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Renewal, Rainbows & Resurrection

Namaste this Transformational Tuesday! Forgive me for missing another Mindful Monday but I was full up with family & real life service ~ vs. our sacred cyber moment here! One of the many beautiful gifts that came my way yesterday, Easter Monday, was traveling with a huge, full sky rainbow in front of us for a good 5+ miles. What a glorious glimpse of rejuvenating divine direction in the Spirit of renewal & resurrection: Rainbow1Admittedly, I was feeling very burned out after a holiday of serving family and a reawakened truth of a bunch of missing pieces when it comes to business. And there’s the deeper layers of healing when it comes to family patterns of pain. The ding dong celebration shared this time last week sorta morphed into a myriad of “Oh ya’s” and “Ya buts” that I further compounded by nibbling on way too much Easter candy ~ ya, I know, why not carrots?! I fully embrace my celebrations as well as trials & tribulations with all of the compassion and kindness we focused on last month that I can muster. I am also accustomed to adding a heaping helping of forgiveness which is the April theme at New Thought Families. There is indeed such goodness in forgiveness!
RainbowAs we are delving into with our Dream Team and the daily Play & Pray Calendar this month, Goodness In Forgiveness: Release For Peace, there are multiple faces of forgiveness. As I reflect on those faces now, I see how the colors of the rainbow cascading through the sky and touching down among us is not only refreshing renewal but a beautiful reminder of the beauty that brings us full circle in our oneness with all creation. Simply put, it is our judgments that most often cause our pain. From our place of pain, we harbor resentment and are thereby unable to forgive which as many masters have pointed out, is like us drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. When we free ourselves of judgments and pain, life is ever so much more radiant, colorful and beautiful. The ever present, omnipresent presence of beauty is always gleaming; when we are free, we see it so much more clearly!
Rainbow2Driving along yesterday, soaking up this beauty of color, many aspects of resurrection came to me. Yes, I did make frequent stops for photo ops ~ after the 1st, to Jeremiah’s repeated protest ~! ~ but even with stops, the flow of yessness was continually and viscerally recharging my batteries! After my meditations of Holy Week & Ostara Spring Blessings, the rebirth, Spirit Rising of life is consciously present within me as the gift it is. Like the flowers, we are nurtured both by dark hibernating times as well as the moments of soaking up light & water ~ somewhere in the mix of it all, we each shine the rainbow of our own design. We are each expressions of the divine design!
Rainbow3In this last week alone, I have seen so many pieces of my life either dying away or resurrecting into renewed commitment. Through continued conscious awareness, I am so grateful for all of it as well as for the tools that aid our transformations. Forgiveness is one of our most powerful transformational tools ~ from the all important & pivotal self forgiveness to the divine order, no need for forgiveness, known as Radical Forgiveness, the many faces are indeed shining in my rainbow just now. As we begin April with this awareness of the Goodness In Forgiveness, let’s make our Mindful Meditation Invitation to be aware of (self) judgments and to ask if they are true. Access Consciousness offers us this criteria for truth: If it feels light it is true and if it feels heavy, it’s a lie. Wishing you all the transformative truth of you as radiant rainbow. May you be Spirit Rising renewed this month, this moment. Namaste, Love!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

3 thoughts on “Renewal, Rainbows & Resurrection

  1. Thank you for a beautiful post, Laurie, and for the beautiful rainbow pictures! I will check the calendar now…arrived back in Chico from NY early this morning. I’ll give you a call… 🙂 Love & Blessings, Keith

  2. Callie & Keith!
    Thank you for your colorful contributions here & in my life, on the New Thought Families 2013 Dream Team ~ as well as in the welcoming arms of the world at large!

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