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Compassion’s Co-Creations

Namaste this Mindful Monday!

We have had a few challenging days of re-entry into our said reality … catching up on sleep, Jeremiah’s school homework and my integration of vision & re-vision of life!  Here are my insights/snapshots of the trip & coming home, ie. re-entry into reality this week:

Flowing Love:
Self Love is pivotal and still needs to be nurtured every day ~ as I love me so can I love my world!
Sometimes nurturing me is as simple as napping.
Being mindful of food & exercise & doing what is healthy vs. what is emotionally reactive.
Airport Message

Letting go & letting God/Spirit within is essential in forward motion … in this Love, fear & resistance dissolve.
This process is a dance of non-action & action, i.e. sitting still & quiet, the action of napping, and taking action, putting doubt & fear aside and moving forward anyway ~ writing, speaking, connecting, taking the steps as I hear/know them!
Song Lyric:
When I’m feeling scared and I’m all out of brave …
I center in my heart & go forward afraid!

Affirm & Deny:
Standing up for truth! I have been using my affirmations more powerfully to claim & reclaim my truth at any given moment. I often use the word choose in my affirmations to highlight what/how I am choosing to be in the world! Yes, awareness is key and seems to flow along pretty much in real time for me these days. So if I wake up (from sleep or in a conscious moment) feeling crappy or anything less than in my yessness, I affirm, “I choose to be grateful now.” “Clarity is my natural state of being.” “I choose to know the truth of who I am.” “I choose to live the Love & magnificence I truly be.”


Believe & Create!
We are/I am an infinite being of such magnificence! When I am rooted in this truth, all the big things that can overwhelm me, shrink into relative insignificance.

From this viewpoint, I am able to let go of judgments and take whatever steps are before me with unconditional Love & JOY!

The art of co-creation is another dance of visioning, acting & allowing. On this recent trip, I had some huge visions that made my current goals like the website membership seem so tiny ~ like a very small stepping stone in the big picture of my life’s work. When I got home, the expansiveness started rapidly fading before the eyes of my heart and the overwhelm, doubt & disbelief started creeping back in. I have been using the above tools and am again vowing to launch the New Thought Families membership option by week’s end ~ with the free week sample and the paid option beginning for April ~ no foolin’!


A real world, real time miracle of manifestation happened over the weekend to affirm the ease & grace process of yessness! Jeremiah & I have recently been discussing learning new musical instruments ~ which he seems to do with such ease! I had said I wanted to learn mandolin next. We went to a music party over the weekend and a friend there handed me her octave mandolin and taught me a few chords. Right away, I played and sang a few songs. Something new with ease & grace ~ woo hoo! She loaned me the mandolin and I will play a song or 2 on it this Sunday for our Palms For Peace Concert at Sophia’s Well Of Wisdom. Yessing that blessing!

What a wonderful and WONDER FULL way Spirit shows up to say, “Visioning & living new realities really are ease & grace of energy unfolding. Mmm mmm good!

Letting go of  judgment & fixed perspective is at the heart of compassion as well as co-creation. Let us make that our Mindful Meditation Invitation this week! Invite your open mind & heart to co-create more compassion & expansion in your world! What new realities are possible for you?! What can you say YES to?!

Thank you for sharing this mindful moment with me! We offer more daily moments with our Play & Pray Calendar: Compassion In Action: Saying YES To Kindness. Remember the power of YES & Kindness are only a thought or smile away! Namaste Love! 



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

2 thoughts on “Compassion’s Co-Creations

  1. I love these song lyrics:

    When I’m feeling scared and I’m all out of brave …
    I center in my heart & go forward afraid!

    They really call to me – as did your affirmation “Clarity is my natural state of being” … thank you for sharing all your wonderful news: good luck with setting up your new membership element of your website, this is such an exciting and boldly-creative time for you!

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