mine from the folk music club is dying of liver cancer. Another friend of both of ours happens to be his ex girlfriend (now married to someone else) and she hosted a Living Farewell celebration of his life last Sunday. Due to life logistics, I attended via phone line. Being on the phone was an interesting blessing … connection in & out, spotty a lot of the time yet still CONNECTED! Very much like varying states of consciousness, really. And such a great gift in lieu of not being there in person. I got to tell him (tearfully!) how much he meant to me. The side conversations I had on the phone with other callers was also an amazing piece of the day & of the honoring of Howard. Knowing he has indeed touched so many lives and reconfirming for me that all of us indeed matter. A Living Celebration. Awareness & acceptance of what is and an honoring of it. When we drop judgment through acceptance, forgiveness, or any other means in our Transformational toolbox, we can indeed be free to honor life in all its phases ~ even and especially the times of death ~ and resurrection!

IMG_4882This insect, which is known to me as a ‘mosquito hawk’ appeared in our house the other day. It wanted out the window and I didn’t know how to help it. I opened the door but it didn’t go out. It was as big as my hand, too big for the bug catcher and neither Jeremiah or I up for catching it. We were away for a night and when I came home, there it was at the window, seemingly desperate in its attempts to get out. With much coaxing & praying out loud to the helping angels, I was finally able to get it onto a manila envelope and out onto the deck railing where it just sat soaking up the breeze. I was delightedly triumphant, “You’re free! Off you go!” But there it sat. “Well, o.k., gather your strength then before you take off.” I went back inside but as the minutes ticked on, there it sat. Hours later, it was still there and had appeared to have flattened out on the railing. “Really? Are you sleeping? Are you dead? But you were fine before I got you out here!” Jeremiah surmised that perhaps it had a heart attack in the process of the manila envelope ride. Wow. Later in the evening, it was gone. Blown off the railing by the wind? Eaten by a bird? Woke up to fly again? Choices. I accept that I did my best and that this creature is living in whatever way it needs to. Perhaps my gift was to just make its last breath one of the outside fresh spring air. There is goodness in that as well as goodness in acceptance, forgiveness &  release no matter what the circumstances!

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. ~ Winston Churchill

As I close this segment until Monday’s Mindful Matters Moment of more exploration of awareness, goodness, forgiveness & yesness, I breathe in peace for all of us … the sweet peace of release of judgment & rigid rules allowing us all more grateful flow of the divinity we truly be. Thank you Love & namaste!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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