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Compassionate Circles

IMG_3726Namaste on this Transformational Tuesday!
I was thinking of you over the weekend and a Mindful Monday spent in Disneyworld! On the last day of this family vacay before flying home tomorrow, I wanted to check in with some of my latest transformational thoughts and well wishes for the mindful wisdom of your week!

With a focus on compassion in action this month at New Thought Families, my sense of flowing in the world with compassion has been heightened. In living Love & flowing compassion, the circle of life has been so present as the gift it is. Yes, life & death and everything in between. Last week, this dead turtle lay in my path as well as the sand creation turtle above. Indeed, life is always coming & going, evolving & becoming.
IMG_3815It is often in life & death or other big experiences that we shift our perspective. Small reminders or invitations are always available to us. In conscious choice, I have been asking to see with the eyes of compassion & Love as well as to allow the flow of the same through me. In looking at turtles on the beach, it is relatively easy and delightful. Turtles are some of the most ancient creatures on the planet and thereby embody great wisdom or symbology, at the least. In keeping with our discussion last week, Douglas Wood’s Old Turtle is a fabulous picture book full of spiritual teachings:

Old Turtle is a book of oneness. It is in the compassionate circle, we dance with oneness. In doing a consciousness training this weekend, Avatar, I practiced lots of compassion as I was constantly pulled into the circle of oneness in an interesting juxtaposition to the training which was a check based system. Now, yes, the goal, I believe is the same ~ to expand the mind & awareness of what is into a huge oneness experience. The training itself to me was one I did not resonate with so I employed a constant conscious choice to turn & return to compassion and Love. Thereby, I did experience some breakthrus of more layers of the unworthiness deep inside that acts against me. Truthfully, I think the biggest breakthru is in honoring myself & my own knowing of what is right for me & the guidance that lights my way. Interestingly, the creator of the Avatar training, Harry Palmer, began his spiritual journey with concentric circles (Living Deliberately, by Harry Palmer ~ free download!) and then devised a system of check marks. In the circle of life, it is all the same. For me, it is decidedly different. One of the gifts of this experience is a much broader vision of what is mine to do for spirituality in serving children & families.

The training of Avatar, calls to people from all over the planet ~ a wonderous gathering of people & translators. Unfortunately (IMHO), there is not much interaction between folks but still a wonderful mix. Similarly, Disneyworld brings worldwide travelers all looking for fun. I loved seeing women in burkas with sparkling mouse ears atop and holding a large Mickey Mouse balloon. Oneness!

~Guess I hit the publish button and Jeremiah is ready for our day … so let us close this compassionate circle now in a mindful way! Last week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation was to allow,  through our faith, the grace filled shine of Love to illuminate any places waiting for breakthroughs ~ and compassionately receive whatever we perceive. I will continue opening & integrating more of my awareness’ and plan to share next Mindful Monday ~ feel free to post yours NOW or any other mindful moment! Thank you & Namaste!



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